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  1. Sure! From reading through other peoples experiences, I think I got very lucky with shifting players early on. I've noticed a lot of players from League 1 in general seem to go to MLS, which as you can see really benefitted me in the first season: This is pretty typical of my first choice line up during the League One season: I brought in Wing and Simpson on loan initially then signed permanently asap. Bradshaw was a good signing too, but I wasn't sure he could hack the Championship so replaced him. I also had Cummings, but he was more of the 12th man rather than
  2. Having an absolutely tremendous save with Sunderland so far this season. After decades of playing the game, I'd say this is one of my favourite saves ever. Stormed through League One and The Championship, getting to a League Cup final in the second season (lost to Man Utd). Worked through probably three teams in the four seasons - one for each league, then refining at the beginning of this season. With Brexit, I've mostly focused on British recruitment - I think there's only been a couple of signings from outside the UK. Aaron Connolly is counter-attacking machine. Finish
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