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  1. This skin is fantastic it is my favorite than you
  2. @Connor Winks Hello, I am testing FMT19 and it is working correctly. After the last update, it works!
  3. @Connor Winks Hi, Something new? Yesterday came out of the 19.3 update and it continues to malfunction.
  4. Hi, Football Manager Persistent files STORE_DIALOG_CHANNEL_16_01_2019_10_29_09.logSTORE_DIALOG_CHANNEL_15_01_2019_10_24_42.logSTORE_DIALOG_CHANNEL_14_01_2019_14_01_28.logSTORE_DIALOG_CHANNEL_09_01_2019_14_17_43.logSTORE_DIALOG_CHANNEL_17_01_2019_11_26_04.logSTORE_DIALOG_CHANNEL_16_01_2019_17_43_54.logSTORE_DIALOG_CHANNEL_16_01_2019_11_22_22.log Football Manager Touch Persistent files. STORE_DIALOG_CHANNEL_27_01_2019_13_43_03.logSTORE_DIALOG_CHANNEL_07_02_2019_21_20_09.logSTORE_DIALOG_CHANNEL_07_02_2019_15_27_53.logSTORE_DIALOG_CHANNEL_06_02_2019_19_00_45.logSTORE_DIALOG_CHANNEL_05_02_2019_09_56_41.logSTORE_DIALOG_CHANNEL_31_01_2019_19_44_39.log
  5. No one gives a solution, no one listens to SEGA, SI, or STEAM. This forum is only of people complaining, asking for help, nobody helps or explains anything. I do not get angry about stolen or lost money, it makes me angry that I ignore the users, and that they do not accept that there is an error. Surely they are very busy creating the FM20 that is sure to bring the same error, and when they come to complain, will the same happen to the users? I hope that the moderators, or the staff stop being passive in this problem and have a desire to help. I do not know whose fault it is SI, SEGA, or STEAM. That has to be resolved between them. I exhausted all the means I have to ask for help, and I do not know what else to do.
  6. I can not believe it! Steam support, tells me to ask you for help. Ticket Support HT-JRWM-Y5QD-784P Conversation with Steam Support. 1) Question and answer. 5 FEB Hello, sorry for my English. I make the support request here because the workers of Sport Interactive and SEGA UK recommended me to ask for support here. In the FMT 18 version, the DLC disappeared in November - December 2017. At the same time, the Football Manager Touch 2017 DLC also disappeared It happened exactly after Steam switched to local currency (Argentinian money). This error continues with the Football Manager Touch 2019. After 2 years of asking for support in SEGA UK and Sport Interactive, I was recommended to ask for support here because they know that this error exists, but they can not solve this error because they need to the steam back-end This is my SEGA UK support link. https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/es/requests/258625 I do not want a refund, I want to correct this error and be able to play. There are 3 versions in consecutive years that the same thing happens. I hope you give importance to my claim, I do not know who else to ask for help. Thank you. ------------------------------------ I understand that you are wondering why you do not see a 'DLC' section for Football Manager 2019 Touch and Football Manager 2018 Touch, even though you see one for Football Manager 2017 Touch. This is because for Football Manager 2019 Touch and Football Manager 2018 Touch you do not own DLC for these games, but you do own DLC for Football Manager 2017 Touch, which will display the 'DLC' section, after taking a look at the account. Please let me know if I can help clarify anything else. Steam Support Anthony 2) Question and answer. 6 FEB Hello, Football Manager Touch 17, 18, and 19 have DLC. You can buy them in the store and if the game worked well you should be able to use them. It is not visible within the game to see or use them. Nor can they be claimed because "Steam" does not recognize that they have purchased them. In the Football Manager 2019 version (no touch), it also has DLC and it is possible to use and see them in the games. The error is only in Touch. Before this error began, in December 2017, it worked well on FMT 17 and FMT 18, but they stopped working, when FMT 19 came out the error followed. So you can understand me better. DLCs are not visible in the game and can not be used. But if they exist, only in game they can not be used because the "steam" store does not work correctly in the game. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey there, I have taken a closer look at your account and I can confirm that you have the DLCs for Football Manager 2017, but not Football Manager 2018 and 2019. You will need to purchase the DLC for Football Manager 2018 and Football Manager 2019 from the Steam store if you'd like to play them. If you have an unrelated issue please reply here and I'll be happy to help. Steam Support Soul 3) Question and aswer. 7 FEB Hello, thanks for answering. FMT 2017, I have several DLC, but none of them can be used in game. In FMT 2018, many of the DLC, some are unlocked by playing and others in the pre purchase come free. In FMT 2019, you can buy and unlock by playing games. None are bought, unlocked or come in the pre purchase. They do not work, because ingame steam store does not work. Nor can you buy ingame, because the steam store does not work. Even when I try to claim for steam, he tells me that I do not have any. If necessary, tomorrow I buy one for Football Manager 2019, so you can see that it is not possible to use them I have no intention of recovering the money, I just want to play without errors and that it works correctly. If you need a video, I can show you in more detail what the error is. Just ask me. Greetings. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Did you mean like the DLC on this page? https://store.steampowered.com/dlc/872820/ I did some testing on my end with a 2018 FM Touch DLC and tried to get it to work in FM Touch 2019 and it did not appear. It doesn't appear that DLC between years of Football Manager is transferable. It's likely that there was an intentional change in November/December 2017 to require you to repurchase the DLC every year. Unfortunately, this is something you'll have to ask back at SEGA support - perhaps they had misunderstood your request. Thank you for contacting Steam Support! Marks 4) Question and aswer. 7 FEB Hello, thanks for helping me. No, they do not understand me. I will try to be as explanatory as possible. * The FMT 17 DLC, in my library are shown, but ingame are not functional. (see screenshot 1, and 2) * The FMT 18 DLC, which unlocked, disappeared the same day as the FMT17 dlc stopped working. (disappeared) (see screenshot A, B, and C) It is not necessary to buy them to have them, they can be unlocked. I repeat, these disappeared the same day that the dlc of FMT17 stopped working. * FMT 19, they have the same mistake ingame, you can buy them or unblock them, but these will never work because ingame are not visible, and they can not be used. (see screenshot x) The error is the same in all 3 versions. Steam Store, it does not work ingame. If you need me to send you a video, please ask me what I can do. Greetings. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Looking over your account, it looks like the DLC for Football Manager Touch 2017 was granted via pre-purchasing the game. However, I'm not finding any information regarding activating DLC for Football Manager Touch 18 or 19. With this in mind, as Marks mentioned, for more information regarding why the DLC for FMT 17 is no longer working with FMT 18 or 19 we can only encourage you to reach out to their team. I'm sorry we can't be of more assistance here, however we have provided you with all of the information we have available here. Since there's not much more that I can say or do to be of assistance here I'm going to close this help request. If you have questions on an unrelated issue, please create a new help request and we will be happy to help you. Steam Support Luna Screenshot: @Connor Winks What do you recommend me now? I expect help from November, December 2017. I do not know what else to do.
