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  1. Spurs & Arsenal Kit not showing

    Thanks MShing your a star!!! Finally got it sorted! Thanks a lot mate im absolutely buzzing, i can actually start a game wihthout that playing in the back of my mind. OCD maybe, who cares! Now i'll probably be sat here for another few hours deciding which team to be?! ha cheers
  2. Spurs & Arsenal Kit not showing

    Hi, sorry to be a pain but I don't understand how to get the spurs and arsenal kits. I've had a look at the links but all the code stuff confusing me. Is there any chance someone could do a brief step by step guide on how to sort this problem?? Its really annoying me and stopping me starting a new game because its one of them little annoying things. Cheers lads
  3. Ok mate, thats good enough for me.
  4. Hey all, I've tried searching for this in a few of the latest patch threads but can't seem to find any information. Basically me and a mate usually start a career game each with the same teams. See who's most successful and see how each others career's pan out. Well were thinking of starting it over the weekend, but im just a bit concerned as to whether it may be better to wait for the next patch (february time?) before starting if its not going to be save game compatible. Thanks in advance and sorry if it's been brought up before. Cheers
  5. basically what the title says? i can get marcelo for 4.4m or Di maria for 7.5m. Im wanting to use one of the above players in the LM position in the premiership. Looking to build a young side that can hopefully challenge for the prem in about 3-5 seasons. what are other peoples experiences? and is marcelo more suited to LB as his position says? cheers
  6. Hey, well... as the title says, is there a way of moving a saved game from one computer to another? Its just that i have a game at my house and my parents have gone away on hols, n im house sitting there but i want to carry on with my saved FM game. How do i do this if its possible? (i have a memory stick if that helps) thanks in advance people