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  1. Blackburn 1 - 1 Man City. Final Game of the season A win would have won me (Blackburn) the title, but i'll have to settle for 3rd place.
  2. just out of interest, do people think there hasn't been a goalkeeper sign-up (from what i've noticed) because there isn't interest in one, or do people think they would be interested in such a thing?
  3. when you confuse real life transfers with fm ones and almost have a drunken fight over it with your idiot mate
  4. Basically i have edited the reputations of the clubs in the english premiership so, as the tread tital suggests, they are in reverse. This means that derby have now got a reputation of 9250 and man utd have a rep of 5750. I am Running leagues from england, spain, germany, italy, and france This is the list of new reputations for all premiership clubs: Derby 9250 Reading 9200 Wigan 8850 Fulham 8800 Birmingham 7350 Sunderland 7150 Portsmouth 7000 Bolton 6850 Middlesbrough 6850 Blackburn 6850 West Ham 6750 Man City 6700 Aston Villa 6700 Everton 6500 Newcastle 6200 Tottenham 6150 Arsenal 6050 Liverpool 6000 Chelsea 5900 Man Utd 5750 Hope People Like My Idea and I hope This Hasnt Been Done Before. Im Just Holidaying To The End Of The Transfer Market To See The Movement Of Players Due To Such Dramitc Changes In Most Club Reputation. Well Heres The Thread. Enjoy...
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