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  1. Thanks, however forgot to mention one crucial part, which is that I'm on Mac haha. So unfortunately will have to look for another option. Back on topic, I finished the season and have gotten to halfway point in the league (Boxing Day) in the next already. Before getting into what I'm doing in the new season (changed tactics a bit), will review some key things from last. Did manage to go all the way till the end unbeaten, which I'm super happy about, so it means we lifted all the 6 titles on offer in the season. Really only achieved this with adjusting tactics as per what I covered in first post, plus good squad management. Otherwise especially in the second half of the season I think we would have dropped more points, with AI looking to counter my tactics and playing a lot of park the bus in practically every match, including the top teams. This is the last set of fixtures we had: One of the big goals for the season was to score and assist collectively as equally as possible, i.e. have a lot of variation in our attacks to be as hard to stop as possible. The team achieved this with flying colours, I think this must be my most equal G/A distribution within a squad. Goals: Assists: Per position as below, though some of the players played in various roles in some matches, so will go by the role they played for the majority of the season. RB Bellerin 33 apps, 3 goals, 7 assists Pelissier 28(7) apps, 1 goal, 15 assists CD Upamecano 36(2) apps, 3 goals, 3 assists Saliba 34 apps, 3 goals, 3 assists Todibo 27(3) apps, 2 goals, 2 assists Alvarez 30 apps, 4 goals, 4 assists LB Tierney 33 apps, 1 goal, 3 assists Martinez 29(1) apps, 5 goals, 4 assists CDM de Jong 35(4) apps, 2 goals, 7 assists Torreira 28)(6) apps, 8 goals (7 pens), 1 assist MCR Willock 28(5) apps, 11 goals 6 assists Albarracin 28(1) apps, 12 goals 4 assists Sacavem 12(8) apps, 1 goal, 4 assists MCL Christian 34(5) apps, 8 goals, 4 assists Smith-Rowe 27(6) apps, 7 goals, 5 assists AMR Pepe 35(2) apps, 18 goals, 20 assists Nelson 28(14) apps, 20 goals, 12 assists Kellet 16(10) apps, 16 goals, 6 assists AML Havertz 30(5) apps, 14 goals, 4 assists Saka 20(1) apps, 6 goals, 9 assists ST Martinelli 31(2) apps, 17 goals, 4 assists Thompson 25(11) apps, 14 goals, 8 assists Final league table looks as follows, my base goal for every season is to score 100+ and concede less than 20, so in that respect as well the team did well. The ultimate goal is to try to beat Aston Villa's 128 goal record, this far the closest we've gotten is 117 goals in 2025/2026. We were top or near the top in every category team stats wise, which is as well what you are looking for. The only stat I'm not totally happy about is the clear cut chances one, though IMO the ME doesn't always count them totally correctly (comparing to what I'm seeing play out), however another thing that makes it more difficult for us to create tons of huge clear chances is that since we're the number 1 ranked team in the world on reputation, every team plays very defensive against us pretty much throughout the season, and often even when they go 1 or 2 goals down. Still, this is one of the aspects will again try to improve in the new season. Next up will start writing about the latest tactical variations, the main tactic in the new season I'm using is a strikerless 433 essentially, as even with all the adjustments I'm still not totally happy about the False 9 in the buildup phase, and then another one to counter a 5 backline formation, like a 532 etc, which is the hardest to crack with the other variations I have. The latter is still very much a work in progress, as I haven't faced that many teams that play a 5 backline, plus the players are not totally fluent yet either, and I'm not myself sure either on all the roles etc.
  2. Hi all, Last couple of months have been a bit hectic so haven't been on the forum nor playing, but just loaded up the save again to finish the season I've been talking about in earlier posts. Will just give a quick snapshot of where we are at the moment; we've managed to stay unbeaten in ALL competitions thus far, and if we can keep it up till the end and win all comps it would be my best ever season in any FM I think. So the stakes are high and the toughest games are still to come. It's mid-March in game, these are the latest results and the current remaining fixtures on the calendar: As promised way back when, once I finish the season will do a full review. Edit: As a side note, anyone have any recommendations for a screen video capture software? Fine if it's not free as long as it's not crazy expensive. For the season review want to also do a highlights package with better quality than the previous clips. Thanks!
  3. Hey, Apologies for the super late reply, last couple of months have been a bit hectic so haven't been on the forum nor playing. Happy to hear about your promising results, did your team keep it up throughout the season? The Complete Forward on support is very similar and can work equally good or better, I've stuck with the F9 with the PPM mods as for me personally it's the most "pure" role for the striker in a total football 433, so mainly just personal "puritanical" reasons here hehe.
  4. Welcome, and I'm happy to hear about the success! Yes, it can be that, and also even with a top team whether you get 55-60% or 70% depends basically on if they are keeping it at the back and playing out of the back a lot, or not, and how effectively can you stop it. But I wouldn't be too hung up on the exact number, as long as the play on the field you see is good and you don't see them creating anything ie you're fully in control, you should be good.
