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  1. I prefer to play with an AM/FLC and AM/FRC, but it also works when you play with 3 strikers. Try to get players with high attributes for dribbling and crossing.
  2. when i go down a goal or when it's still 0-0 after 45 minutes, i change the emphasis to attacking, passing to short and tackling to hard. most of the times i score within 10 minutes after the change
  3. i didn't see this thread until today, sorry
  4. My Ajax team won everything using this tactic: formation --------- 4-3-3 team instructions ----------------- emphasis: normal passing: normal tackling: normal pressing: yes offside trap: no counter attack: no men behind ball: no player instructions ------------------- passing: everyone set to team tackling: 2 side MC's set to hard, rest set to team pressing: GK and whole defence set to no, rest set to team pass to: everyone set to R/L/C i didn't change the set pieces free role: central MC set to yes, rest no forward runs: DL, DR, central MC and all FC's to yes, rest to no run with ball: DL, DR, central MC and side FC's to yes, rest to no hold up ball: central MC to yes, rest to no long shots: all MC's to yes, rest to no through balls: central MC to yes, rest to no cross ball: DL, DR and side FC's to yes, rest to no marking: DL, DR, central MC and all forwards to zonal, rest to man, except goalkeeper who is set to none It's inspired on the real Ajax tactic, but it works with other teams as well.
  5. Discovered Unlockables

    I messed up a little: rapidshare link I'll try to unlock the two other known rewards over the weekend and post the complete config file on here
  6. Discovered Unlockables

    Here it is: http://rapidshare.de/files/19094608/FMH_Option_file.rar.html]rapidshare link[/url] The config file doesn't have the sugar daddy and place on the board cheats enabled.
  7. Discovered Unlockables

    Thanks, i'm in my third season now, it happened at the end of the second/start of the third season
  8. Discovered Unlockables

    At the end of my second season with Ajax i unlocked an option to remove the transfer windows. I didn't get any news message about it, so i'm guessing about how you unlock it. I won every single game that season and i made a profit of around 200 million euro in the first two seasons. I think it has to do with the last one