  7. thanks for answering. I just finished requesting steam in steam. I hope it can be solved.
  8. I will not give up. They have to fix this, it's a whole country (Argentina) with the same problem more than 2 years ago. I am not an angry pirate, I am a player of years in FM. It can not be that they do not solve the error.
  9. I'm tired of waiting for you to correct this error. I do not know if it's "YES", SEGA or SEGAUK told me it was a STEAM problem. 2 years ago they do not fix it, 2 years ago I'm still waiting for a solution. When are you going to solve this? PLEASE FIX THIS ERROR
  10. Now they respond that it is solved, that it was a Steam problem. But still with the same error. SEGA UK answered me after a while. I hope they solve it soon. The same problem is in FMT 17 FMT 18 and FMT 19. In FMT 18 the problem started in December 2017, I continue on FM 19 and today is 01/11/2019 and I still could not play
  11. SEGA UK did not solve my problem. Now the people of SI have to give me support. 2 years ago, 3 versions of FMT still waiting to play normally. I do not want a refund, I just want to play without problems. This is the support ticket. https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/es/requests/258625 I will come every 2 days and until they help me, I will insist and insist and insist. Until someone solves it. There are many more people with the same problem.
  12. Thank you very much. It works perfect. It is very comfortable for people who use In-game Editor.
  13. @bossland sorry for my English. I love this skin It is possible that this section shows CA / PA. first up on panel? I'm trying to do it, but I could not do it.
  14. I really appreciate your answer Lucas. I'm going to contact sega UK. Then I will comment here how the problem was.
  15. Hello, sorry for my English. Im from Argentina. In the FMT 18 version, the DLC disappeared in November - December 2017. Nobody took charge of the error. In the decade they were responsible for the people of SEGA, and in the decade they were responsible for the people of SI. I wonder: This year at FMT 2019 will they also steal me? This year in FMT 2019 also took the blame between SEGA and SI? This year at FMT 2019 will not support? I buy the game from FM2006 and steam from 2010. At least answer me, since in FMT 2018, they did not answer anything. I need support.
  16. This forum works correctly or there are only people asking for help and nobody responds. please I need you to help me with this. I bought the game in the beta phase and I do not have any dlc, neither those that I bought nor those that the promotion brought. Give support.
  17. Come on S, I need support. At least, tell me it does not work. I already tried everything I found in the forum.
  18. I can not use the DLC in the game store. It seems that it does not exist. I remember buying it when I was the BETA FM and receiving free DLC for FMT. Sorry for my English.
  19. He was playing a game that I asked an Argentine reasearch bulky looking results. The game does not use editor. No databases. The skin is the default. The name of the goalkeeper is Gaspar Servio. http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/535137001489840315/AB5B5B8D190790B8DCCEA5DB12B09E97C5CCA5D1/ http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/529507473264033265/804C06C1A537678821298B825804B036AE85A370/
  20. No, because 90 minutes + 2 Erviti (player of my team) in made free kick goal and won the match 4-3 The player freekick, was the man of the match haha
  21. Sorry for my English. 89 minutes. My team lost 2-3. Send my goalkeeper to attack. After a corner and rebounds, my goalkeeper hits it with the right leg and makes a goal. Draw 3-3
  22. I did it in a game in FMC. It was the sixth player to best free kick attributes In that game players and changes I'm sure the first option to boot. Screenshot: I hope they understand my English language as it is very basic. See ya
  23. Hello, I'm from Argentina and my English is bad. Sorry. It is the first time in the Football Manager series I did a free kick goal with my goalkeeper and wanted to share with you. It's a game I play with River Plate in 2034. The match is for the 8th finals Cup Argentina. In minute 90 +3. We won 1-0. Video: [video=youtube;pNcua_YPffU] My Steam user is: http://steamcommunity.com/id/dandybandidos See ya
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