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  1. The top scorer isn't a huge issue but average goals per game is definitely rough. 1 goal in 2 games for a player is a solid return but yes you would expect the top players to be popping a few more than that, more between the 0.5 to 0.75 per game ratio.
  2. First of all kudos to the changes, the fix for over the top balls is great and the football does feel more entertaining to watch now. However, I have attached 4 versions of the same match I played to see how things played out and some things that did irk me. CCC, Half Chance, shots in general are still horrendous. There were a good few chances for both teams in these games and a fair amount of 1v1s on top, only one goal with feet that I found acceptable was in game 3, West Hams first goal which was a decent pass across the box for a shot, it seems way too many shots just go straight
  3. This is a bit misrepresentative. Although it seems Salah missed a lot of opportunities that season he actually scored 6/7 more goals that season than his expected total of around 25 from the quality of chances he was given. ThomasJefferson is bang on with the 1v1 side of the match engine. Although I am very glad that keepers make more of an impact now some of the saves they make are insane for how often they pull them off. They need to fix the percentage of wonder saves from 1v1 opportunities for sure. Kills me when my Striker goes 7 matches without scoring yet has had around 2/3 1v1s or
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