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  1. Bumping this one, and adding an additional question... Is the instruction defensive line an out of possession shout?
  2. I've been thinking about this for a while now, so I thought to ask it here as it may be rather stupid questions... 1. Is the direct effect of team shape only in possession? Now, I do understand that this will for instance affect the defensive transition indirectly, but does the compactness etc only come in play in possession? In the tactical changes thread for FM16, THOG states that the team spreads out more vertically in possession... I just want to confirm this. 2. Does passing length affect crossing? For instance, if I use "play out of defence", my wingbacks will get the lowest po
  3. I suspected that! Thanks anyway. I have another question thou. Which role is the more attacking-minded of the fullbacks? Is it wingback - attack or is it complete wingback - attack?
  4. I don't know about that! Here's a picture which illustrate the halfspace(s)! I want my fullbacks occupying their respective halfspace and offer support to the midfield. In turn, I want my wingers to provide the width by hugging the touchline and stretch the opposition defense.
  5. Hi! I may have a stupid question that has a obvious answer, or maybe not. The thing I've been wondering about is if it's possible to make your fullbacks occupy their respective half-spaces? And a question about wingers, if it's possible to make them huge the touchline to really provide width and stretch the opposition defense?
  6. Hi! I have a question regarding pressing. You wrote that you could either press in a full pitch press or three-quarter press when using a high block, and a half pitch press when using a medium block. How do you translate this into FM, say for instance with a counter/standard mentality?
  7. I have two stupid questions... What's the difference between an a) Complete Forward; Support and Deep-Lying Forward; Support, and b) Roaming Playmaker and Box-to-box Midfielder?
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