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  1. He's always very reliable for me on the left if a bit injury prone.
  2. I think it was Brendan Rodgers reference who called him a young boy who is going to get better and better.
  3. I was pleased my booty offer was accepted. Even more pleased when I sealed the booty deal.
  4. I had a brainfreeze when I read the title and thought you meant 'Arry Redknapp.
  5. Been experiencing a takeover embargo for three months now. Not sure if intended.
  6. Mistakes are fine but it "feels" like its happening too often. Might be a conference league thing. In previous games I saw it maybe once a season but I'm only in october and I've noticed quite a few sketchy ones already.
  7. This is anecdotal but it feels like I'm given too many false offsides. It happens to my player who has 'likes to beat offside trap' ppm. The goal action replay has shown false offside a number of times with the colored lines. Otherwise liking the game so far.
  8. Available Regions Note: This game cannot be activated outside Brazil.
  9. I think your first mistake is playing Munir in the goal instead of center forward
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