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  1. Is there a chance to get a 125% zoom version? It would be really great for us who have high resolution monitors Thanks a lot in advance
  2. Version 1.5(DF 11) works without any problems. All other version s after that have the above-mentioned problem I'm afraid
  3. Unfortunately the problem with the red background at 125% zoom at high resolutions (2560x1440) is still there. It is a real shame because the skin is really good, but this problem makes it unplayable
  4. It didn't work I'm afraid. Same situation as before
  5. Somehow Mediafire does not allow me to download the file (I get an error message on the captcha). Can you upload it to dropbox or somewhere else? EDIT: Got the file and put it into the Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\skins\Andromeda 1.7b\panels\game folder. I'm trying it as we speak
  6. If you look at #122 you will see it reported. It is most unfortunate since as long as it persists the skin is practically unusable at higher resolutions. Version 1.5 (DF11) though does not have this problem
  7. Has the issue with the skin getting red at 125% zoom at higher resolutions been fixed?
  8. If you get an answer to this it will be great. I have already asked twice but unfortunately got no answer so far
  9. Hi any idea how to change the red colour and the opacity of the option tab in the new version of your skin? Red is way to strong and makes it difficult to the eyes
  10. Hi again another question I have is how can I use my own background pictures in the background selection? Is there any way to do that? Also can you make different versions for the resolution? I am using 2560x1440 and it would have been nice to be able to use your skin Thanks in advance
  11. Hi first of all let me say that the skin is very good. I have an issue with the logos though. I have some TV logos of my own and I put them in the folder whit all the other logos that come with the skin. After that i have edited the xml file as instructed. On the match screen I see my personal logos on the TV logo selector but somehow they are not added in the match screen. Clearly I am missing something. Any ideas? Thanks a lot in advance
  12. Just a quick question. Can we use these panels in other skins or only in the default?
  13. That's what I like to hear Thanks in advance for your work and I really can't wait
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