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  1. Dimitri Vladov (43384698) is a duplicate of Dmytro Vladov (71005533, currently NFE). pls delete first one, move second to Castel d'Ario (currently) and add Bulgaria as second nationality thanks.
  2. HR Kyrgyzstan Pavel Sidorenko (59031131) retired from professional football
  3. that's partially wrong rule in game. This is true that Chertanovo uses only their home-grown players, but they can return them from other clubs. Denis Yakuba was in Chertanovo structure in 2010-2013 years.
  4. yes, only 2 Timo's updates are not working for me (both african), but I'm not sure which update causes it.
  5. HR Uzbekistan I guess Paxtakor's finances have to be increased. Their new signing, Eren Derdiyock earns around 30k euros/week, according to Uzbek sources. It's much better then maximal possible wage in this club in game now.
  6. Hi, Weiry I know that's the wrong place and not a good question, but do you plan to make Uzbekistan leagues? Because there's any normal update for FM20 for this country.
  7. not playing FM sober. but sometimes there're strange surprises, that you find in the morning
  8. Some amateur clubs are playing in more then one competitions (for example Regional league and Amateur league for whole country). Maybe there's a sence to make a possibility of this? And also a similar suggestion for players with amateur contracts: they are allowed to be contracted to more then one club in the same time.
  9. mb you understood wrong. there's, for example, Czech Lower division playable, with all non-league teams with one league.
  10. hi, @Timo61 Some of your updates have playable lower divisions (for example Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia) - what's the purpose of this?
  11. HR Bangladesh Shahedul Alam Shahed (23193647 and 23331750) is duplicated. pls delete second one.
  12. There's a bug with "is between" filter (for example for age, CA/PA, etc). That's impossible to enter the second number, the window is inactive
  13. no, there's another topic for that types of issues
  14. @nik33 thanks. also there're two more big ukrainian agents with big players connected to them - Vadym Shabliy and Dmytro Selyuk. You can find lists of their customers on transfermarkt.
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