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  1. rules-> add nation rules-> Add lower Divisions And cup to existing structure-> current nations-> select country Rules-> convert to advanced rules-> to the left "Show Rules for-> Select competition-> Stages-> Stages 0, 1, 2. Etc-> league settings-> find where to change to the right-> substitutes rules. If it is a league or group it is that way. But if it is in rounds. You have to go-> stages-> stages-> rounds-> and edit all rounds, one by one.
  2. Hello, thanks for answering. That was the problem. Thank you very much I have been able to solve it
  3. Since version 21.4 this problem began to happen to me. I editing player substitutions in matches. It's something I've been doing for a long time. Databases are fine, rules verified, but strange things happen in the game. Germany, Belgium, Republic of Ireland, Spain and Scotland not work. In England, Belgium and France it only happens in first season, in next season the changes are reflected. Argentina, Uruguay, Wales, and the Republic of Ireland are working properly. Here's an example, but they happen to me in all leagues and competitions: In the Bundesliga, the first year is 3 out of 9, then the next year it is reflected what is edited 3 out of 11 substitutes. And the rules are never reflected in cups
  4. Thank you very much !! That was exactly what he couldn't find. My English is very bad. I understood that you were telling me to leave the box checked. Thanks for taking the time to help me.
  5. Hi, thanks for helping. It is not possible to see that data and be able to edit it. If I wanted to put 3 changes of 11 substitutes, it is not possible to edit it. It is only visible and configurable if you create a new competition, but if you want to edit, it is not possible because it does not show where to do it. This year the menu of advanced rules has changed. No longer possible: >> Stages >> Stage 0 - League >> League Settings In theory where should it be now? I have searched all the visible rules and I cannot find that rule you said. In the competition it only shows this:
  6. Stages cannot be edited. It is only possible if you create a new competition. But if you want for example to change the substitution rules in the Premier League or any other competition, it is not possible. Try doing it and you will see what I say. In the case that such rules can be edited, please tell me how because it is not visible anywhere.
  7. Hello, I no longer know where to look to edit the substitution rules. Someone could help me? I have experience editing databases, but I have not been able to do it in the 2021 version of the editor. It is not the same as the previous versions.
  8. Partially however, it is not possible to edit at stages
  9. I'm not sure it's a bug or it's my mistake. I apologize if it was my fault. I cannot find in advanced rules at stages of the competitions to be able to edit, for example, the players allowed in the substitute bank. But I find it. Is it a bug in the editor or now the way to edit within the editor is different?
  10. Hi, If after creating the database, you put the files from the real name fix. It is only to create the database, and then to create the game use the real name fix again.
  11. yes. After doing so, the tests of the advanced rules started to work.
  12. I found the solution for those of us who still have the problem of advanced rules. Go to the steam folder: steamapps \ common \ Football Manager 2021 \ data \ database \ db and erase everything that is inside go to steam -> right click on the game icon ---> properties ----> local files and click check cache it's going to download those files for you. In my case I was using a real name fix. That gave me an error when testing the advanced rules The only thing left to solve is to be able to edit the rules for substitutions. I don't know if I can't see them or they are on a different path from previous versions of the editor. Maybe someone can help me locate the path to edit the substitutions.
  13. Thank you very much, there I am watching from the editor and you have been able to verify perfect. I did your same steps before, but it doesn't work for me unfortunately. I thank you now I will be able to start a new game.
  14. You are the only person in the world who could verify the advanced rules. I played this game for more than 15 years, logically I have many friends who play FM, among them those who, like me, make databases, and none of them could do what you did. When I test the advanced rules for no brexit, This happens If you could create no brexit and test it, upload it that no one has been able to do it correctly.
  15. Thank you! I have been trying and everything is the same for me.
  16. Could you upload the database, I want to see if I can make them visible to me
  17. Can you see the stages of the competitions? Or edit the rules for substitute players in competitions? I want to know if it happens to all or a few after fix
  18. Please do not fight guys, you are going to close the topic and we will not be able to ask for anything. There are still bugs in advanced rules, and other things. I have not seen fixes because coincidentally I did not try anything that is now correct sorry my english
  19. I cannot create no Brexit because I cannot test the rules. I can't edit competitions either, something I like to do is put 11 subtitles in all competitions, but I can't edit because the phases are not visible
  20. I updated everything, closed and opened Steam and restarted my cpu They follow the same mistakes, I can't test rules. I can't edit competition phases
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