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  1. Thanks r1kuu. You can usually find your matches folder in a similar location to this:

    ...Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\matches\automatic

    Within this folder will be a whole bunch of other folders named after competition e.g. English Premier Division

    If you check these folders the next time your game crashes, you may find that some of the most recently created PKMs are unverified. Uploading these would certainly help.

  2. Hello r1kuu. In addition to this, the next time the game crashes for you, could you have a look in your 'automatic' folder which is contained within your 'matches' folder. We're looking for a PKM that doesn't have the letters 'VER' in the filename. It may be that one of these unverified PKMs can reproduce the crash for us. If this needs clarifying, let us know. Next time the crash occurs for you, if you could also have a check for any unverified PKMs (there may be more than one) then uploading them too could help. Many thanks.

  3. Hi Tony. Yep, thats correct, i accepted it as if that is how the role was designed to work and its how it does (kind of) work then there is no bug. IS it worth opening a thread in the M.E forum again? It would be nice to have an option for the IWB to work like Alaba for Bayern or how Vidal played for Chile under Bielsa a few years ago but appreciate that its probably very hard to make a Wide player sit in outer CM roles when the team is in possession.

    As it stands, PPMs seem to have MUCH more of a bearing in this edition so with correct PPM and role training maybe we can make an IWB act more like Alaba. Will have to try once i start a proper save :)

    If this is the behaviour you want then we would not consider it a bug. However, it's worth dropping a mention of it here so that we can consider it for future versions: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/441672-Top-Three-Match-Engine-Wishlist?p=10567887#post10567887

  4. When I raised this very topic during BETA I was told what I have written above in response to Skam, and begrudgingly accepted it! :)

    Just double checked that thread Marsh. RTHerringbone responded to you I believe. What he said what that the IWB will cut inside with the ball at this feet, but when out of possession, will occupy a position closer to the touchline. Always happy to discuss the possibility of changes in the Match Engine bugs forum though :)

  5. I wonder if anybody noticed any problem with the IWB? In theory player with this role should play as a regular fullback with the difference of cutting inside when having the ball, rather than staying wide and putting crosses. In my game (managing Robur Siena) none of my right fullback does that. I tried 3 players on this role (none of 'em has the trait "hugs the line" or such) and everyone just, well... hugs the line. I wanted to play winger in the midfield with support role, so IWB would be a nice complemen to him. Too bad, that IWB can't be given the attack duty though.

    I guess I'll have to switch to CWB (s) and IF (a) for that matter.

    Oh, the feedback: the game is superb, the ME is classy. No major issues yet.

    One question though - where on Steam can I find the documentary, that was added to the beta?

    Hello Skam, if you're unhappy with the behaviour of the IWB please report it here: http://community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php/505-Match-Engine-Issues

    Can I ask, are you using players for this role who have a stronger foot on the inside? For example, a right-footed left-back.

  6. Is it just me or are there lots of bad passes/headers back to the GK after the RC1 update?

    It not just my defenders, but the AI players too. I have matches with 4-5 terrible loose backpasses (most of them headers, but also some passes).

    Also see quite a bit of extremely risky crossover passes where IE the Right fullback tries to find the left midfielder with a low pass that has to pass several opponments (AI players also do this).

    As a sidenote, I guess these things are more realistic. But its unusual for me in FM ;)

    Anything you consider a Match Engine bug, please report here and we can investigate further: http://community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php/505-Match-Engine-Issues

  7. I am just frustrated with not being able to import tactic files.... it worked in the first BETA but not the update and not in the full game. Is it just me?

    Erik, can you confirm that you are trying to import an FM15 tactic file? It was a bug in the initial Beta that you were able to do this, as this has now been rectified you will need to create a new FM16 tactic from scratch (or import someone else's). The reason we cannot support support between versions for tactics is that the underlying settings are liable to change between games and so what once was a possible tactical setup in FM15 may no longer be possible to achieve in FM16. I hope this makes sense. :)

  8. First thoughts on the update is same at last update. The me defending is shocking would have thought it would have been fixed. Got defenders who are clearly favs for through balls stopping and letting attackers through. No marking, which is cool for average players but when you have players who have high marking you wld expect them to mark. Attacking seems ok nice flow to it and I'm not saying the game is bad it's fantastic but just defending seems a hit off

    Can you raise these issues here Smithbrad? With PKM examples we can look into them: http://community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php/505-Match-Engine-Issues

  9. Mods have already acknowledged in the bugs forum that they're aware of an issue with the ME and are working on it. Played one game today on FM16 and decided to wait until tomorrow before playing another one. The ME looked horrendous. I'd imagine that's one the reasons for a new build.

