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    Mircale On The Shire After the devestation on relegation the season before East Stirlingshire once again looked to battle at the top of the Second Division. With not many big names left in the divison East Stirlingshire were of course amongst the favourites to bounce startight back up. The season kicked off with a bang and East Stirling stormed to the top of the league, and looked on course for a comfatable league win. Which it proved to be, as Kaufman's men romped to the league title with few bumps and collected the second highest points total since Glasgow Rangers were in the league. ANother point of note from that season was the miraculous perfomance against a certain SPL manager. SPL team and perinnial sleeping giants Motherwell hosted Second Divison East Stirlingshire in the Scottish Cup 4th round with Motherwell manager Alex Holligan stating his team would pump lowly East Stirlingshire. Of course this was not to happen, depsite falling behind, East Stirlingshire destroyed Motherwell 4-2 on their stomping ground. Holligan was embarresed and wouldn't be heard from for a whole week. A run to the Scottish League Cup Quater finals was also a high point for East Stirlingshire who would be knocked out by eventual suprise winners Divison One Hamilton. So East Stirlinsghire were back in the First Divison and were looking to stay there this time. It was a suprising start to the season that saw East Stirling and ground share rivals Steinhousmuir fighting for top spot with Hamilton. As the season went on it looked like both would miss out on promotion, and East Stirling nearly took a blow when it was rumoured that Kaufman had applied for the St Mirren job in January. However this did not come to fruition and Kaufman led his team to the First Divison title, and to the promised land of the SPL. Orr was crying he couldn't live up to his superior ground share buddy. Once again there was also success in the cup, as East Stirlingshire won their first ever Challenge cup defeating rivals Falkirk 1-0 in the final thanks to Robbie 'Elegant' Swan. With East Stirlinghsire in the SPL they needed a bigger ground, Steinhousmuir and Orr refused to go halfs on an extension so Kaufman had to pay 9m for a stadium they didn't even own, and in the mean time play all the way over in Livingston. To make matters worse Orr refused to move out of the stadium and continued to play matches there that meant the stadium could not be extended in a reasonable time, mainly as the builders were falling asleep every time Stenny played. The season started great as East Stirling as tehy won 2 of their first 3 matches, although a 4-0 pumping by Hearts was not taken well. A poor run of form saw East Stirling plummet towards the bottom of the table, with only Inverness and suprisingly Rangers seperating them from the relegation place. Kaufman was getting desperate, with East Stirling in administration and unable to make any signings the future didn't look good for the men in black and white. (Rangers Banner) Then news came in that Dean Saunders had been sacked as Rnagers boss, no suprise, Kaufman had already laid the foundations with declaring he could save them, he applied and not suprisingly he beat Celtic fan Alex Holligan and 'I lost I'll resign' Craig Stevens to the job. Rangers weren't in a good postion, 1 win and not alot of players left from their hey day. Kaufman knew he had a fight on his hands when the board demanded he gives them the SPL title this season. A good start has seen Kaufman win 3 out of his 4 games only drawing with Motherwell, who they led 2-0 after 4 minutes. Can Rangers do the impossible? Will Kaufman survive longer than 6 months?
