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  1. I see nobody is really giving you opionions. So i'll give you one. Don't buy it. Don't buy it until they fix it. FM is the best management sim ever, but i was extremely disappointed by this version's match engine. Yes, it has game breakers. -Throw-ins will go to the other team quite often. -Fullbacks never block cross attempts. -Wingers like to turn and pass back instead of running into open space. -Keepers look and play a very awkward style. -Defensive positioning in general is very clumsy. All these things will cost you an important goal at some point. They are game breakers. --- I love the look of the new match engine, they just need some people that know how to fix it. If you can shut out all of this game's faults, including the ball physics, moon-walking players, and everything i mentioned above. And anything i didn't mention. Then yes, it's playable. But you have to be very forgiving. Very lenient. What bugs me the most, no pun intended, is that more and more developers these days are releasing unfinished games, and expecting the community to fix it for them. Some are pressured by deadlines, other companies just flat out don't know how to make a good game. Whatever the case, it needs to stop. Because kids and their parents are getting slammed at the till. Some of these games are just a flat-out waste of money. Not every movie that comes out is good. In fact, most of them bomb. Same goes for the gaming industry. That's why I like Relic, and some other companies. They release finished, polished games. But hey, don't complain. It's put up or shut up, right? Don't buy it until it's fixed.
  2. I recently logged on to start playing, with the full intention of accepting everything that's wrong with the game, and to just play it. Throw everything out the window and just try and enjoy whatever it is this game has evolved to be. Even so, there is still one thing i can't shake, as far as realism goes. The fact that nearly half the throw-ins are botched. What team on this planet throws the ball to the opponent this many times... Other than that, I can flick the 'i don't care anymore' switch. And just let it play out the way SI built it to play out.
  3. I watched five full games. That was enough for me. Nothing worth mentioning. Fullbacks are still useless. Wingers still look lost. Goalies are still dumb as hell. It's like watching a bunch of handicaps play football. It's just as bad as it was on release. SI, you need to hire some talent. This was my worst purchase of 2012. Biggest let-down of the year. I never expected it to be this bad. Considering how much i enjoyed last year's model. The production value has gone down significantly. Hard to believe. Over, and out.
  4. This thread is for people like you. Who post five time per page. In defense of the game. This thread is for the mods. Who dominate the post count. A feedback thread, it is no longer. It lost it's way, long ago. It takes one post to say the game is damaged beyond repair. One post to defend it beyond belief. People stop caring after that.
  5. Last time i played this game one of my players pulled a hamstring, the same day i did while doing sprints in real life. i kept training and recovered, running a very fast marathon 3 weeks later. meanwhile my player in this game is still sitting on his a--, 6 weeks later. useless. the whole works of them.
  6. Massive amount of injuries. I know the game has other issues, but this was the last straw for me. I completely stopped playing a few weeks ago. As soon as that last patch came out, i had seven or eight injuries in a very short span. And immediately knew there was a problem. Before all of those guys healed up, i had about five more. Then i stopped playing. It's not normal. It only happened after the latest patch. Nowhere in the latest patch, or any patch for that matter, does it say: we have greatly increased injury susceptibility. I talked to my pops a couple days ago. A pile of his players are injured, too. Not fun. Not realistic. And totally bugged.
  7. Worst match engine of the year award. Not enjoying it at all. You guys should be embarrassed for releasing this. It almost looks as if the people who made it had never watched a football match in their lives. And used children to code it. It's that sloppy.
  8. They couldn't have prevented it. Don't listen to all these people telling you it's your tactics. Even some of the mods here are defending the game, telling people their tactics are surely to blame. What a load of b.s. I played the game for a decade, my father is a licensed coach. We understand football. We also understand that this game has faults and is hardly an example of a realistic management simulation when we can't get the players to do what we tell them to do. I loved blaming myself for a loss in FM 2012. It was easy to take full responsibility for it because the game was pretty tight. It responded to our directions. But this game needs a lot of work. I can honestly sit here and blame the engine for a loss, more often than not. And it's frustrating. That's why i've only been able to sit through about three games the past two weeks. I was just thinking today, wondering who the dumbest players on the pitch are. I think it's a toss-up between keepers and fullbacks. Complete handicaps. I really like the look of this engine, but it plays like sh---. It'll take months to straighten this garbage out. But in the end, it will, once again, be a great game. All you can do is think of yourself as a guinea pig for now. Beta test IV.
  9. Players are actually slide tackling now. It's about time. FM 2013 is starting to resemble the game of football. And did i see a collision as a fullback and winger chased after a loose ball? Could be. It looked good whatever the hell it was. Through balls look good. I saw a few smart plays. --- But you've got to tone down the one-touch passing. There is still too much of it. Tic-tac-toe, but the team is supposed to blow. And goalie distribution is ********. But you already know that. I still don't see wingers making snap decisions on their own to try and beat their man and make a break down the wing, into that WIDE OPEN SPACE. And fullbacks, though more aggressive and trying to position themselves better, still don't like to jump in front of cross attempts. I miss FM 2012 fullbacks. They had balls of steel. I don't need to mention the terribly unrealistic ball physics again do I? Since you mentioned you are looking into it, I won't bring it up. Ramp up the collisions, have fullbacks and wingers literally go to war with each other, fix the terrible ball physics and teensie ball size, and the stupid goalies, and you've got yourselves a game.
