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  1. Very little, rules didn't change, though have the same that anyone that isn't North Irish I have to wait til they turn 18 to sign. Tough =/, hopefully able to figure it out. Feel you on the young players, seems soon as any of them start going on a run of great form it's time to look for the next lad because the other guy will be gone by the next window.
  2. I think a lot of the success of high pressing tactics is due to long shots being a bit overpowered and (possibly more importantly) one-on-one finishing being pretty poor. I agree it's not that realistic which is a shame as this ME seems pretty decent when it comes to creating more defensive styles of play. I can relate to both sides, I enjoy making a tactic and seeing it really click or trying a new idea and trying to get it to work. At the same time it can be very frustrating, especially trying to take an idea and then figure out how to translate that into FM. I also really enjoy developing players, it's why in the past I've had super fun saves with Porto and Real Madrid despite winning everything haha. I'd say the satisfaction comes from watching the players you brought in or developed (etc) playing and coming good. Hell in my Porto game in FM17 (which wasn't using a PnP but still) I loved watching the kids play and even started creating chants for them and all sort of silly stuff.
  3. @Geordieboy52 How much do you want for those newgens? =P, Would love either of those strikers, are they wrecking the league yet? Shame Bruce is backing out a bit, especially with some (money wise) competition in the league. @The Art of Drowning Damn! That'd like double the amount of cash my team had haha. Looks like doing pretty well in Europe too. Reached the 20/21 transfer deadline after taking a bit of a break from the save, went out and made our biggest offer to date at $1m: Won't do pictures of everyone since a lot are just guys brought in to stick in the U20s and hope they develop but some of the guys more around the first team, starting with record transfer Jhon Arteaga:
  4. 2020/2021 Pre-season Being a bit lazy on recapping the old seasons, nothing really that exciting happened anyways =p. This season was our first in the Champions League and it went so well (/s), First Prelim round we faced off with Georgian team Saburtalo. Went up 2-0 with goals from Hamilton and Zelalem, gave one back in the 46th minute, then one of my loanees from last season gets himself sent off in the 60th, but we hang on...til 90+2 when we give up an equalizer and goes to extra time. No-one scores and we go to penalties, with a squad that apparently is horrendous at pens (my best taker on the field had like a 7), as mentioned we lost in pens (not surprising) with us keeping the tradition of our keeper not saving a single one, though at least Mitchell didn't let 12 in AND miss one so...progress? Anyways with that over we could go back to focusing on friendlies and building the real team for this year. Still a WIP but we are mostly set lining up like this: Ignore the subs, those will change I just didn't have enough homegrowns for the Europa League, boo. Only other for sure change is McEleney will probably move to the Anchorman position but still working on who will partner with Dixon-Bonner, trying to get a newgen North Irish kid that looks pretty decent on loan til he stops pouting that we walked away from talks (I only did because I could buy him outright for like 35k or pay 200k in compensation, tough decision that). Jumping reach and tackling are a bit iffy but those mentals at 17 are too much to pass up imo. Transfers so far, looking to add Arijanety Muric on loan from City in goal, as he's done well enough on trial. Also got loan offers out for Leonardo Da Silva Lopes (possible starting RB), Ante Coric (couldn't pass it up), and Marius Mouandilmadji (looks like a great IF/ST). Though it's a toss-up if Mouandilmadji will get a WP. Fraser Sharpe and Stephen Douglas are both newgens, Sharpe was brought in when I still used an AF up top so he's a bit of an odd fit now but man do I want to try to figure it out at some point. 16 Finishing, 16 First Touch, 15 Heading, 14 Jumping, and 15 Strength with decent mentals (10 Ant, 12 Movement, 16 Bravery) at 17. Douglas is a year old at 18 and pretty meh (at best) technically but has great mentals (including 14 movement, and 19 teamwork!) and pretty decent physicals. Someday I'll stop trying to replace everyone at least once a week haha. But no the problem is like Trent71 said, standards change so much, and for me I get too caught up in the hunt for the next best thing! EDIT: Wow, such BS, we crash out of the Europa league to ****ing TNS now because of a BS goal in the first leg, then a 120+1 goal in the 2nd.
