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  1. I didn't want a bloody password and i never set one
  2. I never set one. it's that silly sportsinteractive thing but i never set one.
  3. I don't have a little brother and no one else uses my pc. Why should i be punished?
  4. I never set one and i know the standard password but why do we have to have one? If so can we change it? I haven't found the answer anywhere and to be honest, it's damn annoying!
  5. Ok i've gone through 3/4 of my first season with villa because that's the team i wanted to play and it has been damn hard and all of a sudden after a takeover i'm sacked??? So i just spent three days for what? just so you can excercise a sily mechanism which in this case makes no bloody sense? I'm bloody furious!!
  6. Mobile. Hi eventually got rid of him to Barcelona but I had to give him away which is just daft.
  7. Update I can't give him away with two interested clubs. This game gets the lowest rating possible.
  8. Haven't played fm for a couple of years and it's stupid that the game still has the same issue. I can't sell a 30 year old Rooney for 7.5 million. It's ridiculous. In the real world he would go for 18 and I can't buy anyone because of these stupid unrealistic mechanics. Oh and before anyone says anything, yes he has two interested clubs
  9. All of a sudden i can't get report cards only match reports which is INCREDIBLY bloody annoying. I've removed all scouting targets etc and tried again and clicked report card and then i get nothing until a match and i get match reports. The game has now ruined my ability to scout as waiting for match reports takes a hundred times longer to get reports.................
  10. I must have set him to but i really don't think i did that but you are right. That's bloody wierd! sorry for wasting everyones time
  11. Not a director of football. I don't have one of those. On the staff page he's listed as a club director below the chairman ie a board member.
  12. Um a director for the club just renewed my goal keepers contract without even asking me?
  13. on my tenth season as Man utd boss after winning 9 premier league titles in a row and 12 cups with 3 champions leagues (only 200 HOF points from beating fergie) had a takeover and the new chairman had to be persuaded to keep me?? Seriously? I know it's a game but that's just stupid for that to even come up.
  14. Has anyone else noticed left backs always getting poor ratings even after the patch?
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