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  1. Cheers, thanks for the swift reply! What's the motivation behind Lucas Radebe's bootbag? He was possibly one of the best players to come out of my country!
  2. Hi Folks I was wondering if anyone knows what implications there are to running multiple Human managed teams on a single save? I often get bored managing 1 team so I'll end up adding another manager in a different country/league. Sometimes I end up managing 4 different teams at different levels. Does this affect my save in any negative way? Does anyone else do this? Thanks in advance.
  3. You carry on as if you, Emil & Vitrex Skin are God's greatest gift to the FM Scene.......seriously, your attitude stinks......so much that I will NEVER use Vitrex, because of YOUR attitude
  4. Pull your head out of your (or Emils) ass bro and take a chill pill
  5. I agree whole-heartedly with Herne's assessment. Strip it all back to basics, start simple. The game is relatively simple if you approach it in a methodical logical manner, WE overcomplicate things. This is something I've learned from Cleon's threads, he makes everything seem so simple and logical, because in essence, it is!!!
  6. Now THIS is the type of article I want to read! Great insights rashidi!
  7. I think it's important to remember that they didn't prioritise this, if the opportunity was there to dribble forward they would, but it is not something that defined this side. I think that what truly defined this team was their unwavering confidence in each others ability to do what the team required them to do at that particular moment. Whether that was a longer ball from the defenders, Pires or Henry dribbling or just excellent passing and movement in general.
  8. Personally I don't like closing down more in a counter system. I like my teams to remain compact and stay in shape rather than press in a counter setup. My 2 cents, and you may have many disagree with me....
  9. The sooner you drop this silly notion that the match engine is flawed, the better.
  10. You should try NOT criticizing the 2 people out of the 200 that viewed your rant, that actually tried to offer you advice. You need to realise that your attitude towards your problem is the only thing in the way of you solving it.
  11. I think that if anything, Cleon shows that the game is actually simple. It's the fools like us that complicate it!
  12. http://sisportscentre.com/building-a-tactic-from-the-beginning-the-walls-of-jericho/
  13. Hi Shirajzl; Just wanted to see how things are developing? This thread has attracted some interest from people in a similar situation to yourself and I was hoping to see some more updates about how things are going on your side?@jimboh What did you mean..."How did you start to work out getting around the defensive tactics?"
  14. Surely you can just go to the screen which shows your results and click on each individual match. This should still show you the basic formation he used. I might be wrong though.
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