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  1. If someone is playing with San Lorenzo, It's definitely the Pope
  2. I've unlocked International management by winning Coach Of The Year Award but I don't know how to start a game and choose a national Team. Help pls P.S Ok,I had started game in offlinemode and it doesn't work. Now I've found it, but I've another question : may I choose only international and not club?
  3. Alessio Cerci has scored 8 goals this season with Torino and will probably join Italy at Brasil 2014.
  4. no transfers in first window, I wanted to start with original team because it was my first game and I preferred not to care about transfers. I'll go for Cavani, Baines, Fellaini (all transfer listed) and Ademilson, Nkoulu.
  5. First year: in January I've been given a budget of 109M €. It sounds me crazy...
  6. In the Italian edition of Goal.com I've read of an interest of ManU for Nagatomo (14m of €). Have you heard of it? It sound to me like a crazy news.
  7. Udinese is absolutely "meh" nowadays and they are already out...I think you will win easily.
  8. No, They've lost against Arsenal Kiev 2-0 on 17 November: http://www.whoscored.com/Matches/668416/Live
  9. I' ve signed Ademilson (from Brazil) for Juve in my first year..I'm playing FMC, are these rules not implemented in FMC?
  10. I'm looking for the match analysis screens (heat zones, etc...). Where may I find them (or they are not in FMC)?
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