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  1. FAO Grossen. 7.02 And used v3. When I got to the prem I was doing okay and then it stopped working about 5 league games into the Prem Season. I switch to v4 and I was okay till the end of the season. Next season in Prem started well but then I started to struggle again. Then Barca came in for me and I couldnt turn down the offer
  2. Just completed my premiership debut. 08/09 Results 08/09 League Table And one night I wont forget in a hurry Cup Glory!!! All in all a fantastic season. I had to switch to the v4 tactic int he early part of the season due to 4 straight league defeats. Teams like Chelsea, Man U and Arsenal are very hard to beat and thanks to my side being able to grind out wins againsts the other teams I achieved way above what I was expecting. Not sure what I will do in the summer as playing in a ground that cant hold more than 12K makes it hard to keep the players I bring in. Not so sure I can repeat t
  3. Tried this Tactic with Luton Town. 1st season was pretty hard and alot of the squard were poor and the side lacked alot of pace. I brought in a few bargains and managed to keep the club at mid table. 06/07 Season I finished 12th and from watching the games I could see I needed to invest in better finishers some stronger midfield players and improve my defence alot. Alot of players that did well for me were sold and this freed up some money to go and buy in personal that were better suited to playing with this formation. I was pretty confident I could finish top 6 if I could one keep the
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