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  1. Hi Mr U Rosler, a quick update from my icelandic game... 2nd season and I win League Cup & Premier League (predicted as 11th of 12 teams, something like 41:1 at the beginning of the season... hope someone bet on me "here" in Selfoss ). V2 is always on top for me, the couple poacher/F9 is working fine and midfielders scored a lot (and my fullbacks aren't so technically solid, I can only imagine what it could be if they learned to use their feet for decent crosses and not only to run up and down the flanks). But sure, reading your words "I am literally ripping the heart out of teams, straight through the middle of them" is music for my ears... So welcome to MiG 29
  2. Well, v2 is still working very very well with new patch : ... and here's the stats of the game I lost against Fram, I'd say we played a good match anyway....
  3. Hi Mr Rosler, according to your "golden rule about 4 attributes", what do you suggest for new DM Regista (as we see, Passing is the first) in v4 ? And same question about "new" central midfielder/attack... v2 is still working very well for me (preseason, 2nd year now), but as we know a season could be sooooo long and I'd like to have a "three tactics set" v2 + v4 + Pipoli's DEF.... Thanks in advance, mate...
  4. Hi Mr U Rosler, firstly really big big big thanks for your fantastic tactic & the support you give us about it Here's a report of my whole first season playing with v2. As you can see, I choose Iceland First Division and I really had an incredible season. Sure, squad wasn't bad at all (predicted as 4th and not so away from favourite teams), but got promoted easily and playing a fantastic football (best defence, best attack, points record...). The most important thing, I always "felt" to have games in my hands, also in League Cup final and 4th final National Cup, the only matches I lost bloodily but "fighting bravely". And, as I'm an "extended highlights" player, the thing I appreciate is that playing this tactic you can see a logical work on the field, not simply a road to success So, I have to say I didn't try v3, 'cause the couple poacher/F9 worked really well for me (their four key attributes weren't exceptional but, sure, very solid, and the poacher has an additional jumping reach 18 that solved a lot of problems in "those" games it seems you find a superkeeper in front of you). Well, Premier Division is waiting for us, but I think we can have a good season, anyway I'm ready to try Pipoli's Fulcrum DEF (thanks for your work, mate, it seems a good option against big teams, too ) if something went wrong... http://imageshack.com/a/img24/6563/wbnh.jpg
  5. .... naah, tell us the truth, you ARE Roman.... so put your hands in your pocket and send what you'll find there to a true Italian to take his pink/brown heroes to the glory..... Corinthian Casuals, of course... :D
  6. I quote you at 100% The "old school" way to show results (the "stop and go mechanism" before and after the matches...) was a good way to get involved in world football... Screen flow is a sort of permanent mistery since it comes as an option, I thought it was an option to increase the chance to choose a competition to focus on, but three years later is still a headache for me.... But I almost lost hope, give a look here : http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/236945-Screen-Flow?p=6112624#post6112624 one year ago.... and here : http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/161294-In-the-Previous-FM-I-used-to-be-able-to-watch-the-WC-on-my-main-screen?p=4148221#post4148221 two years ago..... P.S. I didn't download FM12 demo, if something changed, well.......... Welcome !
  7. ... Here I am, uncle !!!!! No need to tell you I was waiting for your superb work, FM isn't a complete game without it.... And I quote arkitekt, no need to go any further....... my Corinthian fought bravely against relegation and is still in 8th level... :lol:
  8. Well, Elhan, here is a report from "hell" (8th Div.).... Nothing to add, sure we are talking about a very solid tactic (V2 for me), the only problem was the beginning, due to poor gelling as I had to buy a lot of players, so I wasn't worried about that.... The most important thing is that I can "see" a very fluid way to play, even against stronger teams, so we can win or lose (very very seldom, as you can see.... ) but my team "plays" every match as I order to..... Thanks a lot, mate.....
  9. Well, mate, a very interesting tactic , I'm gonna test it in my game as Corinthian Casuals in 8th English division.... I know my players' very poor quality could be a problem, but maybe I could "surprise the AI" of my opposite teams.... Any suggestion for very lower leagues' teams ?
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