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  1. Hi @Luke Hume Nope not running anything at all. Never download any custom graphics/logos/kits. Just straight out of the box FM on Steam. I have uploaded a PKM to the cloud: Stockport v Weymouth.pkm - I uploaded it: 12/03/2021 - Exported from my FM to my PC: 00:20 (midnight) and Uploaded to your Cloud at: 00:27. (I uploaded it twice by mistake). I have also attached one here. I would provide PKM of Carlisle and Doncaster, as well as a few other teams I have seen it happen on (I think Luton possibly too and some more). But I can't view highlights from these teams to be able to u
  2. I have noticed this too. It's almost like, when the game wants to score a goal against you, it'll either do a freekick where the player will pass it and take a long shot, or just in general, long shots around the outside of the area are flying in in the lower leagues (I'm playing in the National League). I've also scored quite a few long range goals. The accuracy is unreal from these standard of players!
  3. I am also seeing this in English leagues from the Championship downwards. I created a post about this on the 14th February which can be found here. I have provided a few examples, although there have been a fair few more. Thanks
  4. I use 2 formations. I can't get the Team Cohesion fully green (only 1/3rd) and I can't get the Familiarity fully green (3/4ths). So it often drops off back to "unfamiliar" territory quickly without manually adjusting training. Just to point out, I'm 2 seasons in at a new team and haven't changed these formations once. But we can't ever seem to get FULLY familiar with either of them or keep that familiarity for a length. On my squad screen, players are more familiar with my "other tactic" rather than my "primary" trained tactic... it's the same tactics they've been using for 2 seasons
  5. I have just searched up that there is going to be a Future FIFA Club World Cup: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Future_FIFA_Club_World_Cup_(China) Whether this will be the NEW Club World Cup as of 2021. When I read the dates, this Future Fifa Club World Cup is going to take place in July. It has been delayed from 2021 to 2022. So it may explain the gap for 2021. So the dates may not be a bug now. I didn't know that until now. But I don't understand why there is a gap in 2023 and 2024. Does this competition only happen once every three years now (2022 - 2025) Or is this a bug?
  6. Sadly not. I didn't realise until I first moved into the Stoke-on Trent Community Stadium. The stadium was built a year prior and the Alan Shearer Stadium two years prior (that stadium makes no sense at all). I may have uploaded a save previously when logging other bugs they can look at. If they're looking at this, it may be under Stoke SSN 4 ongoin.fm but I don't think it stretches back before the summer of 2024 (or 2023) nor do I have the save now so there isn't much I can do. I wasn't sure whether to class it as a bug or just the progression of the game, but it does take the real
  7. Team Cohesion and Dressing Room Atmosphere plays a big part in the success you have with your formation. I leave training to my Assistants & Coaches. The issue I'm having is, the team in my opinion aren't doing enough Teamwork and Match Tactics. Once every couple of weeks isn't good enough. Team Cohesion stays high but as you press "go to game" and that briefing screen loads, it says my team aren't familiar with the tactics. To avoid this, after every game I am manually adding an extra session of of Teamwork and Match Tactics per week. Yes this does make a difference to the outco
  8. By the end of Season 3, Wigan were relegated to the National League. After being a fair few points clear, they went on a horrendous run at the end of the season, bottling a return to the EFL via. Champions. They also bottled the play-offs. Season 5 they finished top-half. Season 6 finished 2nd (joint 1st), missed out on GD. Then lost in the play-off semi finals. Keep chuckling everytime I see them bottle it
  9. Something I'm interested to know is why over the years, the game adds new stadiums randomly. I saw in my save (2027) that the next Euros will be hosted in Scotland and Wales in 2028. Not England. Why has a stadium been built called the Alan Shearer Stadium and why has it been built in Sheffield of all places? He has no affiliation to that area. No team plays at the stadium neither. And why was it built in 2023? I was the manager of Stoke City and took them to the PL title in 2025. At the end of that season, the club decided they want to expand the Bet365 Stadium but not move out. Whi
  10. There are some issue at the moment in regards to playing in the MLS. Whether you're playing in the MLS with the Salary Cap, or playing as a different team with MLS loaded (playing or read only). MLS teams will bid for your players in the transfer window. You'll accept the bid but the deal won't go through until e.g. February or March. Come that date, the deal never goes through and is cancelled. MLS teams signing players for a fee, then releasing them a few days after signing them as they have too many players that don't meet the MLS restrictions. Many of these bugs come down
  11. DESCRIPTION Quite a few stadiums seem to have black seats instead of colour. These are all their original stadiums - not rebuilt, extended or new. It may be black seats or a bug, or a texture issue. It's odd that these stadiums would have black seats as these teams and stadiums have been in the game for many years. I don't recall seeing this problem whilst playing in the PL. Only lower rated teams. These "black seated stadiums" also occur in other leagues, one being the Polish League. WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN Stadiums should be colours of the home team. If you look at Doncas
  12. Summary: "Pleased to have been given his preferred squad number" spam Description of Issue: "Happy to be given preferred squad number" is mentioned more than once under 'Happiness' Steps to Reproduce: Squad > Exequiel Palacios > Overview^Happiness Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: myname - Stoke City SSN 6.fm
  13. Summary: Club World Championship not taking place every year and wrong dates for the competition. Description of Issue: [Bug 1] Club World Championship happened in 2020, 2022 and is currently in progress 2025 (in my save). As I post this, the Club World Cup is happening right now in real life in Qatar. Japan are hosting 2021 in real life. On my game, there wasn't a 2021, 2023 or 2024. [Bug 2] The competition in 2022 and 2025 have been played throughout June and July, although from past history in real life, the competition tends to take place in December. One exception
  14. I have posted a similar post in the Specific Leagues: France - but I would prefer you to delete that post as this post better explains the issue now that I have had time to process the season and observe it. SUMMARY: French League "Wrong/False Player Statistics Bug DESCRIPTION OF ISSUE: A few players from the French Division are showing different player statistics across different pages depending on which page you view them on. it is happening across both Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 (possibly further down the divisions too but I only have Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 loaded so I can only co
  15. SUMMARY: Having 2 teams in the same division with the same media prediction. DESCRIPTION OF ISSUE: 2 teams in the same division having the same media prediction. It doesn't happen in every league. Things I have noticed or may be a coincidence is that Newcastle were promoted back to the PL while Stoke were already in the PL at the time of this happening. Meanwhile, Wigan had just been relegated to the VNL whilst Stockport were already in this division. I'm not sure if it's just a coincidence or if this can occur with teams promoted/relegated. STEPS TO REPRODUCE: C
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