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  1. It never occurred to me to ask, but has the 2D Classic view improved over the years, or is still basically "Classic"?
  2. I regularly play as Wrexham. The problems that confront you are fairly common. They have a good history and decent facilities, but it's easy to fall into money problems if you aren't careful. Also, given the accuracy of the FM database, your performance, at least early on, is affected by the quality of the actual Wrexham players. In short, playing as Wrexham is pretty much like playing any other Lower League team, although the facilities being good for that level is helpful.
  3. Interesting only to me, I realize, but after playing CM/FM since the 90s, I finally have a family member in the game. He's a scout for Toronto FC. I tried to sign him for my lower-division Danish club, but he said we weren't good enough for him.
  4. Cerritos

    How Old Are You?

    63. I believe the first time this was asked on the forum, I was 53 :-).
  5. This thread convinced me to pay closer attention to my own problem with lower cross completion %. It's a simple thing, I suspect: both of my forwards are poor in the air. Duh. Will now adjust my strategies and see what happens.
  6. Long time player, never thought of this before, which may just mean I'm dense. If I have two scouts of equal ability, will I get a more accurate read on a player if I use the same scout several times, or each scout an equal number of times? Example: I get four reports from Scout A on Player X. Or I get two reports from Scout A and two reports from Scout B. Does it matter which I choose?
  7. I'm a San Jose Earthquakes fan who attended the very first MLS game back in 1996. Been playing FM about that long. I never play MLS. It's not about the quality of the players, it's about the cockamamie rules under which the league is run. I mean, I've been a fan of MLS since it started, and I still don't understand the rules, much less the rules as FM interprets them. So I play anywhere but MLS ... Europe, Mexico, South America, even tried Australia and Singapore.
  8. Cerritos

    Age profile of FM players

    I'm 61, which makes me the oldest so far in this thread. But similar threads pop up every few months, and there are always a handful of players older than I am.
  9. I can't find anything that addresses this. I'm currently in a save where we are in October of 2015. I thought I'd check out details about the 2014 World Cup, but all I can find is information about the 2018 tournament. Is that history lost?
  10. If you can, go out and see the Revs play in person. You learn a lot about the game and its tactics when you can see the whole field in front of you. Don't worry too much about success/failure in FM at first. Nice thing is, you can always start fresh, and with each start, you'll have learned a little more. FM now includes some useful information about positions and tactics, if you just hover your mouse pointer over various places on the screen. But don't listen to me ... I've been playing since the late-90s, and I still stink :-).
  11. That's good, I'll keep that in mind. The last few games, I've tried to identify the opposition playmaker (usually by just seeing who has the most assists) and using the Closing Down Always OI. Their match ratings have been under 7, although I've gotten 1-1 draws rather than victories.
  12. Thanks for the reply. I often end up switching to a DM system, usually 4-1-2-2-1, after a few months in charge. When I take over a team, I try to adapt to the skills of the players that are in place. In this case, I had multiple good forwards and WM/W, so I chose 4-4-2 to make room for both forwards and the wide players. And it works, in that I have no trouble scoring. But the defense leaks. I usually have one CM in a defensive role. This would all work better if I had more quality in the center of defense, but it's just not there, so I will probably end up switching to one forward or going to a narrow diamond 4-4-2 w/DM (I don't like the space that results from a wide diamond). Perhaps my initial mistake was gearing the tactics to the better players before I took care of the lesser players in the back. I set up basic tactics using the Tactics Creator. I don't change anything except switching to Zonal Marking, and adding Very Fluid. I use shouts sparingly. I figure a poorly-used shout can cause real damage, so I rely mainly on shouts that I know are appropriate for the moment ... Retain Possession if I'm struggling in that area, Work Ball into Box if I'm wasting chances on long shots, Look for Overlap if I have attacking FB and not-attacking WM. Thanks again!
  13. Following up my own question: I've looked over the goals I've allowed, and it appears I am susceptible to through balls. My solution may lie there.
  14. Playing IFK Mariehamn in the Finnish Premier League. Early in season and doing OK, so expectations (mid-table) not a problem. Due to the structure of Finnish football, I've had lots of chances to see my team play (they have a "pre-season" League Cup). I'm using a fairly standard 4-4-2, as I have two strong forwards. Changes from standard: global zonal marking, very fluid. I tend to change individual roles to suit the player (WM or W, depending, for instance). If a wide midfielder is in anything but attacking mode, I make the FB behind him FB-Attack. I try to play one CB-cover and one CB-stopper (or LimDef if that's the suggested role for the player). During matches, I pay attention to my AssMan ... I assume, perhaps wrongly, that he usually knows more than I do, and at least I check out areas he spots. I'm scoring plenty of goals (2-forward combo has proven solid so far), but the defense isn't as good. Coming off a 4-1 victory at home, I went on the road and lost 5-4 on a goal in extra time. I went to the analysis page and saw that four of the five opposition goals were scored from within or extremely close to the six-yard box. One of the goals was scored by a forward who dominated in the air, although my CB were only slightly worse/shorter in Heading/Height. (I played mostly Counter, went to Standard late in match, combined with shorter passing, because my long passes weren't working.) Are there specific strategies to combat opponents scoring so frequently, so near to the six-yard box?