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  1. Hi on the home page I have the league table up. I'm in fifth season and suddenly on the league table the losses column has disappeared. Not sure if it is a bug or I have done something. Thanks.
  2. Looking to start a game with PSG. Interested to know how much a season you spend on players with PSG. Thanks.
  3. Hi just wondering how you guys are getting on with PSG. How much do you spend on average each season taking into account the financial fair play?
  4. I had a look at world biggest transfers at end of first window and there have only been three transfers to take place.
  5. I have large database and 5 leagues ger fra eng ita spa. But no one at all has bought anybody and when I had the transfer roundup come through the highest in all five leagues was 50,000.
  6. Hi ive just started playing fm2016 and in the first transfer window none of the computer controlled teams have bought anybody , I had transfer budgets enabled for first window and have bought players myself in the first window but none of the computer teams have bought anybody at all. Is this normal or is it a bug?
  7. Is anyone else having finance problems in first 2 seasons. By end of 1st season and 2nd season im always 20mil in the red. Do your board add money at end of season if needed? have only played 2 seasons with Barca so worried about starting a long term save. I don't buy anybody first season just 15 mil on new staff and old staff mutual terminations. Not sure why im in the red!
  8. I let my dof handle them but I have a huge overall squad wage total. Is this down to the dof? He is one of the best I must add.
  9. Hi just wondering what you guys think is best, let your dof handle contract extensions or do them yourself
  10. Please can someone tell me if ch.league tv revenue is given at end of season or after each match. Because im through to quarterfinals and havnt had any money yet. Thanks.
  11. Is it better to rest your best 11 before a big champions league game or keep the same team and have better moral? Im playing with Bayern Munich and cruising to bundesliga title but rested 10 of my best team then lost next game to athletico Madrid in ch.league last 16. Not sure which is best.
  12. Does this rule still apply. When im in registration page for champions league there is no 3 foreigners limit anymore.
  13. Hi Im interested to know how much of your transfer budget you spend each year and do you spend a certain amount each year. Just finished first season with Bayern Munich and had 120 mil budget if I move wage slider right over. So I spent about 120mil and now ive realised my bank balance is only 80 mil with ten more months to go until sponsorship comes through which means im going in the red in about 8 months. Im thinking of just spending a certain amount each year say like 50 mil so don't lose much per season. How do you guys spend.
  14. Cant find the go on holiday button anywhere. Please help.
  15. The only thing I have changed in the editor is the name, Barcelona FC to Barcelona.
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