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  1. Staff > Responsibilities > find the tag Training (at the bottom of the page) > Runs general training for senior squads > you can choose between yourself and the ass. man.
  2. Yes, it all starts in the scouting section now. There you have three tabs to choose from: all known players (depending on your scouts' knowledge of world football), scouted players and shortlist. You can organize all of them according to your wishes. Cheers.
  3. I think the game is quite strict when it comes to managers' reputation. One year of success alone won't be enough to get offers from bigger clubs, I am afraid.
  4. I checked FM 14 and couldn't find any option to decide to compress or not the save file, as I am sure was the case in previous iterations. So I believe you're right. Which begs the question: why is it impossibly slow in FM 15, when it was perfectly fine in FM 14? I surely hope they are optimising it greatly right now.
  5. Count me among the happy few (this year) who didn't like the white one all too much.
  6. Am I the only one thinking the new UI actually is an improvement? Took some time adjusting to it, of course, but now I love it. The issues, major (e.g. goals from crosses, poor defending, very poor GK reactions) and minor (taking ages to save a game), already have been addressed extensively in this thread, so I'll leave it at that and hope the people at SI will do a great job at putting together a fantastic and comprehensive patch, hopefully sooner rather than later.
  7. Ditto. Some differentiation between games based on attendance numbers would provide a higher degree of welcome realism.
  8. I've done it myself more than once: every time a new signing comes in pre-season, if you have a training camp set up there should be a small icon at the bottom of the mail you get when the player actually joins your club, right beside the one where you can ask your team captain to welcome the player. Maybe you just missed it? Don't know if you can add them later on.
  9. Ok, that's exactly what I mean. Thank you for your help. Any feedback from Sigames?
  10. Sorry, but this is not the issue at hand here. Probably only who has used this option in the past can understand. I don't want to go to tactics > set pieces, I want to go to tactics > player and be able to give the instruction "taker" for throw ins to a specific position (let's say DL), whichever player shall occupy that position during the game. As I said, this means way less tinkering before and during matches.
  11. So, I guess this isn't an issue worth a reply from someone in the know. Hardly a game breaker, I admit, but annoying nonetheless. I don't think it's a bug, but I really would like to get this option back. Shouldn't be a problem to add it with the next patch being released, should it?
  12. That's quite strange. I've got their email today too, but it only contained a link to my code, which I used to download FM 15 (beta version for now, but I believe it will update to the full version when I access again Steam tomorrow). No second code in the email itself.
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