  2. European Union Clan FM2013

    The Return Of The Messiah 2018 was the rebirth of East Stirlingshire, ok the 2016/2017 season had seen East Stirlingshire finish 2nd and just miss out on promotion. But they just couldn't make it to the Second Divison, they needed a spark, they needed The (not so quite) Special One. We take you back just a few short years ago, an alternate universeif you wish, East Stirlingshire managed to go from the Third Divison all the way to the Champions League Semi Final, TWICE, multiple SPL titles, some of the best players to grace Scotland that East Stirling fans couldn't even imagine, all lead by one man... Jonny Kaufman. That man would be the man East Stirling need, that man could bring the best out of these bunch of outfits, that man accepted the job, shrouded in controversy, rumours of tension with other managers were put to one side. Things didn't start off great, a disappointing season ended in mid table nothingness, and the manager seemed disinterested and was hardly around. Many players left at the end of the season to be replaced with other no name players. But those no name players would deliver the best season East Stirling have had in recent history, easing to the Third Divison title. The next year again a new band of players replaced the outgoing players, and once again it was a medicore season, but at least they were in the Second Divison. Soon however they wouldn't be, East Stirling once again defied the odds and won the Second Divison, this time it was slighlty closer but 2 titles from 4 seasons showed the quality of the new manager that had seen him take the same club all the way to the height of Scottish and European football. No one had expected Kaufman to have such a big impact in such a short amount of time, with other commitments and various offers from elsewhere Kaufman had brought some of the best football to East Stirling, or he just managed to hire the best Assistant Manager in the history of football. The First Divison was going to be tougher however, and although East Stirling survived they were often taught a footballing lesson by the teams in the league, although when you look at teams like Ross County, a sleeping giant, and Peterhead (read P'hed), with their squad and their budget, it was no surprise. And the ineveitable happened this last season, as East Stirling faced the ignomity of being relegated, it came as no surprise as they failed to even pick up a win in their opening 10 games. They did however only get relegated through the play offs (Kaufman's arch nemisis), but they are once again back in the Second Divison and seek to do it all over again, but with Kaufman applying for higher end jobs and their star players looking for ways out will they be able to stop the ship before it hits the iceberg?
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    Leverkusan Manager Insults After the shock revelation that Neil Davis has stepped down from his postion at Bolton Wanderers, former Huddersfield and Chelsea manager and current Bayer 04 Leverkusan manager was asked to comment in one of his post match conferences. "I have never seen a manager be so stupid, ignorant, out of his depth or scared. Continually I hear from some of the other managers that Davis sets his goals high, usually trying to win the league. Of course thats what everyone wants to do, but only a few can achieve this, what do I think of him stepping down? Not alot, it just shows that he can't hack it when the going goes tough, I braved it out when I was battling relegation with Huddersfield, i've seen other managers fail, Davie orr for example, but now he's at his dream club. If you don't fight then whats the point? Ok he took a couple months out, but who hasn't done that, some of the best managers have done it and been succesful, I mean you have to start from somewhere, now i'm not saying Davis could ever dream of being among the best, thats just absurd, but he could at least try. If I had any respect for him as a manager or a person it's all gone now." Some harsh words there, but many have agreed with them and i'm sure that they'll be plenty more who will agree. We will look to have more reaction to this mundane news story soon.
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    Ich bin ein Leverkusener After a couple of weeks seeing the sights, Jonny Kaufman was once again in a top tier job, this time in Germany. There were reports that Kaufman had been approached to be the new manager of Malaga and that he was just delaying in order to get his things in order, however it seems he was waiting on other offers to come in. Bayer Leverkusen were sitting in mid table after hoping to finish in the European places, however they were just 9 points off top place, with the league being so tight. Leverkusen had found goals hard to come by and they saw Kaufman with his defensive approach as the perfect man for the job. Kaufman brought in another Englishman to help him adjust in Dave Watson to be his number two, together they would find that ze Germans do not like to listen to ze English dogs. Although Kaufman had a better time understanding his German players better than when he had talked to other managers such as Scotsman Davie 'Plymouthrock' orr, or Scouser Neil 'catlover92' Davis. Diego Buonanotte would be Kaufman's first big signing, after his release from Man City he would go straight in to the Leverkusen team and would score on his debut. However Diego could not push Leverkusen enough and the adjusting to Kaufman's new tactic in December, meant that they would just miss out on a European place, however Kaufman seems to have a good base to build on and with some attackers just needed maybe Leverkusen could win the Bundesliga.