    I'd be interested to hear what issue in particular is bothering you Praha. Can your report it here please so that we can be sure it's something we're aware of: http://community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php/505-Match-Engine-Issues

  10. A few questions about the beta in general

    1. I've just agreed my first bosman deal in Jan to be concluded in June. I wasn't offered the option to "buy now"

    ... Is that still a feature in the game?

    2. The highlights package after each game seems to cut out after the first goal - has this been reported?

    If so has this now been fixed so that comprehensive is just that rather than a single highlight.

    3. Both Vidal and Turan both got injured in their first friendly game back once they could play again in Jan 2016. I set them to play for 45 mins only

    I can appreciate that their match fitness was less than 60% but am I expected to play them for 15-30 mins to being with?


    Hello Fritz, on points 2 and 3, can you report them here: http://community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php/505-Match-Engine-Issues

  11. I read something in one of the feedback threads about 3D not being available for someone, and only 2D. Yesterday when I booted up, I had the same, despite having played in 3D since release. Any idea why? Nothing has changed - literally, as since I use hibernate the game hasn't technically been closed since I opened it for the first time. Thought it might be resources given that these can vary while the game is running, but everything looked fairly normal in terms of use.

    Thank you foreameuss, can you report this in the Match Engine bugs forum please? http://community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php/505-Match-Engine-Issues

  12. Finding it really difficult to play since the update. Teams have been having a lot of luck on the counter attack. Playing through my high pressure with ease and it seems wingers/crossing are over powered. More goals than usual coming from them

    Hello Robert, any bugs you'd like to report, please do so here: http://community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php/505-Match-Engine-Issues

    It's no coincidence that counter attacking has been mentioned on this feedback thread a few times now, it's something we worked on. We're content that it's nicely balanced now (and of course, the risk of a high press tactic is to be hit on the counter), but if you have evidence to the contrary we'd love to hear it. :)

  13. I feel there are too many goals directly after me or the ai score.

    Literally i score and then they go down the other end from kick off and score.

    Or they score against me and i go down the other end and score.

    I know this does happen IRL but too often in the game i feel.

    Also at the start of every game there is either a shot on target or a chance created immediately. Gets a bit tedious

    Thanks sulljda. If there's anything you deem to be a bug, please report it here with PKM evidence and we can look into it: http://community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php/505-Match-Engine-Issues

  14. One of my players went down and another put the ball in touch, when the other side threw the ball down the line, it just stopped at the side of our pen field, but right on the touch line.

    Then my keeper in that weird duck walk, EXTREMELY slowly walked toward the ball, after a minute of this the two teams ran into my box, while my GK continued his slow duck walk, finally arriving and now he is standing on top of the ball, while all the outfield players is standing inside my pen area and the time just pass.

    Thanks Miravlix, this is a known issue and one we're working on. Thanks.

  15. Alright, so here goes:

    When any player scores there is a tiny stutter just before they score, it was like this in FM15 too, but not until after an NVidia driver update.

    Another in game issue is slight stuttering when the TV mode camera zooms out, however my FPS stays stuck at 60fps, it was not like this in FM15.


    Windows 10 64-bit

    Intel i5-4690k @ 4.2GHz (OC)

    GTX 970 @ 1.4GHz core (OC - mem also OC'd but forgot whatever +400 mem results in)

    120GB Kingston SSD (fairly recent)

    2TB HDD (7200rpm)

    16GB DDR3 ram (this **** is good ram too)

    Anyway basically... my PC is..... more than you need for FM, I presume my issues are driver related with NVidia's recent drivers being absolute bollocks?

    Can you report these issues here please Jordan: http://community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php/505-Match-Engine-Issues

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