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  1. Another very exciting win for PSV yesterday. If anyone here watched that game as well, I'd love to hear your FM insights!
  2. If the current set up works well in the league, I'd stick to it When hoping for a draw against a stronger team, I'd prioritize keeping more players behind the ball at all times. This could be achieved by switching the wingbacks to FB-S/D, and perhaps pulling the AML/AMR back to ML/MR. A positive mentality will still encourage players to take more risks and position themselves higher up the field - which could be a good idea, but if you find it happens too much, taking it down to "balanced" will help. Higher D Line and higher LoE are also a rather aggressive, risky strategy when defending. Typically big underdogs will look to protect space by remaining more compact.
  3. A good start would be - 1. Turn the WB-S into FB-S/D 2. Turn the RPM into CM-D / BWM-D 3. Revert to standard lines and pressing However, my best suggestion would be to read this first:
  4. Lowering the lines can only help so much - it's still a very aggressive formation by nature, and your choice of mentality, roles and duties makes it even more aggressive. Both wingback push up high, the RPM roams and leaves the center - who's holding position in case your attack breaks down? With the current set up it's basically down to both CBs and no one else.
  5. Honestly I think your quote actually supports what has been said by others and myself - the jumping reach attribute already factors in the height. But I can see why it might be confusing, they worded it rather poorly.
  6. I'm not sure you're right about this, the description of the attribute is "reflects the highest point that a player can reach with his head", so this should be an absolute term - regardless of height (i.e. 11 jumping reach gets you to the same point off the ground, no matter how tall or short you are).
  7. You might be right, I'm not sure about my choice. My observation was that he contributed to the team pressing too much to be a Treq. He was also consistently moving into channels and looking to score, another trait the sounds more like an SS than an AP.
  8. I got inspired by their 5-1 win and would like to try and implement their style in FM. I've watched some parts of the match and read this tactical analysis: https://totalfootballanalysis.com/match-analysis/uefa-champions-league-qualifying-2021-22-psv-galatasaray-tactical-analysis-tactics And this is what I came up with. Not sure about some of the roles. Positive Play out of defence More direct Higher Tempo (pass into space?) (fairly narrow?) Counter Counter Press Higher D Line (much) Higher line of engagement Much more urgent pressing Prevent GK short Distribution Force opposition outside Would love to hear your insights, especially if you've watched the whole game
  9. I'd be interested in hearing your experience with this. I find that even within a winning system and a very well performing team, getting DMs (anchor men, for example) to achieve a high average rating is very difficult. For me this has also been the case with CMs who aren't expected to score or assist much - the match engine rarely seems to think they've had an exceptional game. Has this been the case for you as well? A couple of examples. Palhinha mostly played as an anchor man. Both of them have been a part of very succesful seasons.
  10. "Football Manager 2021 Was The Best-Selling Digital Game For Black Friday Week In The UK" https://www.thegamer.com/football-manager-2021-digital-best-seller/ "Football Manager 2021 is the fastest in the series to hit one million copies sold" https://www.pcgamesn.com/football-manager-2021/fm2021-sales I'm sorry you feel this way, but your approach to this thread has been very bad. You post a tactic, people give you very good and precise advice - next thing we see is you posting a new team and a new tactic, disregarding everything that has been said.
  11. I honestly don't think you've put much thought into fixing what has been suggested here - which is why you can't expect very different results in my opinion. Even if you like attacking with many players, think about where they end up on the pitch with the roles and duties they're given - then think what happens when you lose the ball, and who's supposed to cover for them. In all of the tactics here so far, there's not enough covering players (for my taste), and some of them aren't suited to the task either.
  12. I'm not sure why are you expecting very different results when your tactic is still about the same. It hasn't even changed much from the first pic in this thread.
  13. Two games is too little to judge, and you had a good result in one of them, but keep this in mind - both Rakitic and Oliver are very poor defensively. Check out their marking, tackling, positioning, bravery, aggression - they're all around 8-12. You let the wingers bomb forward and allow Rakitic to roam from position. So in most cases, you'll have one, maybe two players covering the central area when you lose the ball - and both of them aren't good at it. You also ask the team to press more - which will pull them even more out of position. I'm not saying it can't work - but you should expect to be very leaky in defence. And Eibar took an advantage of it on that day.
  14. Great post, @Crazy_Ivan! Enjoyed reading it. Could you elaborate on why you chose to add "fairly narrow" and "focus play down the flanks"?
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