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  1. Also, it seems that if you have more than one manager playing the game, it is now not possible for one to go on holiday.
  2. Unless I'm mistaken it looks as if this option is not available on FM2015.
  3. Hate them. Worst feature ever. First thing I do is get my assistant to handle them.
  4. About three months ago I bought a new laptop solely to run FM2014 (4Gb RAM, 750Gb Hard Drive, with 7670M 2Gb AMD Dedicated Graphics). It was working perfectly until this week. Now pretty much every time I play a match on FM the laptop shuts down. I think it's down to overheating. It seems crazy that a new laptop built for gaming cannot cope with FM. Are others having this kind of problem?
  5. Every time I want to go on holiday and leave my assistant in charge for an unimportant game, he ignores my team selection and plays my best player even though he is clearly knackered. Even when I give the player a few days rest, the assistant will still play him. I find it infuriating. Is there any way round this?
  6. Haha. Fair point. It's just one of the ways I've always enjoyed playing and been a bit frustrated that I can't do it anymore.
  7. I like the challenge of putting a billion pounds into a League Two club and taking it from there. It doesn't look like I can do that any more without sacrificing European competition.
  8. In the game I get banned from the Champions League for spending too many on transfers even though my income is far greater than the money I am spending. This is how Real Madrid get around the problem in right life. It appears to me that FM2014 is not allowing clubs to offset their transfers with sponsorship and other income.
  9. I'm finding Financial Fair Play a real pain. It's already ruined two long-term saves for me. Just wondering if it can be turned off? I really don't know why SI made this such a key part of FM2014. It's not as if there is any danger of Monaco or Real Madrid being banned from the the Champions League in real life.
  10. Just had a thrilling shoot-out in the Community Shield. Both teams scored four then both teams missed one then both teams scored six then both teams missed three and then we finally scored and they missed. 11-10.
  11. My laptop works fine until I start to play FM and then the fan goes mental. I've got an aircon machine cooling down my laptop but is still very loud. Without the aircon my laptop was overheating and turning itself off during matches. Bloody annoying.
  12. I used to love watching Gylfi in FM2012. He would smash in about a dozen goals a season for me from about 30-35 yards. I've never seen anything like it. So far I haven't found an equivalent in the latest version. Anyone else?
  13. Thanks for the advice. Just got a new machine... Lenovo ThinkPad X201 12.1" 320 GB, Intel Core i7, 2.66 GHz, 8 GB It's got good reviews for performance and a powerful processor so hopefully this time next week I'll be able to enjoy FM without my laptop near exploding
  14. I've got a new laptop that just can't cope with FM, even when I close all other apps. It's an HP machine with 8GB and a 1.9 ghz processor. It cost me £500 and I can't even play FM. It's seriously doing my head in. The fan goes into overdrive and sometimes the laptop just dies. I'm thinking about buying a Lenovo because my last one worked like a dream when I was running FM 2012.
  15. I'm in 2021 and Lionel Messi has just won the Golden Ball (equivalent to the Ballon D'Or) for the 12th successive time. I'm curious to know if this happens for other people. It seems incredible that he can be the world's best player every year from age 21 to 33.
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