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  1. Defending is now much tighter but still way too many goals from crosses, almost all of them seemingly. I play with attacking fullbacks and they are still finding it all too easy to find masses of space from which to cross.
  2. On the skins front I am using WannaChupBrew with absolutely no problems at all, which rather suggests another factor other than simple incompatibility between the game and skins.
  3. I have to say I'm pleased with the update. Plus points, Unlike FM15 the width of the pitch is truly used by attackers when asked and players in the center look for the wide men. The Gks are much improved especially when dealing with crosses, catching the ball rather than flapping at it. closing down and marking are also much better. There may be an issue with the positioning of fullbacks but I need more playing time to really see. On the downside Gks recovery times are still poor as per fm15, they make a stop, palm/kick the ball away but they then stand still and rarely getting back into position to stop the follow up shot. Attackers in and around the penalty area shoot without thinking, shots are frequently blasted straight at players of either side standing in front of the striker, no attempt is made to craft a shooting chance, whether it's a defender from Barnet or Ronaldo. If I was being picky, long passes are too accurate, the passing stats ought to be split into general passing and long passing, very few players are really good long passers it's a skill in itself. Think of Hoddle, Brooking and Beckham. In FM even low passing ability defenders appear to pick out a long pass with ease. Overall a vast improvement on fm15 and I'm really enjoying it
  4. Just played the my first game with the new update a 3-3draw, 1st vs 5th. Firstly I thought the ME played very well, didn't have some sort of issue with my tactics. On the downside all three of the goals I conceded were not great. The first was from a corner, poked in by an attacker,then cleared off the line straight into the back of the keepers legs, he dived over the ball into the net but in some way (I cannot quite see how) he did manage to stop the ball going in but all to no avail as it was poked in by an attacker anyway. 2nd goal was a pass back by a defender to the GK who then kicked it straight at the shins of an on rushing attacker and into the goal. The 3rd another back pass this time too short with the inevitable consequences. Obviously it's one game but I do hope GK errors are not going to be the blight that they were in FM15.
  5. What a difference this year compared to last, even if you have yet to play the beta one read through this thread should tell you that the ME is much better this year. The UI, well you know it going to change and the level of detail will go up. My only gripe like a few others is boxes not shirts on the tactics screen. Set pieces I would like to have seen inswinging and out swinging routines. The ME is a vast improvement, GKs much improved, defending much improved and I'm now seeing my team do what I'm asking them to do. If I want to attack a flank then my wide forwards stay wide if I ask them too, not run into the center. I imported my tactics from 15 with only slight adjustments needed and even the audio commentary patch for 15 worked. Clearances now no longer go straight back to the feet of an attacker and defenders are no longer jumping under the ball also Gks and defenders try to clear to touch when they can or have to, rather than straight back into play. GKs appear to be able to catch balls crossed in from the touch line instead of flapping. On the downside players and GKs are still too slow to get up and there are still too many shots or passes being blasted straight into players standing directly in front of the striker. Please do not fiddle with the ME, it's not perfect but we know how little changes can have unforeseen consequences. Interviews still too wooden but without true AI that is likely to remain the case. My game, Wrexham (I always start in the conference) expected to finish mid-table, three wins and a draw pre-season. Three out of three in the league, 1-0, 2-0 and 3-2. Brought in about 4 players and some staff, going to have to sell to balance the books though.
  6. Top post by bleventozturk and I couldn't agree more about real life misses some people should watch more real football.
  7. Goals seem OK in my save although there is a small degree of unrealistic blocks, super saves and players missing when they should score. It seems to me that the only way to resolve matters is to make play in the center tighter so there are fewer goal attempts at either end, coupled with more realism with goal attempts. However, complaints will then just move on to games are not exciting enough to watch. Personally I’m pretty happy with how things are, yes it may be a tad unrealistic but my players are playing in a way that’s pleasing to the eye and games are packed full of incident.
  8. Other than my weird game against Morecombe I’m not having any issues with either high scores or striker finishing but given that both these seem to be a problem in some people’s games it does suggest that tactics are at fault. However this should not be happening, if you look at real life most high scoring games are not caused by bad tactics the vast bulk of the time. Mostly its bad defending, defenders being unable to do their job in a perfectly acceptable tactical set-up, Southampton’s 8.0 thrashing of Sunderland a case in point, it’s not as if Sunderland were trying to execute some sort of all out attack plan its just their defenders were inept on the day. In short playing attacking tactics should not be resulting in over regular high scoring games unless all pretence at defence is being abandoned. In my game against Morecombe which ended 5-4 neither side was set out for gung ho attack and I’ve not seen anything like it while using the same tactic it’s just every shot seemed to go in and both defences were poor that day, it happens in real life too.
  9. No idea about corners, I’ve scored a couple more by luck than judgement but free kicks are a waste of time they all miss, have tried to get them to pass rather than shoot but to no avail. Re the keepers and saves and not unrelated to what you were saying earlier. Better to have something unrealistic if it makes something else more realistic, in this case score lines that resemble football not rugby.
  10. It will be connected to their professionalism and loyalty stats plus temperament and ambition, at least that’s my guess. It seems to me that some work has gone into this area because while individuals may complain if handled well then it doesn’t seem to have massive knock on effect to the rest of the team. I had a meeting with three players earlier today who were complaining that I was being unfair to another player for not playing him. I just told them that if he played then somebody else (hint hint) would lose their place to make way for him, that lead to “oh we hadn’t thought of that”, conversation over, rebellion over.
  11. Alan Hansen springs to mind he often got into very advanced positions; the engine would have to have a midfielder drop back as cover as happened with Liverpool. In real life any player can be asked to play in whatever way the manager wants but of course whether the player can actually carry out those instructions is another matter. The freedom to do that in FM would be brilliant but I can understand why SI would be wary, the ME is broken complaints would skyrocket.
  12. So just gone through the transfer window and I had three or four players who were not getting in the first team and wanted to leave. I put them all up for sale weeks ago at sell at any price but nobody came in for them. Now the window has passed and they are complaining that I haven’t kept my promise. Suggest next year we have the option to say it’s because nobody wants you it’s not through want of trying so shut up.
  13. I would but I quit out, if it happens again I'll play through and send the pkm in.
  14. Reaction times still need work; just quit my game after scoring from a corner. The ball came in at the GK saved a shot at the near post then stood up ignored the ball and waited with the defender marking the near post until my striker ran up and popped it in the net, neither GK or defender made any attempt to clear or in the GKs case just pick the ball up. However on replay the ME was good with no over abundance of CCCs.
  15. Eek!!!! Only played two games so far so plenty more needed to form a proper opinion. First one against Oxford was a cracker and finished 1-1. The Second was vs Morecombe who are 24th (I’m Luton currently 2nd) finished 5-4, 39 shots on goal with 21 CCCs (14 and 7). That’s more CCCs than I have ever seen in any version of FM I hope it’s not indicative of what’s to come. And no I don’t play with a very attacking tactic.
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