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  1. 19 minutes ago, Mr Wallin said:

    No offence mate but you don't really know the rules for VAR do you???

    The referee (Pitana) initially gave a goalkick (which would indicate he didn't see the contact by the Croat at all). The VAR had a look and though it was likely a foul (and penalty) and the difference between a goalkick and a penalty is a clear error and thus he sent it down to Pitana to have a look. Pitana then looked a several angles and decided to award the penalty. This is all just as the procedure is meant to work. 

    The FK that was awarded to France ahead of the first goal was a simple foul outside the PA. That is not a situation that the VAR is allowed to send down (unless he thinks that the offence was actually worthy of a red card that the referee didn't call).


    You might not like or agree with one or both calls but VAR followed its instructions fully there.

    I know exactly how it works thanks, love the usual condescending tone when it comes to ref decisions

    It has to be a clear error, so when the referee has to look at it several times, goes away, then has to have another quick look again before reaching a decision, it obviously isn't a clear and obvious error, therefore it should never have been given

    The 2nd part of my post was obviously a flippant point about both VAR and the on field referee not following the rules, so they may as well give Croatia a free kick for the dive as well whilst they're making stuff up 

  2. 2 hours ago, westy8chimp said:

    Except... the ref didn't give it first time and took a few minutes of replays to overturn it. The pundits all said no pen... in here the poll is 26 vs 25 with two plebs...

    It's the most 50% pen of the tournament :D 

    and one of the 26 is @Barry Cartman and given the state of his WC 2018 posts,... we can probably assume he's trolling

    I actually said I thought it was handball but VAR should never have given it :) 

  3. 4 minutes ago, westy8chimp said:

    Isnt that trolling... or is it only when I joke/exaggerate etc that it's trolling? Are you admitting Kane was rubbish? That's also trolling :D 

    Trolling is when you don't want your team to win because of the quality of their football, then instead support the most anti football nation at the World Cup in Sweden, then try and claim they played the better football in a 2-0 defeat 

  4. 1 minute ago, westy8chimp said:

    Of course you sent BC a PM as well to warn him about needling me by saying Kane scoring 6 scabby goals means he is better than Pele

    You mean that clear and obvious joke that you took such huge exception to that you started linking to a bunch of Black and White footage of goalkeepers watching shots 2 yards away from them fly in the goal as some sort of overwhelming evidence that Harry Kane's 6 goals should simply be dismissed :D 

  5. 1 minute ago, JDownie said:

    The last 2 pages are literally people ******** on @westy8chimp for daring to criticise their beloved England semi final champions. 

    You mean westy whos spent the whole tournament wanting the other side to beat England because we're not playing like Brazil, even though the sides we faced play more defensive than us? 


  6. 2 minutes ago, pearcey_90 said:

    For example, if Sancho really breaks out this season, Sterling has another great season playing wide right, and there’s another winger, say Sessegnon plays LW all season and does really well or someone else, does Southgate move to a 4-3-3 to get the best out of the wingers, or stick to a formation that doesn’t use wingers and means players like Sterling have to be more rigid in a set formation playing through middle and means he gets less standing someone face on, one on one in a wide area that full backs hate.

    I think by Euro 2020 we'll be playing 4-3-3 as long as the likes of Rashford, Sancho and Sessegnon progress enough 

  7. You seem to talking like we're City and have this huge pool of talent to call upon, we had Henderson in midfield and other options were Dier, LC and Delph. We lost Ox before the tournament and likes of the Barkley haven't come on and Wilshere isn't good enough. We don't have the players in that key area to be opening sides up, so Southgate found a way of playing to the strength of the players we had 


  8. Discussing how we can improve and areas where we failed is perfectly fine, but when you're trying tie that into you should be embarrassed of the performances and just dismissing the fact that we scored a ton of goals in the tournament when others have been completely defence is just purposely trying to downplay what we achieved at this World Cup

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