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  1. FM 2009 : Official FC Barcelona Thread

    thanks. someway, somehow the game or the board changed a contact offer for milito because the last contract i offered him 24K euros ( which was the board's maximum on appearance) but he signed the contract and now he has what he wanted 39.5K/appearance. surprisingly, he took a pay cut from 96K to 87K on weekly wages. i'll just sell him though as i have already signed Sakho. Henrique has also returned, i rejected an 11m offer from milan. I'll stick with marquez until end of season and offer him a lower deal as Cas46 did. Valdes signed without any ridiculous demands and on same wage.
  2. FM 2009 : Official FC Barcelona Thread

    Has anyone offered a new contract to Milito and Marquez at end of season 1? I have just finished the season and marquez, milito and valdes contracts expire in 2010. when i offered contracts to milito and marquez they want crazy appearance bonuses - Milito wants 39.5K euros/appearance and marquez wants 43.5K euros. has anyone else encountered this?
  3. Box-to-Box engines

    Toulalan has great stats. His description has become a world class midfielder in first six months of game time in all saves I have played. In 9.3.0 Madrid bought him for €12.75m in first transfer window.
  4. FM 2009 : Official FC Barcelona Thread

    Thanks. Those are almost the instructions I have for him too except CF=16 and Passing= (same as team) 6. Position is AMR. Messi missed 1 penalty for me when he returned from a 2months injury. Hasnt taken any since. He scored two goals when we beat madrid 3-0. When he was injured Hleb (with same instructions) was doing wonders... dribbling past defenders down the right and cutting inside from the byline on a regular basis. Scoring some fantastic goals too.
  5. Daniel Parejo

    I bought him for 5000 euros and I am Barcelona. Looks good stats-wise and I have loaned him to Segunda B club Murcia.
  6. FM 2009 : Official FC Barcelona Thread

    What individual instructions do you use for messi?
  7. FM 2009 : Official FC Barcelona Thread

    I am playing as Barca on WSM 9.3.0. I have lost only 1 game out of 27. The loss was the first game of the season (0-1) against Bilbao. I was using 4-2-2-2 which I was successful with in patch 9.2.0 as madrid. But now have switched to 4-3-3 attacking. I lead the league 48 points after 17 games. Madrid is killing other teams in the league and has 46 points (1 draw and 1 loss - i beat them 3-0 at camp nou) and they have conceded 6 goals. Transfers out: Gudjohnsen (a villa), Yaya (man city) Transfers in: Asenjo (9.5mil), guardado (18.75mil), Daniel Parejo (5000) all in euros. and just signed in January window - veloso (12mil) and saivet (3.6mil). Pique is the star of the show, 12 goals so far from CB! Etoo is not doing well, Henry has found form now - 6 goals in last 5 games. Hleb was doing very well in AMR when Messi was injured at the start of season. Xavi (12 assists) and Keita have been very solid and Busquets is very promising. Team: Valdes/Asenjo Alves/Puyol Puyol/Marquez Pique/Milito Abidal/Caceres/Sylvinho Keita/Marquez Iniesta/Busquets Xavi/Keita Messi/Hleb/Bojan Guardado/Hleb Henry/Etoo/Bojan Hot prospects: Rochina, Alcantara, Asulin, Henrique (on loan at Leverkursen), Parejo (on loan at Murcia)
  8. Real Madrid 2 Inter 0. UCL final 2008/09. I am Madrid, Inter were missing their top top striker who got injured in their previous league game.
  9. Sunderland are cheating

    i managed to beat them 2-0 at the SOL. i'm man utd i use a default 4-4-2, very short passing, wide, close down whole pitch, creative freedom is 75% to the right and attacking- no individual instructions. everton beat me 1-0 away using same tactic. the strange thing, stat screen shows i had 4shots, 0 on target but howard ends up MOM.
  10. Call a Pure Virtual Function

    Please try the demo of FM2008 and see what's the behaviour.
  11. Call a Pure Virtual Function

    i never had fm07 but fm06 worked. im waiting for my friend to let me borrow his fm07 because im not expecting fm08 to start working any time soon. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Did the demo of FM2007/ FM2008 work?
  12. Call a Pure Virtual Function

    What is the graphics card name of your computer?
  13. Call a Pure Virtual Function

    Do this only if you are not using these versions of directx and java runtime: 1. download and install directx 9.0c November 2007 update - http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyi...D17B8&displaylang=en 2. uninstall your current java runtime and install the latest java runtime Java6 update 3 - http://www.filehippo.com/download_java_runtime/
  14. Call a Pure Virtual Function

    It is difficult to say for sure because the error description is not very informative. Thats expected from windows - very technical error codes. 1. run a memory test using memtest86 found at http://www.memtest86.com/ 2. Enable/ disable hardware acceleration settings. control panel-> display properties-> settings->advanced->troubleshoot. change the hardware acceleration settings. Also change the screen resolution to 1024*768 px 3. Are you using norton/ symantec antivirus?