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  1. Now the game is working again but still there doesn't seem to be a folder Sports Interactive > games, skins, graphics etc. Anybody an idea how to get this folder again?
  2. Yesterday evening I bought FM online. Till this afternoon I could play the game but suddenly Steam was saying there was an update, the game updates and since then Im not being able to even start the game. Also I had a save game and made changes(face packs, skins) but the the last time I could start the game everything was gone. Even my old save game wasn't there anymore. It was like the whole game was deleted and installed again. Finally I deleted all the FM folders from my MAC and uninstalled the game trough Steam. But now after the game is installed again trough Steam, there are not even folders to be found on my MAC ( Sports Interactive, Football manager folder etc) nothing. Any help would be great.
  3. Yes I do realize that key highlights are goal scoring opportunities. And sometimes there are indeed only 3 or 4 such moments in a game. But the other key highlights after the first goal are not always resulting in a goal, mostly not, it depends of the game. But the first highlight( doesnt matter which match) always becoming a goal is just unrealistic and very frustrating.
  4. I havent seen so manny complaints about this, but I really feel its such a big flaw in the match engine. Every time, I mean really every time the first chance the match engine shows of the AI, becomes a goal. ( I watch the key moments ). Without exaggerating 9 out of 10 matches this happens.Most of the time AI get their first chance within the first 10 min and so im 1-0 down. But if the AI get their first chance after 25 seconds .. im down 1-0 after 25 seconds. Its so frustrating and predictable. Have other people similar experiences ?
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