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  1. I like the new scouting.. I only sign players my scouts have come up with, instead of filtering them from the packages. I think the packages offer way too many players still. When you buy the top package it feels like you get every single player in game?
  2. Considering this forum tends to be an echo chamber for apologists ("don't speak out against SI, or otherwise the devs might not want to post here anymore", and "there can nothing be wrong with the game because Cleon and Rashidi understand how it works"), it is no surprise FM still leaves much to be desired (from a gamer's point of view at least).
  3. I have been looking in preferences, but can't seem to find where?
  4. Having bought the game this sunday I have one major complaint: the horribly intrusive music. I'm all for the use of music in-game, but PLEASE pick something ambient or at least less in-your-face next time.
  5. Windows Defender doesn't let me download the file because it contains a virus? Tried all 3 mirros Is the workshop item 'Project Netherlands' uploaded by haasje33 the same file? The description seems very similar at least.
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