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  1. Dear Devs, forum moderators, as title says, I can't make substitutions, replace players or make custom tactics. Is there a way where I can make these changes without having to double press the screen? I play on a HUAWEI MediaPad M3 Lite 8 and this is the only problem I encounter. This makes my experience terrible. Can someone give me some help, please? Thank you.
  2. Would appreciate if a mod would at least try to take this to the people up there..
  3. Hi, this is something I've been struggling in the last editions I've played. When playing lower leagues there's always 1 day training lost because there are games on that day. This year's 2019 edition I just started a save with Leamington, and my schedule is always with 2 days of training instead of 3 since I'm having league games on Saturday. Could you please make something to work around this? Couldn't we simply have 3 days but not fixed by you?
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