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  1. What tactic are you using? See you have a 4-4-2 wich i found almost impossible to get working this year. Mind sharing?
  2. Nice work! Juve is also keeping me from retaining even my first league title. I'm playing with the other greats from Milano, AC Milan and even though Andrea Pinamonti is an FM favourite i can't get him to come to my side. Something else i can't seem to do is to get my tactic to work for more than a couple of months. So I'm wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing yours? Would be much appreciated
  3. Thanks! Hopefully it will bring me som good results aswell
  4. Toulouse does sound like it might be a good last game on this version. Do you mind sharing your 4-4-2? I've been getting trophies with alot of different kinds of tactics but i just can't seem to get a 4-4-2 to work on this version. So it would be much appreciated.
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