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  1. I would just like to know if anyone over at SI has any plans as to address the issue with the squad consistently being unhappy with your performance as head coach and you losing the locker room. I am playing a season with Koln, have 11 consecutive wins and 1 loss, through to the last 16 in the German Cup and I have already "lost" the dressing room twice. While it is indeed true that I have started as a young manager with semi-professional football experience, I at least expected that after such an amazing control of my budget and a string of good results the players would actually start respecting me, but this is the 3rd save game in which I run into the same problem and it's severely affecting my enjoyment of the game. Any thoughts by anyone else on this? Thank you.
  2. I know that this is just one opinion and you have probably gotten rave reviews of FM18 from fans and media alike, but there are a few aspects of the game which really irk me and you maybe might think of looking into them if enough people complain. First, whichever team I manage, big or small, non-league or UCL-worthy, no matter how hard I rotate the squad, either an influential member of the team gets upset he's not playing enough or a less-than influential player gets unhappy he's not rotated enough and brings down half the squad with him. For example, right now I'm on my first season on an Ajax save and I have SEVERELY rotated all my team players to the point that everyone has started at least 7 games out of 21 official ones in all competitions. One of the most influential players, Nick Viergiver, who started 5 games when he complained and played in another 4 off the bench tells me he deserves a run in the first team, I tell him to be patient and he blows up the locker room. The guy I am starting more regularly, Tagliafico, has started 3 more games than him all season, and is the only one content about my handling of the situation. I don't know if there is a situation out there in real life where no matter what team you are on, this kind of rotation is not rotation-enough, if you know what I mean. Please do something and tweak the sensitivity of players and their reactions when you try and discuss any issue, as incidents like this have ruined most if not all my save games thus far even though the team is doing amazingly well in all competitions. I know, it probably has a lot to do with a correlation between manager reputation, locker-room influence and team rotation, but I still feel things are not balanced enough. Second, after playing the game for 50+ hours (I know, too little time), I absolutely hate the new "player search" feature. It's bulky, there's too much information, the fonts are too large, it's all out of sync. Plus, for the life of me, I can't find an instance where I can actually get my scout report within a day of me asking for it in my inbox, now I need to search through the scout assignments and actually find order in all that mess, which is aggravating. This is a matter of personal taste, I don't know who else if anyone else thinks like I do, but these are just my two cents. Third, without installing a database tweak to reduce the number of injuries in the game, I barely have a saved game in which I don't seriously need to address 3-4-5 new transfers in the winter because of serious, long-term injuries to key players. I would like to hear honest, direct opinions of other people who might feel this way or disagree with me, and please note I am not trying to criticize, I am just explaining what I feel takes the fun out of an otherwise good game for which I have been paying for for 10 years.
  3. For now, things are going absolutely amazing without any tweaks. I am indeed getting memos during games about a gap between defence and midfield. Looking at my tactic, what can cause that sort of gap, since I believe I have set it up in a pretty balanced way.
  4. How do I close that higlighted gap between my Midfield and Attack? When I go to the Game Preview screen that gap gets even bigger. Thanks.
  5. Nevermind, I figured it out. Are the names supposed to be changed in Spain for example, is there a licensing issue? "Real San Sebastian" instead of Real Sociedad.
  6. Hello, What was the approximate number of players in the large and extra large sb sizes in FM16? Also, when loading continents in the new database start screen, what options should I tick to get that approximate player count on FM17. Thanks.
  7. Anyone? It seems to pop on and off whenever it wishes.
  8. Hello, Is there any way not to have the "Selected Role" mode on when viewing a player's attributes? Having to go to 30 players and click "Clear selected role" is kind of annoying. Thanks.
  9. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? It is really annoying.
  10. One of my players got a bid from an agent for a 5% stake, and I was on holiday. Although the Director of Football rejected the offer, now that I'm back, a week later, the player still has the "Bid" marker near his name in the squad list, and there is no actual bid in for him anymore. Any idea how to fix this? Cheers.
  11. I meant a foul, sorry. A player already booked automatically gets sent off if he touches another player. No leniency. Also, I was just through a game with no more no less then 8 WORLD CLASS saves by an unknown Brazilian goalkeeper in the Portuguese First League, with me playing as Sporting. I am talking clearing the ball off the line repeatedly, and one-on-one saves. This game is hugely unrealistic and a complete waste of money. So as usual then.
  12. Whatever team I manage, whatever league, if a player doesn't play 5 games in a row, whether it is the beginning or the end of the season, they ask for more team football, become unsettled and unsettle the rest of the squad, even if they have rotation or backup roles. Also, a foul on a player already booked automatically means a send-off. Has anyone else encountered this?
  13. I really don't care what the bulk of users get or don't get and it shouldn't be anybody's business how I set up my save game or my system. In this day in age, it shouldn't happen. That simple. I love it how for this game everybody always finds an excuse for everything that's crap in it and only talks about the good stuff.
  14. This joke of a game still corrupts save games. Lost one with City right before playing the Champions League Final in the first season. Sheesh.
  15. These are just some personal recommendations for the next game. First, the AI of club managers needs to be tweaked in regards to transfer fees. I'll give you an example. I'm managing City, and I want to sell Javi Garcia off at current value, 7.5 mil. Euros. I get an offer from Liverpool for...2.3 mil Euros. Next, I try to buy Paco Alcacer from Valencia, offering 5 mil up front and another 10 mil spread over 48 months for a player worth 2.5 mil at time of purchase, an offer which would have been accepted on the spot in real life...only to get my bid rejected like five times and finally get a valuation at around 38 million from Valencia for the transfer to go through. Same goes for an even younger player like Ryan Gould from Dundee. I offer 1 mil up front and 6 mil spread over 48 months plus other incentives and I can't seem to make them budge. Respecting the proportions, this happens to almost any club I take over even for not-so-highly rated players and is very annoying. Second, the boardroom expectations for some clubs and the lack of communication is frustrating. I have mentioned a bug about this in a separate, older topic I made when I was playing Rapid Bucharest, but in my City game, I sign Volland, Veratti and Wijnaldum in my first transfer window and I have them bitching about the lack of high-profile signings. I can't really go around splashing the cash on Pjanic for 40 million when I have to comply with FFP rules and I'm already 10 million shy of being in the red with my balance, and I can't really have a conversation with my board in which I explain why the lack of high profile signings. So yeah, better or more varied interaction when it comes to the board would be welcome, particularly now that my job moved from Stable to Insecure because of this. Third, this is a long shot but I've long wanted for the introduction of sponsors. What I mean is, I once played a game called F1 Manager 2001 which had the option to manage the marketing division of your team and negotiate deals with separate sponsors which would then appear on the car on various spots depending on the level of financial commitment. If this was possible in 2001 with some huge names attached, I would love to have the opportunity to customize my team's shirt for next season and to handle more marketing and financial duties. I would like to have the option of changing sponsors which would offer me more money instead of just being notified that I have a new shirt sponsorship for 775K from who knows what company. I think this would greatly impact the level of financial control you get and would help some players manage to stay in the blue for as long as possible. I know this could be a long shot and I don't really know the implications from a licensing point of view for something like this, but it would still be nice to see. Sorry if it's just plain stupid. Cheers.
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