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  1. Isn't the star rating based on the abilities of your current squad and your clubs reputation? So when your players and club get better the star rating of those you signed will drop.
  2. It does appear that 4th is too high a goal; just finished a season with WBA and to my surprise this was their final league position :O
  3. Just started my Werder save. First had to sack all the staff, because they weren't very good. Decided not to try and sell my higher valued players at the start of the season as hardly any teams have money to spend and if I have a good season they'll hopefully be worth more. I like to play with three at the back so brought in Hübschmann and Leandro Almeida on loan. Currently ten games into the season 26 points 4 and 6 points ahead of Dortmund and Leverkussen respectively. Last match was away at HSV (16th) which we won 2 - 4 which caused Fink to be sacked.
  4. Wow, very impressive results so far. Hope you can keep it up in the second half of the season.
  5. Very handy, thank you. I'm assuming a transfer budget of 1 means no budget?
  6. Haven't even bought the game yet (got exams too) and have never managed Werder before, but my plan is to sell Vander (one back-up goalie is enough for me), Arnautovic (plan on buying Wellington Nem, assuming the min. fee release clause is still there), Fritz and Hunt (wages too high and not in my starting eleven). Will also try and bring in Kweuke and Dzagoev as well as a couple of free transfers (Drenthe, Grygera, Vanden Borre, Marques and Jonatas) to give me a solid squad. Though I'm not sure it'll be financially feasible.
  7. Struggling to choose between the Bundesliga and Premiership and after that I'll still have to choose between 1.FC Köln and Werder Bremen and Arsenal and Everton
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