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  1. Offside called and the player isn't even in the play. Minute 94:10 Solin - Inter Zapresic.pkm
  2. First of all, I really didn't understand where to put this thread, I'm sorry if its in the wrong place. Is my understanding XG is expected goals during match meaning what my team is doing and what I can expect from their work. Would this XG be considered normal with the end result? Vilafranquense v SL Benfica B xG.pkm
  3. Would that mean that the new modifications for that competition will appear in this FM ? Edit: Nevermind just saw posts in second page about this.
  4. Maybe you'll have to wait until that duration ends.
  5. I posted something like this in previous football manager edition. It's definitely a bug, why wouldn't a player score with open goal?
  6. Yup I have to go edit the corners tactics right before and put the gk in the front hoping it works
  7. Hey guys, Just noticed my Tottenham schedule is off, according to UEFA So could we have some fix for this? Thanks
  8. yeah, just upload all the evidence you got, please do it, we need this to be fixed
  9. So it isn't my mouse, great. Changed mouse thinking it was it, glad I don't have to buy a third one.
  10. Please guys, I know there's a lot of info these weeks, but be sure your offside rules in the code are good. Already another topic about offside, this time from a corner.
  11. I believe there might be an issue with the offside rule here, I too had a goal not validated because a player that didn't participate in the play was offside but the goalscorer wasn't. I already opened a topic with no answer so far.
  12. Came here to say this, I've been scratching my head trying to understand why I wasn't able to create my own view with those filters..
  13. I'm with a semi-professional team. 2 days training per week (should at least be 3) I'm on a Tuesday and my training is set Wednesday and Friday. trying to change any training, say distribution to possession will clean the entire week from training and "block" me from adding trainings, leaving everything unavailable to train. Tried this for the next week and the other one and it is fine.
  14. False offside in a perfect legal goal. I believe the linesman took into consideration another player that was truly offside while the ball went to another player that was in clear legal position. At minute 34' you can see the play but in the EVENTS LOGS it shows 35'. Alta - Tromsdalen Fotball OFFSIDE 35minutes.pkm
  15. anything new in training? though I read something about it but cant find
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