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  1. I'm 66 ... I think I was 46 the first time this was asked here ... I'm going to keep playing until I either finally get good at it, or I die.
  2. Not sure where to post this question. I seem to recall that there was a place on each player's individual report where you could get his game ratings broken down by position. He might have an overall average rating of 6.90, but at left back he's 7.00 and at left midfield he is 6.80. I know I can find this information on Team Reports, but I thought it was also available for each player, somewhere on their report. Am I imagining this?
  3. I've only gotten to the end of two seasons. It happened both times. It has also corrected itself both times. Don't know why. Give me a bit to finish Season Three and I'll get back to you. :-)
  4. Cleon, as always, you are the best. I'd say having my best-ever FM season means it's working :-). But also, looking into this has given me some understanding of the role. It's nice (more than nice) that I've had success, but using the template can be satisfying without my learning anything. This process has been helpful.
  5. I just finished the best season I've ever had in any incarnation of CM/FM. Playing Liverpool, season 2 (2019-20), I won Community Shield, Premier League, and Champs League. I have benefitted from the new tactics system. I am far from expert, and in the past, have gotten lost in the minutiae of making what I want happen within the game. Now, I can use the templates and work from there. With Liverpool, I chose 4-1-4-1 DM Wide Gegenpress. Makes sense that it would be successful, since the system and roster are well-suited to each other. I rarely make any modifications to this template. The three midfielders are a D-Mid with DLP-De, and two mids, a BBM-Su and a CAR-Su. Having actually done well for a change, I thought I might try to make some adjustments, see what happened. The Carrilero role is the hardest to fill, so I did some research, and found that it really isn't meant to be used with wingers. Not sure what to do, if anything. The wingers are both Inside Forward-At, with fullbacks at CWB-Su, so I suppose in the process of cutting inside, the wingers are leaving space that the carrilero can cover. But I don't trust my tactical acumen. Any advice or tips?
  6. I've uploaded this file: Steven Rubio - Liverpool (v02).fm Not sure if it's the one, but it's my best guess. Thanks for the attention to this!
  7. Sorry, I've played on since then ... it was the best season I've had in 15 or so years of playing, so I wanted to get back to work :-). If I get through Season Three and the same thing occurs, I'll save the game, quit the game, reload the game, and see if all it took was a reboot. If I'd been thinking, I would have done that this time, but I was daydreaming and thought I should try the Dynamics trick. You know, I do have backup saves. Not sure which, if any, is the right one. I suppose I could upload all of them, although that seems like overkill. Or I could guess which one is the culprit.
  8. Problem just recurred at end of Season Two. Not sure what has changed since it worked after the update. Game now stuck at Must Respond. Edited to add: Possible workarounds: 1) I quit the game, and when I returned, 2) I had a team meeting through the Dynamics menu. Either quitting and returning is all it took, or having the meeting via Dynamics worked.
  9. Just to close this off, I can find the info on the Team Report screen under Squad Depth.
  10. I'm confused enough to think I'm going batty. I feel sure that as late as the beta, there was a link on the coach reports for a player that led to a page with different details that included ratings for the player at each position in which he had played. I don't see this any longer. Has it moved? Did it ever exist?
  11. Just to end this right here, as expected, in my next match, I eked out a 2-1 win against bottom-of-the-table West Brom. No more small-sample-size posts for me.
  12. Not sure if this is a bug ... too soon to tell ... so I'll post here. Understand that I suck at this game, and have for many, many years. For FM19, I decided to start with Liverpool. I was between seasons (summer of 2019) when the last beta update came, followed of course by the official release. I am using 4-1-4-1 DM Wide Gegenpress. I rolled through 8 friendlies prior to the 2019 season. Granted, I schedule friendlies against minnows, but some of the scores were a bit startling: 17-0, 15-0, 22-0, 14-0. OK, like I said, minnows. I don't run away with every match ... already have a loss and a draw. But my last two matches were 7-0 vs. Leicester in the league, and 6-0 vs. PSV in the Champs League. Small sample size. But these performances are so much better than I have ever achieved that it makes me wonder. Now that I've posted this, I'm sure I'll go through a five-match losing streak ...
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