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  1. In penalty shootouts, the last outfield player selected is the first to take the penalties. This happened twice in two shootouts. I'm not sure what information to provide, as it's likely a UI bug, not a PKM issue.


    To replicate the problem, you need to get into a penalty shootout (cup game, for example) and then manually select the penalty takers. The first one to take the penalty is the last outfield player from the list. It's a rather annoying bug, as that's the player you don't really want to be taking a penalty.

  2. 12 horas atrás, saihtam disse:

    Can someone please tell me what bug this talks about, would like to start journeyman save.


    If you start with an amateur club and the board turns semipro, you're still unable to offer part-time contracts (you can only offer non-contract playing fees). This makes it impossible to play with amateur teams in most leagues.


    It had been addressed already, but an earlier update broke it again... and it's been stuck like this for some months now, even though it can be game breaking.

  3. The only fixed needs I have are for a solid back four (or as solid as possible) and a couple of decent strikers. The rest of the tactic comes from whatever players I can find (ie, if I can get good wingers, I go for wing play, otherwise a narrow diamond will do the trick). Direct football with pacey players seems to work better, as the opposition defenders are usually slow.

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