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  1. I agree on that. When I set in game instructions to f.i. " play wider " nothing happens different than before. When I set " much higher tempo " nothing differs from before. The same for other instructions. SI, could you please confirm that " instructions " are only a cosmetic feature like players' hair color or t-shirt colors ? Thanks
  2. So far I have played around 20 matches but I have never seen a single goal made with head both from my own team or the opponent ones. Is it only me or FM15 has neglected the possibility to score with head ?
  3. I have a different question : Is there a way to " speak about " to all the players in one shot instead of speaking about to 25 players one by one ? I would like to tell them all that they all are goats in one shot only, not wasting time to open a gazillion of sub chat menus. Thanks ps. Is still somehow active the " fine player " ? I liked this option a lot but I can't find it anymore
  4. Hi, I found what you mean but in the bottom left side ( the last week of the training screen ) it keeps on showing the wrong intensity despite what I set in the top left as you suggested. I am therefore forced to set the intensity every week or so. Is it only me ? I don't think so. I have 1.5.3 the latest version upgrade via Steam. Please let me know Thanks in advance Best Regards
  5. I would like to be enlighted on this, please. I think I should be able to talk to my team when I think it is most appropriate, the effects of course would depend on the frequency and arguments. Instead, I am prevented to do that both when I lose few matches straight or when I win in a fantastic way 2-3 matches. I would have liked to talk to my players sooner rather than later. Which are the criteria that open/lead to the possibility to talk to my own team ? :confused: This way I am obliged to talk to the showers' roses and I feel weird doing that Thanks
  6. It would be cool IMO to tone down a bit the touching of the ball when a player runs with it, small touches need lower sounds compared to players' shots.
  7. I am clearly not a mothertongue so I had to study in Google the word " Flair ", interesting. There are half a dozen of meanings, I assume the FM meaning is something like " Fantasy " or " Creativity " but I am keen to think about " Flair " as more something like " sixth sense " ... :confused: ?
  8. Agree. Anyway it's a game and f.i. money earned by the manager into FM can't be spent nor invested, so what's the point of manager's salary into FM ?
  9. My silly post says now that I am already happy with FM15. Few minor glitches ok but the game is already pretty solid IMO. That apart it takes 4 minutes to save, all the other stuff is OK for me.
  10. I have few players complaining about the high training workload. I couldn't care less, usually I further increase the training workload to moaning players, at least this way they have a valid reason to bother me.
  11. If the human player could set the ticket price IMO it would be a plus in terms of management. The human player would have to choose the proper balance between income and stadium supporters number with 1-2 clicks each match, simple, quick and efficient.
  12. Thanks for the answers but in terms of gameplay IMO " vision " is totally different from " creativity ". This in the real life, maybe FM interprets them in the same way. Vision means the ability to see the whole field and to dictate the geometry of the passes, something like Pirlo, a good player but he does very well his homeworks with no invention. Creativity means the opposite, the capacity to create, to invent, something like Maradona. You will never know what is going on in front of him. Vision is related to a good but boring player, predictable like a traffic light.
  13. Sorry to come out of the blue with a question that may seem obvious but I skipped FM14 cause my FM13 went long. I have now noticed that one of my favorite players' stat has gone, it was " creativity ". I liked to have midfielders with a high creativity value to create game weird assists etc.. Now there is a new one called " vision " that is not the same thing at all. 1) How can now a player be judged in terms of his own " creativity " to create out of schema gameplay ?? 2) What does " vision " mean ? Vision of the gameplay within the field ? Thx
  14. Sorry but I looked here and there, within General, players, Team etc.. up and down, right and left, inside and outside...no way to find it. Could you please tell me exactly in FM15 where I can find such option and how to set it ? Thanks in advance
  15. I need to set my team training intensity to a certain level ( i.e. heavy ) not only for the ongoing month in the screen limit but for the next let's say 5 months. No way. Do you perhaps know how to do that ? Thx
  16. My Tottenham defender ( named Verthonghen or something like that ) has been sold by me to Manchester Utd at 53M just few weeks after my save start. A good bonus to my already good budget
  17. Do your midfielders and defenders score goals every now and then ? Until now I have only my forwards doing that.
  18. Sorry to push but the pre-game editor is not working and this post is sinking with no trace, just like the pre-editor of FM15. Anyone please ? Thx
  19. @ SI : a player with an high height value or an high jump value has more chances to head ball than a player 1 meter tall ? Thx
  20. Sorry but into FM15 Preferences there is no way to set a directory path apart the one for saving files. Where is it ??? The " editor data files " options remain greyed out ! Anyone made a successful edited database load ? Could you please SI/All explain how to fix this issue ? Thanks
  21. Quick question please : I need to modify just one small value in the pre-game editor, how can I be sure that I can save the change into the database and that is used into the game ? I clicked on save editor data as " xxxxxx " but how can I start a game instructing FM to use the edited database ? Considering that's a small change I can edit even the original database no problem, please tell me how. After my editing I closed the editor and reloaded the database and my modification was gone Of course I digged into google to no avail. Thanks in advance Best Regards
  22. A wise decision is to release the game early Friday, having the whole working Friday to " use " in case of major flaw or urgent updates and also to maximise feedbacks after a week end of intense customers' usage.
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