  10. Oh, come on. Don't be swayed by that guy. Just because he's a tinker. Anybody who knows anything about football can watch this engine in action and know it has faults far beyond our means to fix, by simply 'tinkering' with a few tactics here and there. His wingers are turning around and passing back just like the rest of ours. And there's nothing he can do about it. His fullbacks haven't blocked a cross in ages. And there's nothing he can do about it. The ball in his game bounces off pavement and glides on ice just like it does in everyone elses game. And his fallen players are glitching just like mine. If you stick a sloppy product in front of someone for long enough, eventually they just accept it. In fact, if they peer into their computer monitors long enough, instead of going outside for some fresh air, you can pretty much brainwash the whole lot of them into believing that FM 2013 is a masterpiece. But I won't play this. Not until it's ready. Take as long as needed, until the game resembles a football match. And no, you don't need to listen to me. Enough people have spoken. We've read enough posts. The game clearly has issues that need addressing. It's good to hear that you're working hard to fix them, as most developers these days would skip town right about now. Cut and run. Hide in a cave. Leave the village idiot in charge. But not you guys. Give you credit for that.
  11. Good to see you acknowledge this, Neil. So you guys at SI aren't complete morons? lol...kidding. That is one of my main gripes. Wingers jogging down the sideline, then passing back. It happens 90% of the time. As if it were a set play. I also assume this new 'force field' players have surrounding them is the reason fullbacks are no longer able to block crosses in Football Manager. As they struggle to position themselves now. Much more than last year's game, anyway. Watched a pile of matches. You can probably still cut down on the one-touch passing. This game is playable for me now, after your last patch. Though i still wish the match engine was more polished. In gameplay, detail and design. Tackling animations are bad. Players stand next to each other, they bump, apparently that's considered a fight for the ball. Whistle blows. Foul. Lame. Ball size, physics, and animations could use some love. I trust everyone else has given you enough advice for general gameplay issues. Enough to fill a large truck. The intelligence on the field has definitely improved, but could still use a few minor tweaks. (passing, positioning, wingers, fullbacks...) Just my opinion. Which probably counts for nothing. xD Have a great day, Neil. Empty that truck. You're almost there! [video=youtube;_rAHnwWfsaY]
  12. Not bad, guys. It's an okay start. Watched two full matches, default settings with a couple of basic teams. The Good: Things are a little more intelligent on the field now. Goalkeepers don't look as shakey. They are solid and are making better decisions. There are more through balls, and 'thoughtful' plays happening. Players are actually being sent. Monotonous passing has gone down. What used to be me watching a one-touch passing clinic, appears more reasonable now. I saw wingers break down the wing a little more, for cross attempts. Just a little. The Bad: Still only saw 1 fullback block a cross attempt. They still look awkward for positioning. Don't know why you refuse to get fullbacks to block shots. Makes no sense. Especially since that was their trademark in FM2012. I'm watching the MLS playoffs right now, and a Whitecap fullback just jumped in front of a Galaxy cross attempt. Took it right in the groin and went down. In other words, the fullbacks in FM 2013 are WIMPS. They play like pussies. Sure, they'll pinch high, close down, and occasionally do close-up tackles with bad animations, but they won't block crosses. Ball is still too small and moves across the lawn too fast. Players-laying-down-and-sliding-all-over glitch still exists. Players still go through each other.
  13. 1. I hate this. Drives me crazy. That force field crap, with the one tackle animation, and players 'clipping' and literally going through each other...bloody hell. 2. They had it right the first time. They just needed to get the fullbacks to block crosses more often. Since that what fullbacks do in real life, block wingers and block crosses. You need crosses, because crosses happen often in real games. All they had to do is adjust the defense and goalies to combat it better. Now, wingers won't attack open space. They peel off and pass back. And fullbacks still don't block anything. It's totally screwed. 3. I just can't agree with this. I think they look incredibly awkward out there. Animations and all. They look, and perform, horribly. But i agree the game has nothing to do with stats and tactics anymore. You may as well play with default settings because they don't do anything you tell them to. Great players do stupid things because the game is screwed. Nobody on the field is playing football the way footballers play football. It's unrealistic. 4. Not me. I'll never play this game. If i come back in a month and wingers aren't attacking, fullbacks aren't blocking, keepers still suck, and one touch passing is as monotonous as it is now, i'll never recommend this crap to anybody. This is nothing like FM 2012. It looks like a completely different team of developers made this game. A team that knows nothing about how the game is played on the field. Don't know how they could have screwed this up. They must have fired that one key guy that knew what the hell he was doing. Or he up and quit.
  14. Alien, you are one funny dude. I enjoy reading your posts. Because you are so...out there. You don't need to be paranoid about people stealing your stuff. Nobody is taking anything from you. Just focus on your own projects. Forget everyone else. You are unique. Nobody can duplicate a creation of yours, nor would they want to. If you make a skin, and it looks good, and you've tested it, and it works, without any bugs, then release it. If you think someone elses looks like yours, then make one better. People will use it. Quit taking everyone elses inventory. Just focus on yourself and you'll be fine.
  15. Not so fast. I can't insert columns properly anymore. For example, if i want to insert a column on my squad page called 'assistant coaches opinion of this player's current ability', the column comes in, but only two stars are viewable. So it's clipped. All columns come in like that. They show up, clipped into 1/3 and not readable. Narrow columns are fine, because they are only a number or two in width. Such as a column showing their strength attributes.
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