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    Short And Not So Sweet After a good showing last year that oh so nearly saw the Premiership title return to Stamford Bridge, Kaufman was looking to go one step further and bring silverware to the London club. Big signings were needed in the defence and the pre season saw a mammoth price paid to stregthen the back line, Deigo, a Brazillian international, was signed for the fee of £77m from Corinthians, and several other centre backs joined to ensure that there would plenty of competition in the Chelsea squad. Victor Diallo also joined from Montipellier, the African right winger is highly rated and looked set to join champions Man City before City pulled the plug on the deal. Chelsea looked set to be there or there abouts but would it turn out that way? The start of the season could not have been better after Man City had won the Premiership and FA Cup, Chelsea, because they finished second, would play against them in the Community Shield, and it would be Chelsea who won the much sought after Shield after a Marek Hamsik finish handed them a confidence boosting win against what many thought would be the main team to challenge for the title. However despite this a poor start to the season saw Chelsea slip away from City and looked set to just be challenging for second place again. Come November Chelsea were in the fight to stay in the top 4, several teams were fighting it out seperated by just a couple of points, and a loss to Tottenham, who Chelsea had just knocked out of the League Cup, meant that they had slipped to 7th place, although they were just 1 point off 3rd. Roman Abramovich did not like the look of this and straight after the loss to the London rivals called Kaufman in to his office to have a word. That word would be fired. Kaufman was sensationally sacked not even half way through the season, despite still being in the League cup and qualified for the knockout stages of the Champions League. This coming just a year and a half from Paul Lambert's sacking, when they were 16th after weeks of not being in the top half, Roman obviously had higher standards for Kaufman and saw fit to remove him from the job. Kaufman was upbeat and said he might look overseas for a new job and that he held no grudges towards Chelsea whatsoever.
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    Oh So Close Chelsea had a poor season last, and new man Kaufman was looking to improve on the 7th place finish and hopefully compete for the Champions League places. With the news that in 2020 Chelsea would move in to a brand new 60,000 seater stadium, the Chelsea board held a forum to get names for their new home, several hours were slaved away, Kaufman was not present but eagerly awaited the result. Finally after 22 hours 43 minutes and 13 seconds Roman Ambramovic held a press conference to announce that the name would be the........Chelsea Stadium. Yeah. The start of the season saw a suprise at the top of the table, no it wasn't Chelsea, it was the corner experts Aston Villa. Their tactic of shooting from anywhere and hoping for corners so they can score seemed to be working with their new manager, although that would be quickly found out after they played the mighty Chelsea, 6-3 by the way. Chelsea remained near the top of the table with their new look team, espically their strike force, Cristiano Ronaldo, Conterao and Nemad Djuric (a £30m signing from FC Bayern on the transfer deadline), and come January 1st Chelsea sat atop the league just ahead of Liverpool and Tottenham. After dismissing Man City 2-1, of course this wasn't to be allowed by former Tottenham manager and then manager of Real Madrid, Alex Holligan, who was threatened by the thought that Kaufman would be considered a better manager than him so had to come back to England to sabotage his chances, with mega rich and already with a squad capable of winning the league easily Man City. Kaufman would end up holding off Holligan right up untill the last few games of the season, when Chelsea would travel to City for what many considered the title decider, and unfortuntely Chelsea never got out of the blocks, 3 injuries to centre backs meant that a make shift defence, to an already very poor defence, was all Kaufman had, and when he meets yet another expert at corner training he could not compete. With the goal difference meaning that unless Chelsea could win very well in a few of their last games, that included 3 of the other top 6 whereas City only had 1 team in the top half to play in the last 6 games, City had the title wrapped up. After this another poor display to Corner Villa, made sure that Chelsea's title challenge ended. However seeing as the board's reported aim was just to finish 7th again, a 2nd place finish so close to a team who have dominated English football in recent years was far more than could have been hoped for. The cups were once again poor, after Kaufman left his assistant in charge for the 3rd round of the League Cup, as he saw AFC Telford and Davie orr (why he doesn't have a capital O for his last name I will never know) as beneath him (espically as Chelsea had bought his best prospect, despite the best efforts of Holligan to help his best pal and save the player with an outragous bid, which would once again happen from the new Real Madrid manager, who would try to interupt Chelsea's bid for Ebbsfleet striker Omaur Ba with yet another unbelievable offer, and of course once again fail, although Ba will now be out for 7 months after collecting an injury while on loan at League One Hull City) and the assistant deciding to play an untested 18 year old in goal, Telford would come away with a historic victory. Kaufman would not take any chances then against League Two Rochdale in the FA Cup 3rd round, and although a poor start Chelsea and Aguero would finish off the spirited display from the lower oppostion. The FA Cup however would not see silverware as Chelsea firstly knocked out Arsenal on penalties, managed to unexplicably lose to West Brom in the quater finals. Kaufman is now reported to be on the look out for the best defenders for Chelsea's return to the Champions League as he identifed the only weakness for his Chelsea team, will they finally return to the top of the tree, or will they fall just short again?
