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  1. I was pleased my booty offer was accepted. Even more pleased when I sealed the booty deal.
  2. In FM13 you had to sub in players before the 75th minute mark because 90+ minutes didn't count and the player didn't get a rating in less than 15 minutes. In FM14 I've noticed that when I sub a player in at 73/74 the player already gets a rating as early as 83rd minute. Have you noticed something similar or are you sure the old 15 minute / pre 75 minute sub thing is still in effect?
  3. It affects the salary and the clubs they work for, I don't understand how that can be considered a wasted stat. You could say injury proneness is a wasted stat because players getting injured isn't beneficial to the team but that way madness lies. Its in the game because staff have reputation in real life and it has a function in the game.
  4. Vid instead of screenshot. My defender, clearly inspired by Arshavin, turns around and blocks the ball with his butt. [video=youtube;SapTnGAV-C8]
  5. How do I stop this from happening? With attacking mentality and direct passing, my wide midfielder tries to pass to the center backs at the other end of the pitch who are both marked.
  6. Which influences team cohesion more/faster? Default focus team cohesion or match training teamwork?
  7. If my tactic is set to direct passing and the team is fluid at it. I then switch to short passing either straight from tacticscreen or with shouts during a match. How does this work out? Is the short passing going to be stumbling about because my team are only good at direct? Should I be training parallel tactics with all passing, closing down and tackling styles to be succesful while adapting during a match?
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