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  1. 1. AI squad balance: Maybe tie this into the football clubs philiosophy and scouting requirements, i.e. AJAX produce own young players with view to selling to plough back into youth system. Real Madrid: Buy the best in the world. AC MILAN: Buy experienced players. PORTO / SHAKTAR etc: Buy best young south americans etc etc. As many have probably mentioned, AI squad balance especially after a few seasons is awful. All clubs go through cycles IRL and this isn't something you get in FM, though it maybe hard to simulate? 2. Clubs letting players go on free who hit 31/32 years old. After awhile you see this all the time, likes of fabregas being released by chelsea etc. 34/35 yrs old i'd understand, but early thirties is still too early. Again ties into AI squad balance. 3. Training: For something that IRL clubs spend most their time on i.e. the training ground in FM its just dull. A few years back there was modular training in FM. Boxes you'd drag and drop for training that week and month i.e. 3 v 3, 5 a side, set pieces etc. That was fun as you'd plan training accoring to opposition and fixture list / congestion. Maybe a controversal suggestion, but the ability to watch training? i.e. watch players play 5 a side or get daily / weekly training reports from your staff. 4. AI club managerial appointments: Sometimes these make no sense. Example Wenger retires and casere Prandelli is apponited arsenal manager? How does he fit into the clubs philiosphy of play attractive attacking football and buying young(er) players? He doesn't. 5. For those of us who go 10/15/20 seasons into the game a yearly round-up ala World Soccer magazine or 4-4-2 Magazine article on the worlds best 11 players or worlds top 3 players in their respective positions would help. 6. Same clubs (in active league or view only) winning the league (a league where you are not a manager). In my current save, Juventus, Bayern, Porto have all won the league for the last eight years. eight years! Again i think AI squad balance and buying/selling would knock this on the head. 7. AI squad rotation: At the moment all you really need to do is to rotate your squad (22 good players) and you'll have a pretty good season. AI players are normally exhausted or jaded because the AI plays them constantly. Human squad rotation is one thing that makes the game alittle too easy because the AI is so bad at it. 8. Regens having low physical stats for stamina, pace and acceleration. Also maybe mental stats could improve expotentially more (depending on players PA) the more experince they get of top flight football. Which leads me to (9) 9. A new mental stat called EXPERIENCE. Young players all start with "1" and at the end of their career depending if they have been a top flight football player with international experience they can reach potentially "20". To get to "20" would involve winning leagues, experience of Champions league games, maybe playing in international tournaments. This would also help with the problem of AI getting rid of experienced players when they hit their early thirties, if they have "experience" and the AI is programmed to value experience (depending on the club ala AC MILAN) then they retain these players longer. 10. The "elections" at REAL MADRID and BARCELONA. IRL the candidates promise to buy players X,Y,Z if they are elected this does annoy clubs in real life when these candidates suggest they will sign the clubs player. Also on the subject of REAL and BARCELONA these two clubs plus BAYERN (also known as FC Hollywood) are subject to all sorts of politics which can fundamentally change the course of the club i.e. just look at BARCA over the past few years. It would be "interesting" if politics (board level) played more of a factor in running these clubs. For example at REAL MADRID the chairman buying a player you didnt want but are forced to play (i.e. current situation with Carlo Ancelotti at REAL MADRID). Or insisting you sell a play you don't want to sell i.e. DI MARIA etc. Another example is David Sullivan at West Ham buying Sakho and Zarate without asking big Sam first. 11. More interaction with chairman when buying a player. In IRL managers just dont go and make an offer on a player they run it through the chairman first / board 12. Super agents i.e. Jose Mendes who influence over players coming out of portugal IRl is huge. How this is done or plays in the game, I don't know.
  2. As I play FM on my laptop in windowed mode, I can watch Football streams whilst playing. I have on occasion ended up paying too much attention to the real life game (especially if it involves the team im managing) and then (especially if my team lose) taking it out on the players in the game (needless to say after seeing Wes Brown drop a clanger against Villa, i fined him in a fit of rage even though he hadn't done anything in the game! Now I have an unhappy squad and a ****ed off player : ( I've also ghost written many football books about a season managing team X the trials and tribulations of what's gone on, the players performances, my views on football and my discussions with my backroom staff on which striker to buy from a shortlist of three (all in my head of course). Also my champions league games/cup final pre game interview on the bog and also the press asking me for my opinion of stuff thats been happening in the real football world (again all in my head) So sad....