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    New Man, Big Spending A day after resigning from Huddersfield, Jonny Kaufman was announced at a press conference at Stamford Bridge as the Chelsea manager replacing Paul Lambert. Chelsea were still about the spending the cash, however they had a very much ageing squad much the opposite to Huddersfield who had a reasonably young squad. John Terry, 37 years old, was still captain but was now turning up for the reserve team, but Chelsea, despite their age, had a household name team, Petr Cech, David Luiz, Marek Hamsik, Juan Mata, Ramires and Edison Cavani all still turned up for the London team. Kaufman had a task on his hands, Chelsea were sitting 16th and the squad was devestated by the postion and the way they were playing, Sascha Geiger, the German wonderkid, was put in as a lone striker to try and score the goals that had been lacking in the opening 3 months. Kaufman despite a very healthy transfer budget was unable to spend it due to it being November so he would have to wait until January for new recruits. But once January did come, Kaufman set out to find the best talent, it took most of the month but the last week saw Chelsea bring in some big names, Sergio Aguero joined for £42.5m from Man City and Toni Kroos joined from FC Bayern for £28m, Fred, a 23 year old highly rated Brazillian international midfielder, was also signed but due to the lateness of the signing a work permit was unable to be obtained and he could not play for the season. The team was settling in to their new tactic and with the additions to the squad looking like they could climb the league more. The second half of the season was much more fruitful than the first (despite an away goal loss to Villarreal in the Euro Cup), as Chelsea climbed up to 8th in the league just behind Everton in 7th and the last Euro Cup place (due to the League Cup winners) Aguero hadn't hit the net as much as had been expected but the goals he scored in the last few games gave Chelsea that edge which ensured that they pipped Everton to 7th spot and joined Everton's inferior neighbours Liverpool in the Euro Cup. Although Kaufman had guided his team to a much more respectable finish he was far from happy and set out to look for the very best players to improve the squad, regardless of age, and he found one of the biggest, Alex Holligan had very suprisingly moved to Real Madrid (although actually not that suprising when you realise money and Holligan were involved) and as is known to him he cleared out their entire squad first of all, Kaufman pounced on this and signed one of the best players in the world despite being 33 years old, Cristiano Ronaldo for a cut price £15m, Fabio Coentrão also joined to complete the dealings with Madrid. Chelsea were certainly strengthened and Kaufman would look to improve the teams last finish and just maybe challenge for honours, although a Euro qualification would be more than adequate.
