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  1. Playing at an unknown stadium

    The Wembley move wasn't my doing via the editor, that just came out the blue. Yet when I play home games, am not at Wembley, nor the new white hart lane, am at stadium unknown. Have purchased the in game editor, but I can't see how its fixable. Am attached to Wembley, yet I don't play games there.
  2. Playing at an unknown stadium

    Hi, I edited the database, moved the date for Spurs moving into their new stadium to 01/07/16 and increased the capacity to 71500. Once I had moved in I have been getting ridiculously low attendances, around the 450 mark, then at the start of the 2017/18 season I had a news read that said I(spurs) had relocated to Wembley - great I thought, better attendances, but still getting the same sort of attendances. Any ideas???
  3. What players are "hot" on this tournament

    Fabregas and his beard had me all weak at the knee's
  4. Thats the 12th, and last tournament that I get myself excited about. I can still remember Euro 88 like it was, well 22yrs ago, but have followed England throughout. Spents thousands following them across the world. But im at a point now where I am kinda getting used to the fact that at international level our players just dont make the grade. Player for player we have got an excellent first XV, management wise, capello is right up there with the best managers in the game. But something quite basic is obviously lacking. Yes blame it on the players being played out of position, yes blame it on the managers substituions(heskey for defoe, i mean come on), blame it on the noise of the bloody vezuvelas for all I care. The simple fact is the English game from grass roots through to the top brass at the F.A needs a shake-up. Cant decide if Capello needs to go, my initial reaction is that he should resign, should forsake his golden handshake. But bring in who??, Hodgson, Redknapp, Pearce. But then again maybe we should give Capello another 2yrs. But do you know what, quite frankly I couldn't give a monkeys at this point. Goal line technology - its got to be sorted, and sorted quickly. Just so bloody disapointed, but should we have really expected anything different. Terry, Cole, Lampard, Gerrard, Rooney - world class, my arse.
  5. Jim Bristow/Serpico has died

    agreed .
  6. Jim Bristow/Serpico has died

    RIP Serps, top top bloke. Best wishes to his real life friends and family. Hope his friends and family get to read all the kind words that have been said about him.
  7. Managing national U21 teams

    As far as I can tell the only way to get yourself into the U21/19 role is by cheating, adding a new manager to the national team, then offer yourself the role that you are interested in.
  8. New staidum

    Its quite a common thing in real life, look at the delay on the new wembley, and who have you managed to get new stadiums, am desperately wanting one for spurs, but despite 5/6 seasons of "local council wont allow it" im still stuck at the lane.
  9. Penalty shootout bug?

    I have won my last 5 penalty shoot outs managing Spurs
  10. Who are you managing, you say you have £7m in the bank, but what are the club debts like?
  11. How you complain about some one

    Contact a mod, but people on forums do like to flex their cyber muscles, and what was the personal remark you made to warrant such a reply.
  12. TRANSFER impossible

    Yeah sut down that topic mods, everyone has fell into it. Laugh out out loud.
  13. TRANSFER impossible

    So I was right to blame Alan then. Bu yüzden sağ sonra alan suçu oldu
  14. TRANSFER impossible

    Kabul ediyorum
  15. TRANSFER impossible

    guys. i think that guy tried altavista or some other online translation loool as i am native turkish. i might consider that question as follows: Baros in galatasaray scored 40 goals in a season and after his contract ended. neither any team offered him a contract, even his own team and he is in free transfer for a while.why god why?? looool. i think thats what this dude wanted to say. loool looool = Laugh out out out out loud, or (and because im old school) lots of of of of love.