  3. We are all aware that IRL, the training ground is probably one of the key aspects of the potential successes/failures of a football team of the course of a season. Teams who have any sort of ambition for success, spend millions on creating state of the art facilities. FM does recognise this, but it doesn’t in reality give us the access to the training ground as we should really have. How often have we heard on MOTD or a quote in paper where the manager says “We’ll put that right in training on Monday” or “We’ll work on set pieces in training”. Currently, we just set a few slider bars and to be honest not much more is required to be successful. However what if for example, we were to take over say Bolton for example, but wanted them to play like Arsenal? Obviously this would take a lot of time, getting in the right personal and basically a lot of work in the training ground. In the current FM setup we’d change a few slide settings but how about if we had the training setup of CM (03/04)? Going off tangent for a moment, back in CM 03/04 (before the split), we had probably the most interesting training setup for any Cm/FM game. One that could turn into a time sink in itself, basically the weekly tab training. For those who haven’t played that version or don’t recall, you had a number of modules that could be dragged and dropped into a 7 day schedule. Example: 5-a-side (Large Pitch) 5-a-side (Small Pitch) Cross Country Crosses Overloading (Attacking) Overloading (Defensive) Penalties Pig In The Middle Set Pieces (Attacking) Set Pieces (Defensive) Sprints Tactical Training Technique Training Match Weight Training Agility (GK) Distribution Handling Agility Closing-Down Session Heading Shadow Play Shooting Therefore if we wanted to make Bolton play like Arsenal, we could use the drop and drag tabs and structure the training as we saw fit. Maybe more work on technique, 5-a-side, one touch games, 2 v 2 etc (Obviously, SI if they revisited this could add in a load more modules). Personally, I find this sort of training setup a lot more involving and interesting. I know everyone will not agree. The thing that I found interesting about this was how often I would check my up coming fixtures and modify training as per the opposition I was facing. Example, if I was going to play a match where chances would be few and far between, I’d get my attacking players to do a bit more shooting practise or if I was going to play in Europe on a Wednesday id do a bit more possession training but then leave the training schedule light for Thursday/Friday before my Saturday game. I hope people understand what I am getting at here. I miss this level of involvement on the Training schedule. I do hope SI have plans afoot to look at the training setup in FM as it currently is and make it a lot more of an involving and interesting component. Well that’s my two cents worth.
  4. 1.Details of various league and European records that exist i.e. in real life Inter Milan just broke the European record for most consecutive wins 16, which was held by Bayern Munich and real Madrid 15 wins each. 2.Short term and long term computer control controlled team planning. Teams tend to have such planning in place in real life, though this may be dependent on who owns the club or who the manager is for example: Chelsea, short term strategy when abramovich took over to make the club competitive at the highest level. Long term, buying young under 18’s who will eventually become first team stars. Real Madrid: was to buy Galactico’s. it now changed to buying the best young players in the world i.e. Higuain, Gago, Marcelo. Tottenham: buying young British players. Man Utd: bring players through internally. Portsmouth: buying players who other clubs have given up on, i.e. Campbell, Kanu etc. This could also run with squad i.e. 5 year cycle. For example, Man Utd in past few years have been buying players of a certain age range in order to build a squad/group that will mature around the same time and this would considered to be part of a cycle. Computer controlled teams should do a similar thing. 3.Better computer controlled team squad balance. For example, squad should have a minimum number of goalkeepers. I’ve seen teams in the past go down to one goalie and the rest are grey goalies. Not realistic. Teams not buying 3 left backs for example in one summer. 4.Fix player instructions for the season. Example if I set instructions for Rolando and I start him from the bench, say he’s coming back from injury I want the instructions I set at the start of the season to be fixed to him, not for me to have to put them in again. 5.A yearly world soccer type round up of the worlds up and coming youngsters, best strikers etc. This would help in the long term, when the game is littered with regens. 6.More media build up of key matches, i.e. title deciders, six pointers, champion’s league games. 7.Make the champion’s league harder to win. Example, Ferguson has only won it once in twenty years, real Madrid went 30 years without lifting the trophy, inter still haven’t on it since the 1960’s. Also no team since Milan in 1990 has successfully defended the trophy. 8.Ability to talk to your players privately so the media don’t find out. Example, criticise them in private for poor form. 9.Any team you choose to control, the background picture changes to the club in question example, I am the manager of Chelsea, my background picture is Stamford Bridge, then I take over at Barcelona and my background picture changes to the Nou Camp. 10.New managerial appointments, computer clubs to pick managers who fit in with the club philosophy i.e. if Wenger leaves Arsenal, they don’t appoint Capello. Why? Because Capello’s reputation is buying established stars for big prices whereas arsenal’s is to buy young promising players and to make them into superstars, Fabregas, Anelka for example. 