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    Good News Bad News After a superb run at the end of last season, Huddersfield looked to build and consolidate their postion in the Premier League, Kaufman strengthened his team, most interestingly a new striker in Brazillian youngester Nene, who was wanted by teams such as Barcelona and West Ham...and Colchester. The season started brightly and Huddersfield managed to beat several teams including Chelsea and managed to find themselves fighting it out in the top half, albeit fighting for 8th spot, Kaufman stated that he had a long term plan for the team and that anything more than another season of survival for Huddersfield would mean the plan was ahead of schedule. A little run in the League Cup saw Huddersfield make it to the quater final to face league leaders Tottenham Hotspur. Kaufman however would not make it to that game, there had been alot of speculation surrounding his postion, not that he was to be sacked but more bigger clubs interested in him, most notebly was the recent sacking of Chelsea boss Paul Lambert who had saw his side plummet to 16th in the league and Roman had grown tired of him, thus was looking for a new manager, he stated he wanted a young English manager to guide Chelsea back to being one of the best clubs in the country. Kaufman had always denied that he would leave Huddersfield unless a very very big club came calling, however the Chelsea job was open, Kaufman was the media's favourite and so without conformation that he was leaving to London, Kaufman resigned from Huddersfield after a succesfull 2 and a half years in charge. More to follow soon.
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    Highlights of Huddersfield's Trip Back To The Premiership After surviving their first season back in the Premier League we thought we'd look back on two of the important 5 wins that ended the season and the two probably most suprising results, including Packowski's superb first goal and hat trick against Chelsea; [video=youtube;t8TqFbNAkqs] And the superb goal by Daniel Sturridge and the most important win of the season against oil rich Man City; [video=youtube;sVGC1H5h0dI] Hopefully we will have more great highlights in the coming season.
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    I Can't Believe It's Not Hudder After a long hard season Huddersfield have managed to survive in the Premier League despite the manager going AWOL for half the season. It was always going to be a tough season, it was Huddersfield's first foray back in to the top league for 44 years and a pretty much new squad, made mostly up of 18-23 year olds, who had hardly tasted first team football, let alone English football. Although former England U21 Daniel Sturridge also signed adding some slightly more experience to the squad. Tomasz Packowski was the star of the team, notching 22 goals (18 in the league) proving that he could replace Edmar at the club, who was to get his come uppence at the Galpharm with a broken leg, Makounda played well aswell as Fredson for the new signings. As we aluded to Kaufman went missing for half the season, it was reported that he was disilusioned with football and everything about Huddersfield so he went for holiday abroad, there was also a conflicting report that it was infact a car blowing up that was the reason for Kaufman missing, although these are unconfirmed reports. So Martin Keown was in charge of the important October to Febuary period and he saw the side slip down to 19th place. When Kaufman finally returned and saw the mess Keown had created he was incensed and argued with the former Arsenal centre back for 1 whole minute, he then set about saving the season. The start was poor and losses to Man Utd and Blackpool saw Huddersfield look set to go back down to the Championship at the first time of asking. However Kaufman led his side valliently despite murmurings that he would resign before the end of the season, and won the last 6 games including beating Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool, Huddersfiled were safe come the last day of the season thanks to a 3-1 victory away to Aston Villa. And the board were satisfied, at one point it looked bleak but the end of season run that before looked impossible was proven to be the best part for the Huddersfield faithful. Nothing really happened in the two cups for Huddersfield bar a humiliating loss to League One Bristol City at home in the FA Cup 5th round. We would just like to congratulate some other managers, such as Holligan, for buying the league, Stevens, for sulking back to the club he was sacked from, Davis, for being lucky he has a great assistant, and finally Martin, for having the greatest corner routine ever.
