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  1. yes, only 2 Timo's updates are not working for me (both african), but I'm not sure which update causes it.
  2. Hi, Weiry I know that's the wrong place and not a good question, but do you plan to make Uzbekistan leagues? Because there's any normal update for FM20 for this country.
  3. not playing FM sober. but sometimes there're strange surprises, that you find in the morning
  4. Some amateur clubs are playing in more then one competitions (for example Regional league and Amateur league for whole country). Maybe there's a sence to make a possibility of this? And also a similar suggestion for players with amateur contracts: they are allowed to be contracted to more then one club in the same time.
  5. mb you understood wrong. there's, for example, Czech Lower division playable, with all non-league teams with one league.
  6. hi, @Timo61 Some of your updates have playable lower divisions (for example Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia) - what's the purpose of this?
  7. @nik33 thanks. also there're two more big ukrainian agents with big players connected to them - Vadym Shabliy and Dmytro Selyuk. You can find lists of their customers on transfermarkt.
  8. @nik33 some non-actual information in this pack: - Artem Milevskyi's agent is not Dennis Lachter any more, he's connected to Olexandr Pankov for some years. Also there're his other players: And also delete relation and connection for Anatoliy and Nadja Tymoschuk They're not family any more.
  9. it will be uploaded to all majos resources for sure, I'll inform you when it will be done, just in case.
  10. he makes ukrainian updates up to local regions leagues (D5 and deeper in some regions) for almost 10 years, since it became possible in editor also transfer update and other data fixes usually improved. so we just need to wait. as I know, structure with league extending in next and after-next season is ready now
  11. now my mate from Ukraine makes deep and accurate update of Ukraine. maybe it will be ready before Claassen's one
  12. interested for sure. I had a great career in Lane Xang in 2017, so maybe now it's time to make it one more time with some other club. also Laos research is good and almost all player faces cutouts are availible
  13. mb also a mod, which allows to copy IDs? would be very helpful
  14. 1 - colors. eyes become bleeding after 5 minutes 2. impossible to copy something in/out 3. auto-filling strings with nations, etc. sorry for off-topic
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