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  1. I am managing Kjelsas, I am now in the Norwegian Premier league, I managed to win it last season but dropped like a stone this year I didn't reinvest like I should have... There are some things that I enjoy about FM16 like you don't get as many job offers, it got very annoying in FM15 but the crossing bugs & defensive issues do put me off. The crossing/goals was such an issue, in the press conferences, they kept mentioning how many of my goals came from crosses lol!
  2. Does anyone know what award the "profile of the year" is in Norway?
  3. Mods/SI, which am I supposed to edit, the stadium capacity or seating capacity or both?
  4. I think it depends on the league that you are running, for instance in Norway where I play (there is just a minimum stadium capacity) but yet say you run the English conference, they have rules on both Minimum Stadium seating capacity and Minimum stadium capacity. I will tonight keep editing the rules and then I guess I have to start a brand new game.
  5. I am having a stadium capacity bug (which is covered in the bugs forum) so I would like to edit each league that I load to set the minimum stadium capacity to 500 to stop this bug. I tried to go into the Norwegian leagues to set this, the stadium capacity was unticked so I am not sure why when I play my game, does it say minimum capacity is 1500 How would I go about this (sorry am a newbie to using the editor)
  6. Ah okay, maybe I just forget I noticed it and plod on Thank you!
  7. I play in the Norwegian 1st division, in my editor, they are already not ticked but when I am in the game, it says in the rules minimum stadium capacity 1500.
  8. I know there is probably a specific section to do this in but I want to try to stick with FM16... is there a step by step guide in how to find where to change the stadium rules in the editor. I have never used it before.
  9. Ok fair enough. I remember the good days when you were allowed to have your say on these forums. I have taken up the advice when I was playing FM16.
  10. That is also the worry, AI vs AI have no hope, I am guessing it is crossing central. I do get sick of the full backs scoring long shots from close to the byline and the ball going over the keepers head, I tend to see that type of goal at least 3/4 times a season (if not more!) I didn't really notice in FM15 that the scores were that high, I do know that I used to love the game, I have racked up over 1200 hours on the game so it can't be that bad Lol
  11. Between the crosses (which really annoy me) and the stadium capacity bug leaves a bad taste in my mouth, I really don't want to leave FM16 but it is hard to stick with it when I just have this feeling of dread everytime the ball goes into my box
  12. Mainly because I don't post that often on this website. I do tend to read more than post. I admit I am not that great tactically but I am trying to learn.. I tend to go for a deeper D-line. I think the bug with the stadiums also slightly puts me off.
  13. It is very frustrating having these crosses issues in the game, everytime a cross comes into my box, I have a feeling of dread I may have to just bite the bullet and go back to FM15
  14. I must say that I love how good FM16 plays, it is really smooth in comparison to FM15 (ignoring the crossing aspect of it) but the problems with the stadium kill the LLM aspect of the game for me. This is how I love to play the game and how this can be left as it is, it completely shocks me. Surely this is a gamebreaking bug for the LLM fans of the game.
  15. How is it misinformation about SI, it is a fact that there is no other competition out there putting out a similar game. It is hard to be constructive about this years edition about the game. I am going back to FM15 because I find the play in this years game quite repetitive and boring to watch. I will definitely not buy the next edition of the game until after the final patch (if at all..)
  16. You are probably right as it plays like a dream in comparison. I suppose it is just a case of putting up with the issues with crossing & defenders being poor
  17. I have been trying out the game more but scoring time after time (both for & against me) from a cross just gets so boring after a while. I don't know why FM15 is so laggy for me as FM16 plays perfectly.. makes zero sense.
  18. I am trying to give this game another go. I do find that there are a lot of over the top balls for players to run on to which is getting a bit repetitive. The match engine plays much better though in compared to FM15 (which for some unknown reason was a bit stuttery on my laptop)
  19. Not that it matters but yes they do. I am a girl and a huge football fan so in turn, I play FM. I don't like FM16 however lol
  20. Lady actually!! One of the highest hopes that I have for FM17 is that the design a manager is either scrapped (hopefully) or hugely redesigned. The ones for women are a disgrace and they all look like men!
  21. Yes I do know what I am talking about. Just because you don't agree with my point of view doesn't make what I am saying wrong. It is a viewpoint. I am not a fan of the changes to the tactics screens compared to FM15.
  22. In fairness, you can't blame people for being annoyed, I have supported FM since the very early CM days and I honestly believed that the crossing issues would have been addressed, if we don't like it, we have to wait for FM17. That is some bad customer service. I will seriously consider for the first time ever not buying the next installment. I think I have no choice but to go back to FM15. Shame really.
  23. I really enjoyed FM13, I might dig that game out again, was a huge fan of it.
  24. I used to love FM13, that was a cracking game. I have found FM15 to be a great game.
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