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    A Hudder Unbelieveable Season After resiging and taking the Huddersfield job, Kaufman said to the board that he was expecting a tough season but to finish mid table, and so the board gave him some funds and he started to sign some younger quality. Edmar, Bendaballah, Spearing and Bennett being the bigger signings. A poor start to the season saw Huddersfield knocked out of the League Cup in the first round, and in a dispointing 23rd place. However Kaufman stated it was just the team gelling together and to the tactics. And Huddersfield started to climb up the league and were soon competing for the play off places, and were starting to see a real gem develop in Edmar. Unfortunetley come January, Premier league managers were circling around Yorkshire, with young right back Imad Younis being wanted by giants Chelsea and Liverpool. Edmar, after scoring 28 league goals in 26 games, joined Alex Holligan's, explitive, Tottenham for £18m, and Huddersfield fell in form. A run of unbeaten games came to an abrupt end and a run of draws saw Kaufman's men slip well away from the automatic promotion places. Despite the signing of 19 year old German, and who would get his first cap for the full national team soon after signing, Kaufman's men found it hard to find the back of the net. So the play offs it were to be finishing 3rd, Huddersfield would face Notts County, a team Kaufman turned down the chance to join at the start of the season. A first leg was back and forth, but Huddersfield managed to grab a 3-1 win away from home, despite Notts County seemingly edging the game. The 2nd leg saw Notts County take an early lead and Huddersfield play back to the walls stuff for 80 minutes, and with the heart in his mouth Kaufman was able to celebrate a victory which put him in sight of the Premier League. Huddersfield would travel to Wembley to face off against in from Watford, who had the London crowd backing them. Watford had despatched play off favourites Southampton, but early on a corner routine, that was put in to action after a phone call to corner master Fergus Martin, put Huddersfield in to the lead. It was a lead that they would hold right up untill the dying moments when a cross came in and Watford managed to equalise, and the final was to go to extra time. Extra time came and went without any real alarm and so the new Premier league was to be decided by penalties, Ivan stepped up and tucked it home, Watford missed, Spearing missed, Watford missed, Pacisvikowsi missed, Watford scored, Bendadellah scored, Watford missed, and Jordan Rhodes..................scored, Huddersfield had done it, Kaufman had done it, everyone was relieved and happy, despite Huddersfield's lowly prediction they had managed to get to the promised land, it is an amazing feat and it will only be a short time before we see how much Huddersfield are going to get smashed in their new league.
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    Breaking News! Breaking news coming from Lincoln City, manager Jonny Kaufman has sensationally quit Lincoln, reports that he is looking for a Championship job are looking strong as he was seen meeting the Notts County, Coventry and Huddersfield Town chairmans. Kaufman has led Lincoln to back to back league titles and won the FA Trophy in 2013, interest has always been high in this man could this mean that he is set for a bigger job? Kaufman Signs Kaufman has today became the manager of Huddersfield Town, after a long sabbatical of 4 days Kaufman has decided to jump back in to football after finding gardening to be a very boring hobby. The Huddersfield manager walked one week ago after a disappointing season in teh Npower Championship. Kaufman was reportedly offered the Coventry and Notts Country jobs aswell, but stated that he has always had a soft spot for Huddersfield and the fact that they have loads of money has nothing at all to do with it. Kaufman however wasted little time in spending money, bringing in Npower Championship winners Jay Spearing, Ryan Bennett and the Championship player of the year and Spanish U21 international Ivan from rivals Sheffield Wednesday for a combined £10m, also joining them are a highly rated French 19 year old Mehdi somethingorother, and England U19 international and from former club Lincoln Richard Varney for £1.3m. Although the marquee signing has been that of highly highly rated Brazillian striker Edmar, who rejected Sporting Lisbon to join the Huddersfield revolution for a reported club record fee of £15m, Kaufman looks set to press on with what could be a very interesting Championship season.
