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  1. just curious the tablet I have was only 4.2.2 but with updates it is now 4.4.2 yet it still says i cant have the game ? I dont know much about tablets so any help would be appreciated. its a lenovo a5500-h
  2. well all has gone wrong for me, lost a few key players in the summer, brought in a few good young defenders and a new winger then all of a sudden my team just seemed to be dead after pre season really dont know why and it has led to a very slow season, currently sitting in 17th after finishing 3rd last season. im going to assume its the young defenders letting me down so hope they improve fast because the board give me nothing to spend
  3. well nemesis has took me from a mid table joke of a team to the play offs but 3 games off my team got destroyed by injuries and my defense contains 2 right backs and two defensive mids, but even with my patched up back line this tactic still does well
  4. just gave this a go and its allowing my team to score more, i feel like i am not domination as much but who cares when your scoring and getting the win
  5. so went back to this tatic with my hartlepool team after trying it out in the prem with man u and walked the league with it. i got rid of half my team and brought in lots of young players to train for the positions this tatic so going to try and scrape through this season and hope everyone settles well. i think i could have been promoted two seasons ago but i got big offers for my center backs sold them and the board took 75% of the money and i couldnt replace them and still havnt to be honest. also I use nemesis for underdog or away games but it seems to fail against the smaller teams but the original beats them with ease. has anyone else done well with a team thats just not good enough my squad is really under par so just wondering what my chances of making the play offs are
  6. oh right i just changed the V2 to counter, thanks for the help and sorry for not been to lazy to read
  7. i seem to get dominated away by big teams, im man u and so far chelsea, man city, arsenal and liverpool twice have destroyed me away. i tried to put it on counter but that just seemed to make me soak up the pressure until they score
  8. seems to be working well for me, as for away games it can be hit or miss but im hartlepool and the lack of money and players wanting to leave into the prem all the time is the biggest issue, thanks to one guy turning down his contract at arsenal then blaming me for not letting him go my full team seem to hate me which has lead to a couple of big losses and 10 games without a win, but before that i was in the play offs with a average hartlepool team
  9. thanks will have a look, its away games that let me down i draw or loose way to many and it costs me every season
  10. anyone still using this tatic ? i feel like its one of the better ones out there and no one really seems to comment in here compared to the tatics with big daft names, i can sometimes struggle away but i think thats due to players been tired as i always seem to get a big away game two days after a home match which is a pain.
  11. played some more game and i dont seem to be able to stop leaking stupid goals. i dominate all game on every single stat but can still loose 5-1 like my last game
  12. using it with hartlepool in the championship at the moment, finished 14th first season half using this tatic which saved me from relegation, brought in some better defenders so hoping i dont leak as many goals, but its early days so waiting for them to settle in before i expect good things to starthappening
  13. yea i thought i was doing something wrong with the center mids, i have really good players just get horrid ratings
  14. does anyone know how to tighten the defense when playing away, i have to play the team in structured i think its called(used to be rigid) but i either scrape a draw or get destroyed by 3-5 goals not won away in 15 games even with a fully fit first time out. my keeper and defenders are young and i signed 4 new center backs so but they seem to perform well at home or in a draw just i get destroyed in some games
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