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  1. Hi @John Kendall-TorryI think I have the firewall permissions to allow the game but, just in case, what should I do to assure that I have them for the game? I am playing through Steam and I already try all the other options that you are telling me. Thank you!
  2. Hi, I am having an issue to join online games. I see the game in the lobby, I can put the password to access the server and I get the message when the game is joining to the server but I get back to the lobby after a few seconds. When I try to get again to the server, I get the message the the server is unreacheble and I have to leave an enter again the lobby to try again, getting the same results. I try all the recommendations that I see in the forum but the problem is still there and, with FM 20, I had a online save through 4 month without any problems. There is something else that I ca
  3. Club Deportivo Kivon, from the 2nd tier in Bolivia, has been placed in Trinidad, Paraguay when they should be placed in Trinidad, Bolivia.
  4. Thank you and sorry, I misunderstand you in the messages.
  5. @Carlito85 Hi, could you revised CONCACAF-CONMEBOL Copa Nacional? Because I see that the tournament has not been played
  6. I used file 15 and 35 (in two different saves) with CONMEBOL-CONCACAF file compatible with UEFA Cup competition. Yes, I mean that. The Champions League winner was in UEFA Cup qualification in their league and in the next season they are playing both competitions.
  7. Hi, I am using this patch and is incredible, great work. Just there are some issues that I notice playing the second season in game (20/21). The Champions League winner also is playing UEFA Cup because of their league position and the same happens with the Winner's Cup Winner. The other thing is that the third competition in CONMEBOL-CONCACAF tournament has not been drawn and is not being played.
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