  5. Thanks, really appreciate the kind words! Sounds great about your save, tbh once I get bored at Arsenal I'm thinking of doing the same, starting lower and testing how much I can get away with with a worse team. I don't have the game on but IIRC the Inside Forward does not have i hardcoded, hence why I've put it on. But I could remember incorrect. Either way doesn't really matter tbh as long as it's on, so they only cross when it's a really good opportunity. Extreme variations, yes, I keep the PI's matching so their behaviour on the pitch is matching. Hence the vanilla AP and AM roles which you can custom to match the RPM and BBM. And same for the WB, PI's the same so he's mainly stretching the pitch With man to man, I put all my guys marking specific position. So if the ballplaying CD is DCR, then I put for my striker from his player instructions mark position DCR, and tighter marking (though I also have it on team setting but anyways), and same for the other positions. I do this, instead of choosing the mark player by name instruction in case they change their positions on the pitch. With the different tempos, yes I normally always change it to slower (to my standard), but in some matches if I'm struggling to break the opponent down I might up the tempo, hence keeping them on the tactics so my guys are training on those tempos and will be fluent on them. But tbh since I started going more man to man with the extreme formations, I don't remember the last time I had to play around with tempo. (Will cover this more once I get to writing the Jan update and the in-game mgmt stuff) If/when you do give it a go, looking forward to discussing how it's going!
  6. Thanks, really appreciate it! Yes, I’ll do an update, already have a few things on my mind: I think one of the main things I’ll focus is in-game management, which I’ve realised (and love) in FM20 to max results you need to do often even when you have a really solid tactic, the AI seems much better at starting to counter it than in previous versions. At least that’s my feeling.
  7. Lessons from hockey btw are the main reason why I really think we need a dedicated tries backheel passes often PPM! In hockey, one of the best passes to get max space are backhand passes behind. That's why also whenever someone uses them correctly in football the're so deadly (and why Özil who's one of the all time best playmakers uses them so often).
  8. From your nickname I assumed you'll know your hockey And Power play exactly. Because that's the best comparable to football and with tiki taka trying to find the opening against a set deep defense trying to cover the middle as much as possible and leave you on the outskirts. So the logic and best ways how to open it are pretty much exactly the same in hockey and football. And because in hockey it's even harder I would say, IMO, hockey also offers slightly better solutions to when it comes to this kind of detailed stuff.
  9. Oh yeah, I love playmakers more than anything, but even for me that is total overkill A lot of the setup is pretty good, but like ED said you have a lot of issues with the roles/duties. Most likely you lack penetration, and also I doubt Dembele or whoever plays as AF will get a lot of space to run into. And cause you play a tiki taka patient buildup game and only 1 ST, you basically need to have him drop deep to get on the ball, and movement to create space in the box. So DLFs or F9 basically, and you need a smart player here which Dembele really is not. Then cause you have 3 playmakers, 2 IWs and neither fullback on attack duty, you lack penetration. So one wing would be much better as IFa, Raumdeuter if you have the right player, or IWa. Keep the other IWs as is, but put get forward more often PI and gets into opposition area PPM for any guy playing the IWs duty to get them more often into the box. Then change the fullback on the side you keep the IWs into an IWB, but change the underlap into overlap. This will add variety to your attacks. And the side you'll have the more attacking guy keep the WB. But also bump both into support, you're United, not Stoke. Then to add more attacking options and a late run into the box threat, change one of the APs into a BBM, Mezzala support but get forward more often PI, or a CMs but again PIs to get into the box. The other AP keep as is, or try an RPM, with the roaming it does might suit your play better, and also helps to drag defenders away/create overloads easier than with an AP, IMO. Changes along those lines would, IMO, improve things.
  10. That last past about moving the ball quickly by having your passing/crossing/shooting lane open already without having to adjust body position is also one of the key parts, and actually if you play a possession heavy slow-build up game it can give you a crucial edge in breaking down deep defensive blocks. I cover it in detail and where my inspiration/lesson for it comes from in my thread about my tactic and how/with what logic I built it (ice hockey, where space and time is in even in a much shorter supply, so the quicker you can keep things moving the more space you'll open).
  11. Glad you're having success with it! And yep, exactly, that kind of behaviour is exactly why strong foot on the outside can be so deadly.
  12. Both can work equally fine, due to personal preference I would use Messi as the F9 and Suarez as the IFa, and Griezmann as your IWs (and then switching the fullback roles to keep the WB+IF and IWB+IW combos), but as said all combos can work, they're all 3 great, smart and technical players. So test around if you want, or keep as is, and just see what combo of which player in which position/role gives you the best results and makes you happiest, really, with their play.
  13. Gotten till early December now and the results have been great. We barely concede from open play, have controlled every single match (at least to the point where max they have is empty possession inside their box), also barely concede any shots on target, and our attacking play is great with a lot of variety. We've scored in every single match of the season, and won 24/27 matches. All 3 draws have been in the PL, but we sit comfortably at the top with an 11 point lead to 2nd placed United who have a game in hand. I was thinking once I get till January I'll do a mode detailed update, with some goals and highlights in case anyone's interested, and maybe go through a few matches in a bit more detail. For now will just post a few quick screenshots showing our fixtures, and then the player stats. What I'm most happy about is that the goals and assists are divided beautifully within the team, and that out of the 23 outfield players I've used this season only 4 are yet to score a goal. But between the 4 they have 7 assists still, so not too bad.
  14. You said you use a lot of role switching, so who do you have switching with who? And what has been the most successful?
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