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  1. I haven't recieved any more mail from the dealer, but i can't rule that option out. On the other hand, it seems like (according to your FAG on the main website) all code-by-email copies update from beta to retail without entering a second gamekey..
  2. Obviously, the title says it all. I have tried to play the retail version for about 3 hours now - and i'm about to give up! I've tried uninstalling the game, reinstalling, verified game cache 1, 2 and 3 times before and after client restart, before and after PC restart, trying to play the game wothout any restart (neither client nor PC) - nothing seems to do it for me: The game is still mocking me with the four annoying letters in the bottom right corner when enteren the game! I'm about to loose my temper: What to do? I'm running Windows 7 and have AVG installed - I've tried uninstalling AVG while updating as well, didn't do it for me. The game is updating for a short amount of time after every cache verification - but after 10-15 times of updating and still only BETA(!!) i'm about to turn looney. I've bought a online code version of the game from https://www.coolshop.dk/catalog/product/75553-football_manager_13_code_via_email_pc - Haven't had any problems at all when playing beta version.
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