  5. He's doing alright, forget where he started but had a couple attributes bump up. For his long shooting ability I'm usually shocked how few he'll bang in. Ignore the Motherwell thing, they made an offer but he didn't like the contract they offered lol. At least he isn't mad at me, like Mitchell got because telling the lads I think we can win the league isn't ambitious enough (it was the only option Mitchell, also maybe don't blow a 2-0 lead in the CL AND not save a single penalty next time, ******)
  6. Just finished my 2nd season with Larne, walking the league (shocker) though towards the end it got a bit frustrating as we really struggled to break teams down, relying mostly on set pieces. Still on a 40+ something game unbeaten run, so I can't complain too much! First season we cake walked the league, going undefeated and winning the Irish Cup, getting us Europa League football the next season. Our big, spending size anyways, transfer that year was bringing in Callum Hulme from Bury for 240k USD, kid was an amazing IF for me, ending up with 14 goals, 10 assists, and a 7.67 rating. Added Veira who did well, Grace NDomba (a DC) ended up being a good find, playing well both that year and this last year. Bought Duarte though, being young and more fitting the style I wanted to play, which he did but wanted to leave to join Peterborough towards the end of the season =(. 2nd season my best signings were Adam Chicksen, who was brought in to be a back-up to Tilney but ended up becoming our first choice after Tilney got hurt for a bit. Abobaker Eisa was another free I picked up after he was released by Dover and he ended up being our top goalscorer this year. Great dribbling and long shots, great flair, would kill the league if he wasn't so inconsistent. Bought Ridge Duah-Adusei, who was supposed to be the starter in Eisa's spot but he went down after 3 games and still hasn't really recovered from it. Looked like he'd be amazing in the league before the injury too. Also added Ethan Hamilton who did alright but always does well in training and Keyendrah Simmonds who worked his way into the rotation with some great cup performances and likewise is a training beast. Hulme left in January though for a record 775k from Norwich, secretly hoping they'll end up upsetting him at some point so we can get him back.
  7. I'm late to the party (by like a month) but at least figured can use this as a bit of a springboard =p. Looking at the tactic, and I'm ignoring who is playing where for this (I know it does matter, as even in mentioned in this thread, but I'm lazy), it's a bit toothless. Yes there are attacking players, but just looking at the opposition backline, are they going to really struggle? No, one FB stays with the winger, the other tucks in to cut off your IF, while the two CDs can focus on dealing with the CM(a) and the DLF. Saying that, this isn't far off and my suggestions to try (hell, if I get bored sometime I might screw around with it in one of my saves) would be to: 1) Switch the two CMs 2) Change the FB(s) to either FB(a) or WB(a) (I like WB(a) a bit better but haven't messed around with it too much outside of sides much stronger than the league) 3) Change the IWB(d) to IWB (a) Now the defense is forced into making decisions, the left side FB has to choose between the winger or IWB. Likely the Winger, passing the IWB off to the CD. on the right it's a bit murkier but likely he'd tuck in to take the IF over the WB. But we're at least forcing decisions and being human mistakes can (and likely will) happen. Anyways, to the springboard, I've been trying to do this when I have time myself and have found it to work in generally thinking "how would I defend this?" Of course there is 11 players and not 4 (or sometimes 5) on the team but, at least for me, it's easier to focus on the backline and adjust later than try to think in terms of all 11 opposing players and end up with this random mess that ends up not being effective anyways.
  8. Finances in Turkey are a mess in general (at least in real life) supposedly. Think there was a Tifo Football video all about the staggering amounts of debt in the league, seemed it'd be a fun challenge if I wasn't usually the one driving teams into debt lol.
  9. Haven't tried it but one suggestion I'd add is to load up MLS and either load players from the US or find a mod that activates the lower leagues in the US. In my current save quite a few of the national team guys are in either MLS or USL (called American Second Division in the game). If you go back to it, a couple names I'd suggest to look at (with full homer glasses on, so be wary lol) is Kevon Lambert and Jason Johnson, possibly Kevaughn Frater as well. Lambert is your traditional Midfield destroyer type, JJ is a pacy winger/forward type, struggled a bit for goals last year but the year before was a decent scorer. Frater didn't amount to much at Phoenix last year but I think part of that was not really fitting in the system, as he looked a good poacher and came in thought to be a good poacher but just never seemed to fit. He can play on the wings and at AMC in the game it looks like, still scouting though now that I actually can.
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