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  1. Thank you all for your help! I now understand that my formation was irrational and that I can't expect any other outcome with so many attacking players. I allowed way too much free space in the center. After reading the comments and doing some rethinking, this is what I came up with: I gave up on one center back so I can have an extra man in the defensive midfield. The wingers were dropped to the ML and MR positions to offer more defensive cover. The reason I'm using "close down more" and "get stuck in" is to increase our chances of winning balls in dangerous positions - but I still expect us to be tough to break down, having so many players at the back and playing with "counter" and "structured". I went back to the first matchday and replayed the first weeks, results are more reasonable now: I'm still not 100% happy but this is much closer to what I expect to see from my tactic. We concede very few shots on target and we have at least a couple of dangerous counter attacks in every match. My CB's pass completion ratio is just 40-45%, but I went over some of their intercepted passes, and many of them were in fact clearences, not passes - so I'm not sure whether I should be concerned with this number. My GK completes only 33% of his passes. Some of them get headed by an opposition player and we win the ball back immediately - but many balls are still simply given away. Would it be smart to ask him to pass to the center backs? I still want him to try long balls if there's a good option for a counter attack. My ML and MR are some of the worst passers in the formation as well. Both positions hover around 60%. They often try to find my TM-S without success. Not sure what to do about it.
  2. Can someone help me understand what's wrong with my tactic? I wanted to try something new. In my vision we should be sitting deep, winning the ball in our own half and then launching long balls from the back and initiating quick transition attacks...but on the pitch it's nothing like I want it to be and it's actually depressing to watch. Medicore teams dominate us, we concede lots of shots and corners. We don't win balls high enough to initiate counter attacks. It feels like it takes a miracle for us to score a goal. stats against Freiburg, one of the weakest teams in the league:
  3. [video=youtube;5V6TYI8Y1ds] Seeing some amazing football thanks to your ideas Cleon.
  4. Oh ok I see. Thought it was from the team's point of view. Still can't find an explanation for the current save though. Please let me know if you find anything.
  5. http://www.filedropper.com/bologna Here's the save. The same issue happened to me in other saves as well (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/443692-Assists-Locations-bug) Does this happen to anyone else? Makes opposition scouting reports pretty useless.
  6. I got this scouting report: and I wanted to look at the goals they conceded, so I went to their fixtures: first thing that bothers me - the report counts goals from friendlies too. Is it supposed to be like that? I'd expect the report to only look at competitive games... and then there's this issue - I look at all of the 4 goals they conceded. I see 3 assists from the right wing (of which one is a free kick - again, shouldn't be counted at all!) and 1 assist from around the half. The report says 2 from the right wing, 1 from the left, 1 from around the half. Can anyone explain this?
  7. I'm managing Borussia Dortmund, it's my second season and this is how I'm trying to play: things went pretty bad until January. I changed the mentality from "attacking" to "control" and the team is doing better now. However, I still concede a lot of chances and goals from my left side. My IF - Schürrle most of the time - just doesn't track back. Schmelzer is often left alone to deal with two players on his flank. Fellaini doesn't really cover as I want him to. Here are some screenshots from different matches: What options do I have other than changing his role to support, which I'm afraid that will make him less effective in the attack? How do I get Fellaini more involved in the left side of the defence? I guess can tell him to man mark the wide players - but is it reasonable when I only have 2 holding midfielders? I'm also having a hard time getting Calhangolu (or anyone else in the AM slot) to perform. Any ideas guys? Thanks in advance
  8. can anyone check their save and confirm if I'm the only one having this problem?
  9. If this is how it is for everyone, this this video for example is based on a completely wrong assumption [video=youtube;5wZXGTUnkHM]
  10. two games into the season, the only goal I conceded looked like this: when looking at the assists locations map, it looks like this: yes, the assist came from the right side of the pitch...but shouldn't I be seeing it on the left side in the map, as it describes the pitch from my team's point of view?
  11. I'm alright on windowed mode guys. And no, just one graphic card. Now I notice that the whole game became terribly slow, processing takes forever.
  12. I could run the graphics quality on "very high" on Windows 8 (my PC also gets 5 starts in the game). Yesterday I updatet to Windows 10, and now I had to change the graphics quality to "low" for the game to run smoothly. Can anyone help?
  13. I could run the graphics quality on "very high" on Windows 8 (my PC also gets 5 starts in the game). Yesterday I updatet to Windows 10, and now I had to change the graphics quality to "low" for the game to run smoothly. Can anyone help?
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