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  1. ah ok... He was going to another team anyway on free transfer so it didn't matter at all
  2. Hi guys, I just noticed the set for release button on one of my older players and I am wondering what it actually does... I realise it is probly something to do with letting the player leave the club but I pressed it and nothing happened. Does anyone know what it does?
  3. So my star goalkeeper got called away on international duty to some north american game a day before the champions league final.... that's a bit silly considering I doubt it would ever happen in real life. Another funny thing is that the game is still 10 days away. Thanks bad scheduling! Has this ever happened in real life / to anyone else?
  4. Mostly I give them individual roles up until they are around 18-19 (unless there are any glaring weaknesses in stats) and then train them up one attribute at a time.... What I am sort of getting at is if stuff like creativity can be trained up or will it just develop as the player ages. I will take a look at the basic guide to training a bit later as its probably sleep time for me now but I read the Ajax thread and it was pretty cool Thanks for the help
  5. Hi all, I am mostly a lurker on these forums but sometimes post mostly on the team threads etc... I am a bit intimidated to post on the tactics board but here it goes! I have recently been looking at training and I am struggling a little bit on the training side of things as it is relatively new and is completely different to past FM's. Anyway I am about 6 years or so into the game and I have noticed that many young players which I have developed are not really getting great mental attributes. Usually throughout the season I focus on attacking training (varying match day prep for different games) and fitness for pre season. Would changing this from attacking to tactics benefit the mental development or is that just for tactic familiarity? Another question which I have is that if I set a player to train an individual stat or role more (heavy), would he then train the overall team training less or is it just given as "extra" training? Sorry if its unclear I am not the best writer! I'll be looking forward to any input! Thanks
  6. yeh our coaches suck so much.... Just get as many scouts who are like 18/18 and then just buy the best coaches you can on short contracts and then when you succeed you will get better coaches available! I have 4.5 stars for all first team training now and its pretty good Anyway finished my fourth season and I won the FA cup, CL and the club world championship... Man city won the league with tottenham choking on the last day to drop down to 2nd... lol. I came third which was pretty dissapointing but the cup runs definately made up for it!
  7. Starting the fourth season now! Won the league of the third season on the last day and also beat man u in the cl final !!! Was pretty happy with that Reina / skrtel are entering their final seasons on contract so i might sell and bring in kara / stegen as replacements for similar prices (hopefully). Suarez is also in his last season but he is such a vital player for me and has been my stop scorer in every season.... might sell and give yesil a shot as he dominated on the run in last season..... need a cheapish replacement striker though as I would only do this if I could make some money from it......
  8. i wouldnt bother hes pretty terrible for chelsea in my game and his stats dont look too good....
  9. happened to me the other day... changed the currency and then back to sterling and it fixed it but its kinda strange... worth posting in bugs forum
  10. ended up winning the league in the second season!!! Went on a massive winning streak towards the end and made up a 10 point gap it was amazing lol. Lost in CL semi finals but won FA cup which was good although I had a very easy draw the whole way through. Currently I am in the third pre-season and I just sold enrique for 15m so I am looking for a replacement. In hindsight, it was probably a mistake as I can't get anyone as good for less money so im trying to find the next big thing with not much sucess.... considering moving for newcastles anita as he seems decent but will cost around the same amount as enrique was sold for. Don't really need anymore players except maybe a centre back but ill get a youngster for 4th choice I reckon and will get rid of Wilson as he isn't developing as much as I would have hoped for.
  11. I was in a similar position but was offering about 100k... He ended up going to chelsea for 70k a week and is now dominating the league....................... Kinda annoying Anyway update on my season. About 2/3 of the way through the second season and I am sitting in fourth. I am not consistent enough to get to the top as I keep drawing away from home when they score ridiculous goals on the counter attack that I can pretty much do nothing about aside from sitting deep and not committing numbers forward. Just beat shalke 0-4 in first leg of CL last 16 so i am pretty happy with that... Coates is a beast for me, he is averaging about 7.5 which is pretty hot for a defender. Have signed an amazing regen keeper from mexico who will be my keeper for years. At the moment he is getting the occasional sub appearance etc so i will keep reiner for another season and then maybe push this lad through to my number one spot!
  12. 10 games into 2nd season am equal 2nd (3rd on gd) Doing pretty well I feel... Will definatly qualify out of CL group and am happy with the league performances after all the changes I have made... Club has a pretty bad bank balance but that can be expected after my transfers haha... I have no injuries so need to find some room to integrate some youngsters into the team. My squad is fairly large but many of them are young players so I dont really want to sell them... Maybe ill loan some out in Jan
  13. I cant find this lad... even with most leagues loaded. What team does he play for?
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