11.Revamp the training aspect of the game. Example, Arsenal in real life probably train with lots of work involved on first touch, one touch short passing game whereas Bolton, train more on set pieces, and direct, longer approach to the game. 12.Climate affects on the type of football played. Example, in hotter countries teams don’t tend to play as fast as they do in the premiership because of the heat and dehydration. So if you are manager of Liverpool and you play a fast high temp game and you go take over at Real Madrid, you can’t play to the same tempo because of the climate as players would just tire out too quickly. 13.Teams to stick to the philosophy of that country. Example in Italy the mentally is still a tighter marking more defensive approach to the game, whereas the premiership and England in general is faster direct football. 14.The domination of the champion’s league more linked to the strongest league in Europe. This is a difficult one to explain, but I think it makes sense. Example, in late 70’s and early 80’s English teams dominated the European cup. In the 90’s when serie a was the strongest league in Europe, Italian teams dominated the champions league. At the moment in fm07, English teams 8/10 times win the champion’s league season after season. 15.Copy the real life examples of the lack of tendency of top Italian, Spanish and English players to play out side their respective countries whereas French, Brazilian, Argentinian players have lots of players out side their native countries. 16.Regens. Too many regens have very poor physical stats. Their mental stats are better after patch 7.01 but their physical stats tend to be poor. In real life, players are much more athletic and quicker than they used to be 20 years ago and regens in fm07 some have good technical and mental stats but their physical are so bad that they never would be professional players in real life. 17.Computer controlled teams to try to copy successful tactics. For example if I play 4-3-1-2 in the premiership with a dedicated player maker in the hole and am successful and the majority of the league plays 4-4-2 then, computer controlled teams try to ape my formation and tactics to get success for themselves. 18.Computer controlled teams to mirror formations. This happens in real life a lot. Teams tend to mirror the formation of the opposition team for that particular game.
  5. A few ideas i would like to see in future versions of FM. 1. A table of the most goals scored by players in the champions league history. Not seasonal (we have that, but overall) Example in reality Raul, Del Piero and Van nistelrooy are near 50 goals scored. 2. Records that we can try to beat, i.e. longest unbeaten run in europe, domestic leagues etc. Most games without conceeding, most games individual player has scored in most consecutive games. (based on current records i.e. milan's 56 games unbeaten in serie a in the early 1990's). 3. A seasonal top ten of the best players i.e. goalies/defenders/midfielders and yearly worlds best youngsters. (very useful once you get to 2015 as most real life players have retired and lots of regens). Could be like "World soccer's top ten bright young players to look out for are...." 4. More media pressure if you are involved in relegation/promotion/championship battle. 5. All AI squad have a realisitic squad balance. Example some teams after a few years end up with 7 strikers and 1 goalie. 6. Big reputation players who hardly play all season kicking up more of a fuss if they are not getting matches. Example. Ronaldo at madrid in FM2007 hardly plays any games, but doesnt say anything about it. That would not happen in real life. 7. Fix the bug whereby if you go unbeaten for 9 or ten games, then its very likely you'll lose the next game (been happening for a few versions now). 8. Sort the man marking out. Always messes up horribly when your central defenders man mark the opposition's two strikers. They make a sub, bring on a striker and one of your centre halfs ends up marking the left winger instead. 9. Whatever major league you play (even if you have other leagues in backgrounds) teams from your league end up getting to the final/semi finals of the champions league every season, well 9/10 times anyway. That needs sorting out. 10. Have Media stories/pressure unique to each teams history i.e. liverpools faiure to win the league since 1990. Madrid's obsession with the champions league and winning european cup number 10. Newcastle's failure to win a trophy since 1950's etc. 11. A text based highlights package/summary for the weeks games played in your league. The big shocks/winning runs etc. Just a few paragraphs. Same could be done for european football. 12. Maybe in the future, when you ask a scout to check on a player you can have an option for them to create you a video summary of that players skills/weaknesses (clips taken from the match engine). 13. The same could be done for "your next opposition". A video that shows the strengths and weaknesses of the next team you are about to face. 14. Recommendations from your players to sign a player that they have just played against and has impressed them, be it at club or international level.
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