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    Well That Was An Imping Success After leading Lincoln to the Blue Square Premier Title so easily last season, hopes were high for Kaufman to do it again, despite the murmerings that he might leave to a better club. Although clubs had a little look at Kaufman, no one made a concrete offer and fans of Lincoln breathed a sigh of relief as he started the season again. Despite losing superstar Jamil Adam to Premiership Watford, Ibou seemed a more than capable replacement, and he showed that scoring on his debut and showing what was to come the rest of the season. He was helped by the signing of Togo international Gangon and the staying of Davide Petrucci. Loan signings were to be the main source of players throughout the season for Lincoln, although they were not helped at all by their parent club Middlesborough. The season started indifferently, despite remaining unbeaten Lincoln drew alot of their opening 10 games and were slightly off the pace at the top. However once they started to gel and move in to a higher gear there was no stopping them, quickly Lincoln became the team to beat in the league and rocketed to the top of the table, replacing passport control Ebbsfleet. This would continue throughout the rest of the season and show that the jump from the Blue Square Premier to League Two was nothing much, as Lincoln dominated the division just as they had done the previous season, although it would take them a month more to win the title. Scunthorpe were the only real challengers and for most of the season Lincoln were able to hold them off at arms length, and it showed once again as Lincoln won the title by a double figure amount, although 18 points less than they won it by last season. 4 losses were once again the only disappointments in the league, and once again Lincoln and Kaufman had set a new league points record for the 2nd consecutive season. Many were wonderering if there was nothing this man could do. The League cup was another disappointment, coming in the preliminary round against also promoted Ebbsfleet, despite having the control of the match Lincoln were unable to kill off their opponents and Hinno's men managed to snatch a victory in the first half of extra time and go in to the League Cup proper. The FA Cup was once again a fruitful adventure, a 4th round run was impressive, seeing off League One sides Swindon and Chesterfield in the process, and only just losing to this seasons Premier League champions Liverpool at Anfield 2-1. The Johnstone's Paint Trophy was an unwelcome distraction for Lincoln and despite making it to the North area Quater finals, the fact Kaufman put out an entire reserve team against a full strength Hull team showed what he thought of the competition. Once the season was over yet again there were rumours that Kaufman would leave, although some were quashed by the news that he had signed a new 2 year contract, although Kaufman claimed to know nothing about a new contract. We will wait and see what happens in the near future.
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    Finally We've Imping Done It After coming close to promotion on the previous two seasons, Lincoln have finally returned to the Football League. And this season has proved to be pretty much a stroll, Jamil Adam once again led from the front as he ended up as top scorer once again. Although by his standards 30 goals was a poor return, and he unexplicably finished behind some crap striker from some crap no where near promotion team. Adam was ably assisted by former Manchester United player Davide Petrucci, who ended with 12 goals and 13 assists from midfield, and England U19 star defender Richard Varney. The defence stepped up this season as Lincoln only conceded 29 goals in the 46 games, while also not letting up up front as they scored 101 goals aswell, finishing top scorers and best defence in the whole league. Out of the 46 games Lincoln only dropped points in 8 games, losing 4 (3 against teams battling relegation) and drawing 4, which meant that Lincoln destroyed the previous points record for a Blue Square Premier season with 118 points. The FA Trophy and FA Cup were for once a disappointment, firstly a 4-0 annihlation of Lincoln by Ebbsfleet saw Lincoln head out in the FA Cup first round, the FA Trophy wasn't much better, Lincoln had in the previous two seasons reached the final, Kaufman decided that the assistant manager needed some experience so gave him his oppurtunity in the 4th round against Gateshead. The assistant however decided it wasn't an important competition so he put out a team of players who had not played all season, although despite this Lincoln only lost 3-2 to a full strength Gateshead team. After wrapping the league up in mid March, Lincoln's manager decided to take some trips to other teams, one now famous match is that of the Play Off 2nd Leg Luton v Tamworth, an exciting game which saw Tamworth manager strike a tactical mistake (or 'genius' as he called it) putting a defender in goal which meant that Luton were able to score twice and equalise the game. Once the match went to penalties a load of calls were made and several managers discovered they were watching the same match, and they continued to laugh as they saw defender Franz not move for any of the penalties, and laugh even more once the Luton player blazed it over the bar and Franz duely stepped up and scored the winning goal. Kaufman was reported to say that Franz had planned it all along and he just wanted the glory, although Martin did try and steal the limelight with his 'genius' comments. The close season was one of profit for Lincoln, Jamil Adam reluctunly left the club to Premiership side Watford for £1.1m, and Watford also gave Lincoln £785k for the sell on clause of Scott Loach. Although all this money was pointless as Lincoln were in need of money to get out of debt, which this meant they were well out of, and none would be moved in to the wage budget. Gambian international Ibou stepped in to Adam's place and we will see if he can reproduce the same goal scoring form Adam has done for the previous 3 seasons. Reports of Davide Petrucci leaving in the summer were to be found unfounded, after teams withdrew their offers. Will Lincoln push on and make it in to League One at the first time of asking? Or will they plummet back down to the Blue Square Premier? We shall see.
