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    I am an avid Football Manager fan back in the late 90s. It was one of the best simulation games I've played in my life and believe would continue doing so until I am old :)

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    Love English Football


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    Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, and tennis.

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  1. Speaking about this. I have this problem lately. Managing Man Utd. Sold off Lukaku, a day before the first game vs Arsenal. Drew a lot. Win a match or two. Then lost a lot too. Players all in good mood but the squad couldn't score to win, mainly because my main striker has left. It almost made me want to reload and play again. But I endured it massively. Eventually, my young striker finally stepped up, entering the new year. My point is - sometimes i think the game wants to put you through this period and then it will slowly come up again. In the past, I will reload and replay unti
  2. That is pretty much what I think too. But without the right players, it'll be harder for you to win the 'chess' game.
  3. Personally, I had Lukaku as my TM on FM2019 with Manchester United. He himself is already a great striker, but having him on TM as Support, both my wingers, Martial and Lingard scored tons of goals. *unrelated topic - Lingard is overrated in this version though.
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