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  1. No Coaches in FMC 2013?

    I do but at te risk of sounding stupid - is that it? I get Head of Youth Dev has replaced the Youth Coach But what about other coaching roles? IS this just an FMC thing? How do you develope players without coaches????
  2. Hi, Just started playing this last night - there doesn't appear to be any coaches (well actually there's one) in the entire game - is this something known or is it a bug with my game? How the hell am I going to develope my non league wonder kids without cooaches???? Thanks RM
  3. Hi Playing FM13 Classic. I have dowloaded a few tactics and moved them to my tactics folder in FM13 but when i try to bring them into the game am getting the message "The file could not be imported" - they are .tac files, popular ones - are the file types different for FM Classic? Thanks RM
  4. Hi All, Apologies for the lazy post but I have a few free hours tonight to finally get FM2013 underway (won't buy 14 until after Christmas when all the inevitable bugs have been fixed), I'm going to try classic mode - by the looks of it it was designed for me - love FM but damn all time to play and was hoping someone could point me in the way of the killer tactics for the game before I launch into the transfer market and buy a great winger only to discover 4-3-3 works best!! Starting in the conference - always dubious that this makes any difference to the tactics but if it does please tell. Thanks RM
  5. manager of the season

    Last season I won the ECL, Copa Italia and finished 3rd with Sampdoria is Seria A but only came 3rd in the manager of the year. Morinhio won Manager of the year for getting Inter 2nd place and eh thats about it - completely random. Again to my point about manager invincability - Morinhio has won nothing in the game with Inter yet here we are in 202 and he still has his job - something seriously wrong with AI when it comes to rating managers.
  6. Whats Wrong with this game?

    FM10 patch 3 If its a version problem i will start a new game but would rather build on the success so far. The other issue (as with previous FMs) is that not all vacancies are made public, or are filled before you know they're vacant so for example - you wait 20 years for Ferguson to retire (must have been around 96) and then boom - suddenly without any news item etc United have a new manager who'll win nothing but never get sacked. Now into June 2020 and not one manager has lost their job since the season end! Not 1!!!!
  7. In my 10th season now. Have been with Sampdoria for the last 4. Have just won back to back ECLs and Seria A, throw in a Europa League and a couple of cups and I am rated still as "Continental" which I was before I moved from Cagliari. Throw in the fact that NO top teams lose their manager, Chelsea for example haven't won anything in 9 seasons and still hold onto some nobody I've never heard of. Every international federation seems happy just to qualify for finals, which they all do, so there hasn't been a decent internationel job in years. I've now won all I want to at Sampdoria but unless I want to move to Malaga, Gladbach or Lincoln it seems my FM game is going nowhere. Anybody else experiencing these issues?
  8. Press Conferences

    Thanks for the feedback. Think I am going to turn the AM on and see how it goes - can't see myself sticking with FM much longer if I keep spending more time answering the same questions 4 times a week.
  9. Press Conferences

    [so there's no way around them? Annoying
  10. Hi, I'm in my 6th season of FM10 now and having started with Bradford in League 2 have progressed to Sampdoria in Seria A where I'm in my first full season. I've used several tactics but the total domination is the one which took me to the Championship with Bradford and Seria A with Cagliaria scoring a ridiculous amount of goals with each. This season I am strugling. So I changed tactics to the Bolton set by the Better Half. Initially this worked and needing only one striker I used the Jan transfer window to offload my aging star striker while I could still get value for him (fancy myself a bit like Wenger in that respect :-)) ....but then it started to go wrong - going from within 4 points of a CL spot to slipping to 11 off the pace I decided to download the latest Domination tactic only to discover.....I need 3 strikers! Having sold one I one have 3 realistically. I'm playing with these but the results are varying. My question is this: What is the best 10.2 tactic that people have used (really don't have the patience to read through 15 pages on the same thread) Does it incorporate the Corner "bug" - I used to score from loads of corners in previous FMs (so much so that my Centre back was once the Premierships top scorer) - but despite this still being present in FM10 none of the above tactics seem to take advantage of it. Going to lose my job (and a great young squad I've assembled) if I don't finish in the top 6 so I need your help. Ta. A.
  11. Probably the most irritating thing about FM10 is the repetitive press conference which occur 4 times most weeks and illicit the same questions week in week out (I know, I know its a computer game with a finite database of questions). I have toyed with the idea of setting the assistant manager setting to do an Alex Ferguson on it and let the AM take all the conferences but the once or twice i have (particularly pre match) seems to have had an adverse effect on my result (or at least the result didn't go my way and I putting it down to this!) So can anybody tell me: Are the press conferences important in terms of effecting results (SI answer will be no)? Has anyone set the AM to do these and still had success? Am I just being paranoid? Ta A.
  12. Tacitcs for LL Teams

    Thanks for the feedback - anyone else using similar tactics or can recommend other tactics for lower ability teams?
  13. Hi I'm looking for a killer tactic to use with my LEague 1 Bradford outfit. I've used several of the populare ones on here with mixed success (this season using the Domination tactic but struggling mimd table). My team's ability is among the top 4 or 5 in the division so its obviously my tactics that are wrong. I'ma bit sceptical of many of the tactis in which "my chelsea team won the premiership" or "my barcelona team won the champions league" - has anyone tried out tactics with ordinary teams and had outstanding success ala previous FMs? Thanks A.
  14. Hi I've adopted this tactic for my Bradford side in League 1 and it seems to be working so far. Moved to this tactic in mid Oct after a disasterous run of results with the Domination tactic which served me so well last season. First game away to 1st place Cardiff - Won 2-1 Since then my opponents have been mostly low table clubs but the results are impressive: Gillngham H 5-1 Tranmere A 3-1 Grays H 2-0 Hudderfield H 1-1 The Grays game was a cup tie and we were heavy favourites so struggled in true FM style. The Huddersfield reult wasn't bad - they were 3rd at the time and i played the last half hour with 10 men. I'll let you know how it goes - can't really see how you can judge your comments on someone telling you about how their Chelsea team won 3-0 at bolton etc helps you out
  15. I Adopted this tactic halfway through my first season in League 2 with Bradford. The results were impressive and I went from 14th to 3rd and won promotion through the play offs with some great unbeaten runs (although I did concede plenty) Now in season 2 in League 1, strenghtens the squad considerably and started great, including a league cup win over Boro but since the end of August its all gone downhill. I rarely win games now using more or less the same team. My star CB who was scoring in almost every game is dropped because of a run of 6 weeks with sub 6 performances and I've been dumped from every cup i'm in (although did go 2-0 up away to West Ham before lsoing 3-2) Is there something I'm missing? Is FM10 ruined by this in built "mid season slump" that SI introduced a few years back an almost killed the game with? Anybody got any ideas?