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    Oh Well That Was An Imp Season After a great start and a very good middle part to the season, Lincoln completley imploded in the last part of the season as cup games and postponed matches meant that fixture congestion was a major problem for Kaufman. After being clear at the top a poor result against Woking saw Alferton close the gap. A poor attacking display against Newport County was the real kick in the teeth, despite matching and arguably playing better than Newport, the County defence was able to stop league top scorer Jamil Adam and therefore Lincoln, 2-0 was not the result that was needed. A trip to league challengers was up next against Alferton, a very good display in the first 45 minutes saw Lincoln 1-0 up, but a reckless challenge from top defender Jordan MacMillan saw the Imps down to 10 men. (Now here's where some other news outlets have once again misinformed people) Lincoln continued to attack and had chances to extend their league but 2 scramble goals from the only 2 attacks from Alferton saw Lincoln lose an important battle, and the, unfortunetly, impressive form of Exploit Town, sorry, Alferton Town coupled with the fitness concerns of all the games for Lincoln ended Lincoln's title hopes. A 2nd place finish was not what the fans had been expecting, and was unfortnetly not what Kaufman was looking for, and his arch nemsis was up next, the play offs. Kaufman has always been known in the managerial circles as a bottler and the worst manager to have going in to the play offs possible. And it was to prove once again as Kaufman's team went out in the semi finals thanks to a loss to under new management Wrexham. Kaufman wasn't happy, but he'll move on and compete again next season, despite being linked with Portsmouth in recent weeks. The cups were alot more succesfull, after a run to the FA Cup 4th round, Lincoln travelled to Championship play off chasers Middlesborough, after a little while Lincoln inexplicably took the lead through none other than Jamil Adam, and somehow at half time it was still 1-0 Lincoln. But Boro were dominating and in the second half that domination paid off as from a corner Scott Macdonald scored a header to equalise. Boro continued to push and looked the most likely to win it, although a replay was looking increasingly likely in the 85th minute. Then Lincoln got a corner and after the inital delievery had been cleared a punt back in to the box saw a push in the box and a penalty given. Davide Petrucci stepped up, and confidently tucked it home. 2-1 Lincoln, amazing away from home Lincoln were looking like they would beat a very good Championship team. As the minutes ticked by Boro pushed, but they couldn't find an equaliser and Lincoln had gotten to the FA Cup 5th Round. And a nice home tie against Premiership side Chelsea were the reward. Unfortunetly despite at one point looking like they could match Chelsea, Lincoln succembed to a 4-2 loss, but a very nice pay day despite not being on TV. The FA Trophy was again another nice distraction. Another run to the final saw Lincoln dispose of Alferton and Gateshead on the way to Wembley, and this time they were to go that extra step as they beat Newport County in front of 35,000 people, in a match that was to be the warm up for the FA Cup final that was held on the same day. Of course these runs were one of the reasons for Lincoln's league form and ultimatly cost them promotion, Kaufman is quickly becoming known as the Rafa of the lower leagues. He had a few quick words to say; "I'd just like to say well done to the cheats, sorry i'll call them by their fake names you know, Davis and Fotheringham." "Well done Orr, you achieved nothing and got a two league promotion." "Better luck next time Wilson and Stevens, have fun down there." "Meh to the rest." "Oh and I just want to say I am not taking any pleasure from Holligan not having a job at all, none whatsoever. Just because he said some stuff in the press about me, just because I hold nothing but contempt for him. Actually I'm laughing my head off about it, ah you Arrogant ****." Will Kaufman continue his foul mouthed rants, will he finally take his team all the way to promotion?