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  1. @michaeltmurrayuk Massive thanks for this!
  2. Thanks for your help, however there's no option for uploading to public or private, I believe that I may need some kind of access/authorisation to upload as there's only limited skins. @michaeltmurrayuk any ideas?
  3. Hi guys, I've attempted to upload a skin I use for private use, however, I can't find any options for uploading skins? Any ideas? Thanks
  4. I've made some changes to the tutoring panels to allow hidden stats/PPM's. You'll need to have the editor to display the panels correctly # To get the panels working, download the panels, make sure they are named correctly (player training panel.xml, tutor information panel) and copy them into your skins panels/player folder. player training tutoring.xml tutor information panel.xml
  5. Just downloading from your site now. Thank you for this! I'll give it a go - big thanks to all the work you put into this, if I enjoy it I'll send a donation via your website!
  6. Copy these files into your panels folder: \GZskin18 1.1 dan 100\panels\player\player_overview_panel.xml \GZskin18 1.1 dan 100\panels\gunzo (all panels from this folder) That should work, but if I was you I'd make a copy of your skin (as D_LO_ mentioned above.
  7. I've modified a version of Gunzo's FM 18 skin to my liking - all credit for the original skin goes to Gunzo and this can be viewed here. It looks a lot different to the original version and I've re-designed the profile screen to how I like it. If this is similar to what you want, please feel free to use it. Please note, I use the skin on 125% zoom, so it may not be perfect for your screen if you use less. http://www.mediafire.com/file/8qpyc2jnbq2kygj/GZskin18+1.1+dan+100.rar
  8. Seasonal updates as per transfer window and continued updates after 2015.
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