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  1. I think corner ability is unnecesarry, it's very relative to crossing...
  2. Yes it should be fixed, i have 16.4 inch, 64bit laptop(running with 1920-1080 res). I can barely read texts and after a while my eyes start to hurt...
  3. In former games transfer fees were too high. They look more "normal" now.
  4. Why November 5th?

    Because it's friday. Near all games gets released on friday . Anybody know why?
  5. He is right(I am Turkish, living in Turkey)...
  6. Is cheating a good tactic?
  7. Gonna buy that laptop in a few days. How many leagues can i run? Ideas? http://www.sony.co.uk/product/vn-f-series/vpcf12z1e-bi
  8. I think there should be MORE injuries, especially more knocks...
  9. transfer system sucks, it MUST be revised...
  10. Start at May 2010

    All the contracts which expire on june 2010, expires on june 2011 :S
  11. FM can learn Potential-Talent System from FIFAM too...
  12. 6 + 5 Player Rule

    Anybody have 6+5 db for all leagues? Is there any easy way to put this rule to db?
  13. If the game doesn't want you to win a match, you can't win it. Save the game before match, and try playing it again...
  14. The Official FMRTE 2010 Thread

    Still can't edit coach roles... Is there any way to convince a coach to be youth coach?
  15. What about pa-ca and rep system, will we see late bloomers?