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  1. Yeah having same wage issues - the demands are too high tbh. Most of my players almost wants double or trible wage hike. Makes it quite near impossible to keep em. I had to get rid of almost an entire squad and fill it up with prospects just to get my finance running - the main problem for my team though is that my stupid board uses all my money on stupid things - making me get a crappy budget... WTB Chairman manager 2014
  2. If you players dont do what they should - take the creative freedom away from em - it helped my striker and IFs ALOT Ill give a more constructive feedback when Ive tested lower ranked clubs abit. Won everything with Chelsea and played good football doing it - but Like always I lose motivation when winning champions league What ive seen which seems kinda buggy/could be improved is: - Own goals; they happen ALOT in my games. - more variety in goals; strikers seem to shot even when not pressured, Id like to see them run closer evt try round the keeper or lob or just anything they could be caple of doing taking their attributes into consideration. - Injuries; ive have to test it more but it seems kinda high. - Sometimes players just run out the touchline for no reason at all with the ball. - Players waiting for the ball too often. - Clever(flair,decisions,creativity) players should have more options with creative freedom on; atm I have to take it off cause they do stupid stuff mostly. The list of pros would be very very long, especially taking the old Me into consideration - its simple two different worlds! Very very good job on defending and midfield work. Its a HUGE upgrade and now Ive advised my friends to buy the game
  3. Ive been busy irl and busy playing too as the update has improved the ME ALOT!! Its actually a pleasure to play it atm - I had issues with my wingers and striker not making goals and I think it could be made a little better - I would love to see them go closer to the goal or even try round the keeper - atm the goals are pretty static, but that being said the defending, the midfield play is awesome. My wingers and striker, which are world class had problems but when i reduced their creative freedom to little the started doing what I wanted them to do and banged in goals - the conclusion im smarter than them Before the ME update I won the premier league but didnt enjoy the game at all - now I just won the Fa cup, Premier league and Champions league but with a really good team and a good tactic with good ofensive football just like I want. Im gonna test the Me out with lower ranked teams soon as I lost quite of motivation by winning so easily
  4. Second season done (waiting on patch to motivate me to play again) IN: Falcao,Dede,Alaba and Yann Mvila and got like 5-7 hot prospects; 1 of em a very very promising RB/LB age:18 from Brazil Out: Torres, Essien, Mikel, McEachran, Cole, Malouda, Marin, Moses (cant let Lampard and Terry go eventhough they are very expensive wage wise) Playing my own 4-1-1-3-1 tactic with best line up: GK:Cech/Courtois; LB:Alaba; RB:Azplizueta; CDs:Luiz and Dede; Anchor:Mvila; BWM:Ramires; AMC:Mata/Oscar; LeftIF:Hazard; RightIF:Sturridge/Or 1 of the prospects I got(finding rightIF hard to find) and AF:Falcao. Also using De bryne often versus defense teams as his passing and long shots make them shiver in fear - instead of Ramires. Its a good team Chelsea need to get a striker who makes goal irl too - Torres is not that man anymore
  5. Ok... I was answering too this:"If I was SI, I'd do an update with next to nothing in it, tell everyone there's been major changes to the ME, then sit back and watch as all these same people gush about how much better it is." So we can both carry on I guess
  6. Try to look at the match analyzes - I bet you get more crosses than you think My Wbs give plenty of crosses cause they work in a good synergy with the IFs - so they get space to work it in the box. Watch some full matches if you got time and tweak em to get that space required - sometimes the players just backpass though - but often in my games ive like 7-12 crosses from both Wbs - thats alot
  7. Not really Thats why I said it was funny... Still it depends on how big the bugs where - some ppl think that this years ME is fine atm - see thats a bigger joke
  8. It depends on how big the bugs where and most ppl I know just hit play and if they win its all good... This year the bugs have been very easy to spot and get annoyed by, so cant really compare it but funny gemick for sure
  9. Im really really happy it worked out for you m8! Now you have a balanced tactic with ppl who do the job they are been told and you start winning - Nice to see ppl listening Happy Tor hunting
  10. Agree on Pros and cons - only thing is I simple cant play the game in current state - i try but log out again pretty fast - atm playing/viewing/geeking the editor and some very nice tactic-sites to get my fix Cant wait to start playing though!
  11. dosent matter if they are amazing - you are playing without a midfield atm They are almost all attacking - so the balance in the team is not good at all. The formation can work but you need better roles assigned and less static build up play. Ademilson plays like crap for you - thats because as a lone forward poachers dosent work. He is a young guy and def not main striker for a big club like Bayern... he could be in the future though
  12. 1:Untick counter - thats only good when playing defense vs better teams 2: Attacking mentality will get you hammered - start with balanced or control - attacking is mainly if you got to chase a goal - control the game is more important. 3: Ademilson is not a quality striker yet if hes your main guy, then its not good. 4: Poachers as lonely forwards dont work. They are just to static - you need that guy to move alot - DLF or something else might be better. 5: Having star quality players does not mean victory - they need to fit in your tactic with the attributes they have or the way you want to play. 6: 2 wingers is also too static unless your wbs run overlap alot - and that will make you vulnerable to counter attacks. 7: If you got the time - watch some full matches to tweak around with your tactics and watch the match analyzes closely. Thats just some of it
  13. Its just a guess, but I think if he is a RB -WB , then train him that in individual training. Thats what I do, but I could be wrong.
  14. LOL this is gold It surely got my fantasy rolling and a great deal of laughing - how many toilets for that stadium, how many hotdogs do they sell (above 10 and that guy needs to gym abit), did you sell more than 2 season tickets so who host the lottery, how many flags and scarfs can 1 guy carry, does he write his own fan songs... omg I could go on. Thx for the laugh m8
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