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  1. @michaeltmurrayuk Massive thanks for this!
  2. Thanks for your help, however there's no option for uploading to public or private, I believe that I may need some kind of access/authorisation to upload as there's only limited skins. @michaeltmurrayuk any ideas?
  3. Hi guys, I've attempted to upload a skin I use for private use, however, I can't find any options for uploading skins? Any ideas? Thanks
  4. I've made some changes to the tutoring panels to allow hidden stats/PPM's. You'll need to have the editor to display the panels correctly # To get the panels working, download the panels, make sure they are named correctly (player training panel.xml, tutor information panel) and copy them into your skins panels/player folder. player training tutoring.xml tutor information panel.xml
  5. Just downloading from your site now. Thank you for this! I'll give it a go - big thanks to all the work you put into this, if I enjoy it I'll send a donation via your website!
  6. Copy these files into your panels folder: \GZskin18 1.1 dan 100\panels\player\player_overview_panel.xml \GZskin18 1.1 dan 100\panels\gunzo (all panels from this folder) That should work, but if I was you I'd make a copy of your skin (as D_LO_ mentioned above.
  7. I've modified a version of Gunzo's FM 18 skin to my liking - all credit for the original skin goes to Gunzo and this can be viewed here. It looks a lot different to the original version and I've re-designed the profile screen to how I like it. If this is similar to what you want, please feel free to use it. Please note, I use the skin on 125% zoom, so it may not be perfect for your screen if you use less. http://www.mediafire.com/file/8qpyc2jnbq2kygj/GZskin18+1.1+dan+100.rar
  8. I have a Lenova S8 which runs the game decently. I picked it up for £100 last year, May be even cheaper now!
  9. Hi, I am also experiencing similar issues with the game - black screen, cursor display, then needing to ctrl-alt-delete to start the application. I do believe this was due to a recent Windows 10 update (and Nvidia update), as it was working previously without issues. There are also further issues when applying skins to the game, the games hangs and with sometimes Windows 10 will crash with a blue screen error code. Hope some of this helps. Please find Dxdiag enclosed: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jVLXx_-wYDPHVAGsogY5zTDrUhtLlCRm0NY4Vk6OirA/edit?usp=sharing
  10. Hi, Could you share the panel which you have got working for the 1366x768 resolution if possible? I did check the link and download the correct file but when I apply the panel it breaks the overview display. Additionally, if anyone has any resized panels for a laptop resolution (for this skin) please could they share for users that use this display? Thanks for any help!
  11. I would probably suggest playing easy opposition in friendly matches to get team morale as high as possible before the season starts. Great thread, I have a few decent tactics I currently use, (plain 442 with wide AP, a bit like Athletico Madrids tactic) but will attempt to implement some of this into my own tactic to see if I can make it better! Thanks.
  12. Seasonal updates as per transfer window and continued updates after 2015.
  13. I also agree with AndyLong42. I understand classic databases aren't like the normal version and we can't simply import a user-updated database due to the structure of the database needing to be streamlined for the app but unfortunately this limits the user to relying on the developer to update. This cannot be a dead product if it is still available for purchase within the Google Apps store, although I notice the prices is now considerably reduced due to the newer versions being released soon. As we have paid £15 for the tablet version of the game and received no type of transfer update since release, is one planned for the future?
  14. compare prices - I got mine from http://www.gamekeys4all.com/ with beta access (2 days ago) for just over £20. It's around £21 now but still very cheap!
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